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Dr Llaila Afrika Fasting 101

Apr 2024 16

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  1. #1

    I can listen to him for days informative

  2. #2

    17:30 not sure how a bath helps when we bathe in poizond water 🤷🏾‍♂️ still washin my @ss ofc 😂 ijs lmao

  3. #3

    So tha colors of fruit & vegetables associate 2 tha chakra or bodily system it helpz heal. Simple maf 🔥

  4. #4

    I miss Dr. Afrika. He had a great persunality 😅 evrybody b all uptight & proper. He stayd talkin sht 😭🔥

  5. #5

    right on time

  6. #6

    In 9 days 2/1/24…InshaAllah I will start my Fruit and Raw Vegetable diet… definitely not playing around with it either… used to fasting once u get pass that 3rd day your good.

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