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Flooding, Coalitions, Government of National Unity (GNU), Thabo Bester, India Elections

Jul 2024 10
Flooding, Coalitions, Government of National Unity (GNU), Thabo Bester, India Elections

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    Its interesting and I wonder if people know that GNU is not a new concept, infact in 94' the ANC ruled through a GNU inspite of winning the elections with a majority so my question is why was there a GNU in 94'?

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    Abahambe Nama-investments wabo… Khona Russia 🇷🇺

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    I like you Mkhaya, you do good work. But I don't like your suggestion, which you always express, that South Africa should be divided in divisions. It makes you sound like you are on the other side. Please stop it.

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    Cyroil Ramaposa. Just makes me think West bootlicker nje💔

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    Continue swearing,its who you are,its makes you organic.

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    Great commentary BP. We have to think through a political way forward which ensure equality to all Black South Africans. No excuses. You list a series of divide and conquer situations within the ANC which has kept confusion and diluted power of Black South Africa. This is our shame as Africans. We must unify if ever we will get our fair and equitable share for all.

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    Another dope episode Pen, keep it up 💪🏿

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    I wish you could've expanded on 'refuse to buying local.' I've seen you wearing a torn up and smelly pair of Adidas on multiple occasions, to some point that I contemplated on buying you new ones.

    Thing is, we buy whatever is marketed to us and is easy to find without thinking whether it's local or international.

    The majority of poor masses also considers quality over 'local', something that would last us and a lot of local aka China imported product are not even quality.

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    Dear Pen,

    I would love it if you could create a course where you lecture us on the history of RSA's involvement in politics and business. Ever since I was 26, I knew that in my 30s, I needed to understand these topics. You have already taught me so much—far more than I ever expected. I can only imagine what you will achieve through these platforms in the next five years. It's clear that you're destined for success beyond what money can buy.

    Look I even know how to construct sentences properly now😂 its all you fam!

    Best regards!

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    So I've been checking out some local black creators recently and what strikes me as odd, is the yearning and promotion for freedom, yet all seem pulled towards the politics of the EFF and MK and by extension Russia and China. This is a contradiction in terms. If you want freedom you need less centralized government, not more. You can jump on this socialism / african nationalism bandwagon, but it will not end well according to history. Also whenever there is revolution, the tendency is to purge the smart and outspoken comrades first.

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    Mandela fucked it up for us. Now we sitting with a lot of ANC leaders on continuing the legacy of keeping whites wealthy in this country.

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    I say go in with the DA for just 5yrs. Rebuild then go into elections again in 5yrs If the ANC has changed there corrupt ways and cleaned up the party investments from overseas will fload in again, local big business will reinvest their stock piles of money then the ANC will win the next election with 65% of the vote and this country will flourish and this country will regain its true space in the world as a good story to tell.

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    I said on your platform before Pen.
    They wanted to get rid of the ANC to their peril. A South Africa without the ANC is unthinkable.
    Look at us now, a country in limbo.

    We caught between a rock and a hard place.
    Old man Zuma is back like the ghost of Christmas. KZN is just gonna go further down the tube going forward.
    Zulu nationalism gonna feed off itself in KZN.
    G- d bless Afrika

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    I think our relationship with BRICS and the West should only be on trade and not at all be reflected on policies and laws.

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    I was hoping to pick your brains at inzalo yelanga 2022. I am one anti-politics and more of a lets build our own. Time permits, Inshallah well meet. Ps I ran comrades 2015&6. We surely have some common mates. Cheers pen

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    Wish I had some land….apparently I'm a "settler" and have wealth, opportunity, land….hmmmm I wish ! So much hatred towards Whites, quite disgusting.

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    This thing of sides is not a correct analogy. There's no grey area vele. Abelungu abasithandi and they are not apologetic about it.

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    South Africa like many African countries has enough land and water to feed enough and enough people to build and maintain infrastructure.

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    💯 Pen, perhaps we should look into shifting our provinces into a “federal system” that would empower each province to make their own laws within the confines of the constitution….BUT we need to first revisit the constitution and amend it to reflect current values and objectives and then switch to the federal system.

    So in essence each South African can choose to live in a region that best reflects their values. For example if you are for reinstating the death penalty, you are going to move to a province where the death penalty is legal.

    Hypothetically speaking governance models that appear to get the job done will likely trend among neighboring provinces through regional adoption of common/shared laws and regulations.

    In this way a multi cultural society can grow in an organic way. However the emphasis must be on shared/common values rather than race.

    So each region or province is going to offer different lifestyles that come with their own pros and cons. If you want to live in the capitalistic part of SA, fine, just be prepared to pay higher taxes to offset the lax labour laws. If you want to live in a more socialist setting, great, be prepared to survive on essential goods & services meaning no luxury lifestyles.

    The federal govt will be made up of 9 representatives from each province. That will be 81 seats in the Federal Assembly.

    Each representative will serve a maximum of 1 term of 5 years, then never hold office again in Federal Government. This will strengthen accountability on deliverables and increase rotation of power sharing and decision making. This also forces the older generation to train up the next generation.

