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Crazy Nightlife in the Birthplace of Africa's Oldest Religion (Benin ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ”ฅ)

May 2024 08
At midnight 1 AM we went to the Crazy Nightlife in Cotonou in Benin West Africa which is called as the Birthplace of Voodoo Religion. We also went to the Amazing Voodoo Temple full of Pythons and got African Custom made cloths. ***This Video is also available with English Subtitles / Caption*** Must watch Full Video for Complete Information & Surprising Experience. COMMENT if you have any Question or Suggestion. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- โœ… JOIN ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA FOR LATEST TRAVEL UPDATES: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE: EMAIL ID: contactnomadictour@gmail.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ โœ… Kindly SUBSCRIBE the Channel and Press the Bell icon: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- #nomadictour......

Dr Llaila Afrika Fasting 101

Apr 2024 16
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Black Magic Matters: Hoodoo as Ancestral Religion

Mar 2024 21
Does Black Magic Matter? A brief discussion of the African American traditions known as Hoodoo, Conjure and Rootworking, and practices of divination, spiritual protection and healing. We will discuss the origins of magic in the specific context of slavery in America and consider the meaning of black magic in the present day. Like their enslaved forebears, todayโ€™s practitioners cultivate ancestral spirituality in support of individuals and communities, and to heal diverse afflictions of the body politic, intergenerational trauma, racial and sexual violence, and economic impoverishment. Yvonne Chireau is Professor in the Department of Religion at Swarthmore College, where she teaches......

Practical Spirituality and Black Majick with E.A. Koetting Part 2 of 6

Mar 2024 18
Practical Spirituality and Black Majick with E.A. Koetting Part 1 E.A. Koetting has spent the last fifteen years studying, practicing, and immersing himself in the spiritual arts, not restricted to any particular paradigm, but finding answers to the greatest questions in every faith and spiritual path, from the holy to the blasphemous, from the heights of the Vedas and the teachings of the Masters to the secret rituals of Black Magick. While gaining his own insights and knowledge into the mysteries of existence, E.A. is equally obsessed with sharing what he has learned, either through his books, seminars, and workshops,......

Sophisticated Sunday – Reincarnation in African Spirituality [Part 1]

May 2023 06
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