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Atheist Died, Saw the Future, Says We Need to Change One Thing (NDE)

Apr 2024 12

Heather Mae had a Near-Death Experience () as an atheist after suffering a heart attack. She found herself in Heaven, where she was greeted by people she used to know. During her , she was shown how energy works, what will happen in the future, including all of the wars, and what we need to move forward spiritually. She also saw the Hall of Records, Crystal City, and the place of healing. Heather spends her time teaching others about what she learned on the other side.

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0:00 – Near-Death Experience ()
9:50 –
14:16 – Energy & The Human Body
15:35 – Crystal City, Healing Place, & Hall of Records
18:42 – Meeting the
22:47 – Seeing the Future
27:38 – Making the Connection
28:13 – How to Contact

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    wall paper

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    Where's the 'future' in it???

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    This is EXACTLY what happens when you black out. And then you feel really good and start dreaming.

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    Drug? I wonder what she was on?

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    We're here already living in the surface your species is different from the others and this type of human

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    The last days are fully described in the Bible in Revelations along with Daniel, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah, and the four gospels of the New Testiment. At this point every single word is coming true.

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    THank you Heather Mae for your account of your NDE and so much more – what you told us was so vividly clear your whole experience and with such description…you had a NDE but can I say you moved me so much because I had the same experience before I was born, for some reason I was allowed to bring that memory with me into this life. I was so happy living in another dimension but I was called to another area very white and was met by my guide/guardian/angel? I too never saw his face but he was dressed in white robes or pale blue, I was informed I was returning and deep down I didn't question it, I knew – He asked me my choice of family, I chose the poor family to be born into, we laughed about that it was a personal joke, maybe I had a privileged life before or was rich I dont know, or maybe I was so poor before, we both got the irony, then in front of me I saw a table everything was white and sat there were 3 or 5 people but I recognised the Christ in the middle, I cried so much because I didnt want to leave, they placated me and told me I would be back before I knew it, and encouraged me to go even though I have carried that sadness into this life, such a huge homesickness to be without them all. I too remember the clear lake although my last moments there before birth I remember most but the departure was so traumatic for me. In this life I have seen an angel, I have also felt them around me and their hand touch my shoulder when I needed them. This is my pre-birth experience. Thank you, you brought it all back to me <3

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    @Shaman Oaks Great interview.
    I definitely believe her because I died once for a very brief period on the operating table and what she described as the Darkness It was like my experience if you read below I literally could of said what she did.

    For me it became dark an EXTREME darkness.
    For less than a second I was scared then I suddenly realised how loving and extremely comfortable this darkness felt, I was surrounded by this comfortable loving feeling no words can described it,
    Then a small very bright light started to appear directed at me becoming brighter and larger and then a very fast feeling as I jumped awake startled in my hospital bed.
    I thought wow I died and came back.
    It was so vivid and real.
    After my hospital release I told people I came in contact with and people who knew me believed me because I would never say something like this normally so they knew it was real, Well it's real enough that I believe it happened.
    It was not a dream!
    I thought that I knew what love was but after this experience I know what real love feels like, and mine was only brief I can only imagine how much love she experienced being there for a lot longer than myself.

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    She mixed religion with new age.
    New age is demonic.
    You can not mixed the two.

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    Each people goes through their thought belief system. Some meet Jesus, Others see Muhammad or Buddha. All that is your mental imagination. The brain has the power to give you good memories and fantasies as it dies.

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    This dude looks like Justin Trudeau's Brother…

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    Sounds very true, confirm

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    She saw lies of the devil

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    Thank you for sharing your NDE. When I hear their stories it always brings me to a place of peace and just knowing everything will be alright when I get there one day. It also remind me to be more compassionate and kind to others.

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    It's called the outer darkness and I was there also. Now I had real fear for the first time of my adult life. There was absolutely no hope and I realized where I was and I screamed no God! And he said to me, if you don't want it, give it to me ( I had just committed suicide to avoid being raped) I said it's yours God, suddenly I was back in my body and the noose came untied and I was giggling because of the goodness of God. He has owned me ever since and I will gladly die for him.

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    ."..the deaths the children.." sounds like ga. Za.

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    You're the unique person experiencing different from all NDE are u truly saying true???

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    One of the best descriptions I’ve seen

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    near death experience is real, but ist is not the interrupted journey to haven, it is just something that happens to your brain is the result of the lack of oxgen or the overdose of carbon dioxide. which then results in an illusion. people never get out of their bodx, that´s an illusion too. doctors have places symbolic pictures, like circles, triangles pentagramma and none of the people who claim they had seen themselves from above could name those symbols. this experience can happe without dying, i myself experinted this nin a phase between awake and sleeping..it felt fantastic, and i was sorry when i woke up from that strange but wonderful feeling to exist without a body.
    consciousness is something that is combined with and depending on the brain, which is the most complicated form of matter, so there can never consciousness without the brain. killing the brainm oof a cature immedately caus its death
    the number of neurons and the way they connect through synapsises results in a number which no one can imagine. and has no name. there are more combinationsand interactions possible between the cells in a normal brain than the number of suns in space. for mathematisians: the estimeted numver is 10^23, a one with 23 zeros, whereas 2^24 is ten times bigger.
    so just live your life be happy and do not fear death or hell. you are NOW, and there is nothing before and nothing after

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