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    Pennuel up to now youve been the only one and actually samantha and bianca. I listen when i need to sieve truth from supposition and you disappointing if you dont go in details with this mk rejection of the national assembly because most to me all these others is just a narrative to prepare people to accept the violation of the constitution to accommodate other sheep clothed hooligans.

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    But who deems it unappropiate pennuel. Whites has fronted with blacks in order to access Black Empowerment. Or, theyve also secretely manipulated the fi ancial system and undermined the economic systems in SA but it doesnt look like the whites often the morally endowed never so any inappropriateness.

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    The speech by President Cyril Ramaphosa, of 6 June 2024, on a government of national unity that asks many questions.

    Following a meeting of the ANC’s NEC to discuss nature of multi-party collaboration to form a government President Ramaphosa delivered a speech to the press. He said the following:

    Quote: “…. the ANC …. agreed in April 2023 on certain principles that should guide our approach to collaborating with other parties in coalitions…”

    So, Cyril Ramaphosa knew since April 2023 that ANC will be collaborating with other parties in coalition. Who else was there and who else knew? How could he know this… while telling the people in 2024 that ANC was confident of a majority?

    Quote “… isolate those that seek to cause chaos and instability…”

    What kind of speech about unity contradicts itself by declaring unity on the one hand but at the end of the speech will” … isolate those that seek to cause chaos and instability…” on the other hand.

    Who are “…those…”?

    No one was named. Maybe because they are ghosts, or maybe there are live ones like Helen Zelle who was caught on tape in 2019 talking about what the plan for 2024 would be, and then in 2024 boasting that DA caused chaos, so the ANC lost its majority. Maybe we should also look for those live ones who financed all those small parties and financed the chaos and instability but he, President Ramaphosa, dared not name names in that speech.

    History’s instructions

    There are events in the of the world, like South Africa’s May 2024 elections, that could affirm or could continue to conceal certain truths. In such situations, one could choose to recall the following words from a mind that would rival the world’s great philosophers:

    “…if you listen carefully now you will hear. Many more will have to suffer … many more will have to die, don’t ask me why…” – “Natural Mystic” by Robert Nestor Marley.

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    And besides patronizing and condenscending brics will gives a sort of an initial platform to negotiate unpatronizng trade agreements which concerntrate on building our own (blacks and khoe-coloureds) strong businesses because it doesnt help pennuel to rely on wmc which as much as it ckaims to be working for improving SAs life but in earnest and honest, it inclines towards the whites development and protecting whites at a country level but serve as vassal and an appendage to the west to keep the dominance of whites world wide and continue to perpetuate white supremacy, west is best kind of a narrative. Meaning they help to keep a rigged white economic system always keeping whites at the top of the food chain.

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    Sorry Pennuel, 2 3rd is 67% not 65%.

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    My observation drawing back from GNU of 1994. The ANC might be resigning silently before the final fall hence they are looking at GNU. The MKP might be a preparation of the new ANC (remember NP to NNP) and JZ probably acting as if he is fighting the ANC to blind the enemy, while in fact they are planning to dismantle the ANC altogether and preparing to be the opposition under MKP. I have been suspecting that ANC is tired, the disappearing of public funds was telling a story that civilians do not see. Allegedly the NP did the same before handibg over to ANC.

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    Great content 👌

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    Fallen Virtue

    In shady halls where secrets flow unseen,
    Politicians use slick talk to play their part,
    They promise much but their morals are mean,
    Their selfish ways tear trust and hope apart.

    To trust them is like holding a sharp knife,
    For integrity's gone, a mere disguise,
    They pretend to serve, but it's all for strife,
    Their lies and schemes hidden behind their eyes.

    With smooth words, they trap us in their deceit,
    While we, the people, suffer in the gloom,
    Their falsehoods weigh heavy, our souls defeat,
    Their fake faces masking their inner doom.

    How sad it is, how low their standards go,
    In politics, trust's just a cruel show.

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    BRICS is the way

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    You know, i'd like to think that the people who are quick to defame Hip Hop have never really listened to it. If they were to ask anyone who does actually listen to it, they'd probably find someone who would echo the sentiment that it has contirubuted to their intellectual growth and exposed them to concepts that they wouldn't usually be exposed to in a casual avenue such as music. Like any artform and specifically, music genres, it has its less savoury side but this does not account for the the majority of the genre. The fundamentals of hip hop are consciousness, mental agility and progression as a human being. There's a littany of artists in the movement that would serve as examples of such

    Perhaps some of the detractors are mistaking hip hop for rap wherein there's a distinction between the genre, the culture, the message conveyed and what each promote

    As always, shout out to the good work you're doing Black Pen! Keep unapologetically doing your thing good sir! ✊🏽

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    Black political analysts on Twitter labelling Zuma doing traditional ceremonies/rituals as witchcraft is honestly disappointing

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    I dont think Penuels views are fair at times. He has certain biases. I can understand where these biases come from but he frames these fews as being objective some times.

    Still like the channel though 👍🏾

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    Thomas Sowell, economics is a science and is data driven

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    Please please, read Thomas Sowell about minimum wage

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    "Flooding is not government corruption,..this is nature doing what nature does"

    Oh Penzo boy in this day and age..i wouldn't be so sure like that.

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