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Dr. Llaila O. Africa – Herbal Remedies A-Z part 1

May 2023 07
Dr. Llaila O. Africa – Herbal Remedies A-Z part 1


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    what book is he reading from???

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    Fire is gods technology, natural sun to burn and smoke tha organic flower buds!

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    and Dr. Sebi is great he has a lot of good information but my biggest problem with his perspective is his take on smoking marijuana..he feels as though it is not harmful to the body because it is natural however once you light it on fire is is no longer in its natural state that god intended.. you have isolated and created a harmful drug…the same way that the poppy seed isnt harmful in its natural state until you isolate the heroin out of it

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    there is nothing wrong with acid and there is nothing wrong with alkaline they are simply the male and female principles…the problem is that many of us have a diet that consists of TOO much acid which dries your system out…but a diet that contains TOO much alkaline is harmful as well…you need to have a balance because too much of anything is harmful..oxygen can kill you if your given too much but without oxygen we'd die

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    According to Dr. Sebi garlic is poison because it's acid!

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    have you got part 2

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