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Maame Grace is a preacher, a philanthropist, businesswoman and author of the book, ‘Exposure and Attraction.’
She is a mother of six and president of the Global Eagle Revival Outreach Ministries.

Revelations was created to draw these youth closer to God again through open teachings and spiritual enlightenment. Revelations gives everyone the platform to share their stories about the truth for the audience to judge. The show also features genuine men of God, who will take them through a counselling session to change their mind set and bring them closer to God.

The broadcast known as “Time with Maame Grace” has brought to fore distinctively, social and religious narratives that confront the average Christian.
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Global Eagle Revival Ministry is a Christian non-for-profit organisation formed to propagate the mighty works of Jesus Christ and win souls for the Kingdom of God.

Global Eagle Revival Ministries is centered on the following:
Soul winning, reaching the world with the Gospel of the Cross;
Reaching out to the poor and needy, establishing the less privilege demonstrating the Agape love to all, to foster a healthy atmosphere that will expedite both spiritual and physical grooming and nurture the members to mature extensively in the Body of Christ.

Raising leaders that will preach, teach and bring healing to oppressed destinies.
The Ministry is located in Accra Ghana with soon to be launched brand in the United States of America and other European countries.

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    This show is very insightful and he has answered questions or explain things very well to understanding

  2. #2

    You can see nolage and practices give wisdom and not age I love the way he explained everything clair with open mind.

  3. #3

    Maame grace bring him again

  4. #4

    So so so beautiful 💖 ❤ ♥ 💗 💛

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    Thanks for featuring Nuumo Tetteh Diaka II to educate the public of his line of faith. 🙏

  9. #9

    Very interesting and educative interview well spoken Numo Tetteh

  10. #10

    The teacher Nunmo did well I pray that Ghanaians and Afrika will go back to our spirituality, cos I may say if permitted that we are doing what our slaves masters wants thanks Mame Grace.

  11. #11

    Nuumo Diaka II ,Ofee F33,🥰We Appreciate you alot, We the Ga’s appreciate you a lot 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏You are speaking wisdom

  12. #12

    Waow He is superb. Explanation is on point I have really learnt alot. Thanks for the enlightenment

  13. #13

    I’m half Ga and I’m proud of this teachings. I’m in awe ❤️

  14. #14

    Nuumo ayekooo kɛ onitsumɔ kpakpa. Okplejeŋ màawu wɔbɔlɔ ajɔɔbo ni ebuoe yɛ oniàkpa ni otsuɔe 😇🕊️

  15. #15

    am also from Kpone, he said it all

  16. #16

    wow, Nuumo you have made GaDangme proud

  17. #17
  18. #18

    Great enlightenment. God bless Nuumo

  19. #19

    Facebook brought me here. I love this interesting interview about our culture. Oyiwaladuŋ nuumo Tetteh Diaka II

  20. #20

    Maame Grace the casting says your Guest was Osofo Kyiri Abosom instead of Nuumo Tetteh Diaka

  21. #21
  22. #22

    Thank you Nuumo Diaka II for explaining our religion and belief to the world.

    I do not like to say much however, some of us know we are being protected by our Gods.

    Our religion is what Abraham was practicing, find out about Abraham and the vultures and you would understand more.

    Abraham, Issac, Jacob and Israelis had nothing to do with Christianity and Islamic religion.

    We are waking up to start visiting the Temple soon because we are getting enlightened.

  23. #23

    His fluency is applaudable and his knowledge as a 25 year old is great. There's a lot more to learn and understand though and I believe he will learn fast. This is my first time watching this programme and I did because of this Interview as highlighted on a facebook page. I also wish to tell the management to always allow their guests to put out their numbers or social media handles since many will be willing to seek more clarification, education and enlightenment from the Interviewees for growth. Thank You
    and nice program!

  24. #24

    You see, this is what tells you our ancestors are awaken, brothers and sisters lets rise up and gain our freedom forever, we dont need the slave masters way of thinking and living to survive no be successful, our gods and forefathers are with us, we should move with no fear and we shall get our freedom and nations back

  25. #25

    English is not your language. Go learn Twi and come back for the interview again

  26. #26

    There's a difference between the Jews and the Hebrews. Blacks are Hebrews and not Jews ok.
    Jews are strangers in the land of Israel

  27. #27

    I see him around town loads
    Next time Bro, I’m stopping you for more Q & As.
    Great insight

  28. #28

    Good one nuuumo proud GA

  29. #29

    Nii Charwa 🤞💯

  30. #30

    Maame Grace. Please his phone number

  31. #31

    Gaddddd😍😍😍, 25 with such wisdom, am just jealous..
    I love this man. ❤️❤️.
    Chop kiss nuumo 😘

  32. #32

    38:00 the dieties are more powerful than any christianity or islam or buddah for African people because they are in our likeliness and for our interests. See how all our ancient empires fell when foreign religions took hold. From Nubia to Songhai. Catholic Christinity for the interests of Rome, Islam for the interests of Arabs and Arab culture. We Africans today need TOLERANCE and like Nummo has said greatly we do not use fear like heaven and hell and we are not intolerant to other spirituality. Our tradition should bring us tolerance something that the religions from Abrahams lineage can never do. Ghana needs tolerance of eachother and our traditions otherwise WE WILL NEVER DEVELOP!

  33. #33

    Maame Grace, you do all. This is another beautiful interview and the message is pure and loving to the soul.
    Bless you both. Let's awaken Ghanaians.

  34. #34

    Yes..the foreign worships those bringing divisions, disobedience between our people and our Nation… Which is why our Continent still struggling on developments and bad leaderships..

    We must regain back our rightful culture and traditions…🌴💪🏿

  35. #35

    Yh one thing i want to say is dat if u study de bible u will know dat it was from African which is khemet so de bibles spiritual teachings or de real actual knowledge within de stories is from khem/African. So de bible is not to be taken literally, all does stories are lies . But der is a deeper meaning dat talks about u the soul which is God

  36. #36

    Great show..very educational institutions 🌴💪🏿💪🏿🌟 our promised Wulomo/Priest ever been introduced 💪🏿 NUUMOO TETTEH DIAKA II🌴🌴💪🏿

    Big Thanks to Maame Grace for the invitation of our Proudly Priest 💪🏿 together our nation shall uprise 👍🏿 within unity…

  37. #37

    Good work done mommy Grace that is so awesome and I this guy 2 much…

  38. #38

    Africa traditional studies should replace with CRS, WE are just learning and teaching our children to become useless in our country. we have forgotten our culture and tradition and thats why we are suffering, VERY POWERFUL TEACHING,

  39. #39

    This is very educative .
    Nii Diaka is very knowledgeable.

  40. #40

    I recommend everyone to watch this program.! This is so educated I’m really touched… Love you so much Nii Charwa. And thank you so much maame Grace..🖤🖤🖤. Greetings from Barcelona Spain 🇪🇸 Nii Kpone himself.

  41. #41

    Very enlightening….Powerful

  42. #42

    The Wɔye seems similar to the Oracle of Delphi

  43. #43

    You see the difference? He prayed in Ga. A pastor will come sit here and pray in english (foreign language). An Islamic Ghanaian will pray in Arabic (foreign language) we have lost ourselves and the few people left that are holding and carrying on our culture and heritage so we dont totally get lost, we are tagging them evil and destroying their image which represents us as a unique people. Its very sad we are gradually losing ourselves and our uniqueness. Know thyself black man

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