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Dr Afrika on Heart Disease part 1 of 2

May 2024 15

can be eliminated with diet and natural herbs.

Llaila O. is a lecturer and author. He can help you understand and become aware of natural remedies and treatments. He is a nutritional consultant; massage therapist, historian, certified addictionologist, acupuncturist, writer and Doctor of Naturopathy. He has studied in countries such as Africa, Europe, and of course, America. believes that each of his clients (from children to the elderly) has been among his many teachers, and he is fully indebted to them all.

lectures on 80 different topics. He contends that good does not belong exclusively to any culture or race, but is a human right and product of nature.


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    Hotep. WERE can I buy THAT book.I stay in philadephia GOOD informational

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    why can't african holistics can't ever upload no more then 1 or 2 minutes of info.

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    Africa, Europe and America are not countries.
    They are CONTINENTS.

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