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Does This PROVE There’s Life After Death? | Unveiled

Oct 2023 18

? New evidence! Join us… and find out more!


In this video, takes a closer look at a recent breakthrough that could finally PROVE that there is ! Let us know what YOU think about the … do YOU think immortality will ever be possible? What REALLY happens when you die?

This is , giving you incredible answers to extraordinary questions!

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    What a load of pants 🩲

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    Life after death is a product of the pineal gland over dosing the brain into a calming belief of an after life. Fact is no one will prove there’s anything after this

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    we newer daid we live in dfrent faceses

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    Is there anyplace I can take part of a study, as a resuscitation patients myself, with a unique experience afterwards, almost like life was against me – in a attempt to appreciate life more after a near death experience?

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    I worked out that eternal recurrence must be true, here's why;

    When we die, we either die for an infinite amount of time, or we eventually come back.

    There is no third option.

    If we die for an infinite amount of time, we eventually come back, due to having an infinite amount of time paired with the potential for your existence, which is definitely present within the universe, because you are present.

    Therefore either way, we eventually come back to the exact same life.

    You are stuck in a loop.

    Guess that makes me the demon.

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    It's amazing when you read the comments on a scientific video, and you read the comments on a video like this. Night & day. When you die, every atom in your body is distributed somewhere else. You, as a "person", cease to exist. No heaven. No hell. Just back to where you came from before daddy's sperm met mommy's egg. Nothingness. It's hard to comprehend, imagine, accept, whatever, but just because you don't understand something, or just because you don't want something to be true, doesn't mean you just get to make shit up!

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    there is only one consciousness in universe, the goal of consciousness is as same as all natural movement, make itself to be complex in scale. which means the way for increase the scale of consciousness needs loaders which are bodies.

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    So there is proof within the objective research

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    It's a subjective experience.
    My wife saw her mother after her passing.
    She was fully awake and conscious (not sleeping)
    Personally, I had never experienced anything supernatural, but I've prayed to the Lord, and he was always there pulling me through storms.
    Yes, I believe there is existence after death.
    I would suggest everyone should keep their mind open to the possibilities.
    Last thing you want is to end up in scary places like 3 quarters of NDE found themselves 😮
    Why would they admitted to a horrific experience? If lying, they would've said positives

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    Back in the day a couple buddies and i made a promise that if one of us dies before the other and if there’s something else after life then give us a sign. We would always say that idk why we just did. In 2018 one of those buddies died and the day of the funeral I’m about to go head out and i have a random black balloon floating in my backyard. Idk if that was a sign but i took it as that. Then this year February one of my other buddies past and the day of the funeral there was some heavy snow i left work early got into shower and then was leaving, i opened up my garage and my car was parked half way down the driveway(i always back my car up all the way to my garage outside of my garage) remember it was snowing, so i looked in my car i thought i might of left it in drive or something but it was in park i checked right away, than i said ohh maybe i just parked it here, but with the fresh snow i saw my tire marks all the way up to the garage, i took that as him showing me there is something for sure! The buddy that had passed in February was smoking in my car years before and burnt a hole in my car on top and i shit you not that hole is gone. 2 weeks or a week before i saw him and i mentioned hey bro when you fixing this he said i will soon i promise and sure as shit as soon as he passed that hole was gone. So two times now in my opinion idk for sure or what that even was but i really think they are trying to tell me that there is something else after death and not to be worried. It’s always the day I’m going to say my last goodbye to them.

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    When u die your brain spits something that remind of DMT So if you wonder why someone can remember stuff this is it

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    What if you are shot in the head?

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    Most "mediums" just read off the same standard script unless they can search your Facebook account or online information.

    Throw in some very common names like Paul, Margaret, John, Lynne / Linda, Dave, Anthony/ Tony etc…

    There's a gentleman here who died of heart or chest issues. There's a lady who died of cancer. A young man who died of tragedy.

    They are with a baby. Did you or someone around you have a miscarriage?

    There's a dog there with them. Where's the link to uniform? Military?

    Your grandad wore hats / smoked.

    There's a ring / necklace of your mams / female relatives. There's a watch of your dad's/ male relatives.

    They're acknowledging a disagreement in the family.

    Whose getting the memorial tatoo?

    Did you do something to remember them with candles / balloons?

    There's a birthday/ anniversary coming up.
    There's a photo that's been framed / blown up / put on a canvas.

    Whose been having headaches?

    Whose moving? Buying a new car? They're showing me keys.

    You're getting a ring or necklace made out of their ashes.

    You've kept some of their clothing.

    You're getting something made out of their T-shirts / shirts. Memory bears or blankets etc.

    You sleep with something of theirs, a hoody or jacket perhaps?

    Whose decorating?

    You went to see them after they passed. You touched them and kissed them.

    You put a single rose / flower and a letter in the coffin with them.

    People disagreed on elements of the funeral.

    They're showing me paperwork that still needs to be sorted out.

    All standard, generic, scripted statements that apply to most people. Unless they can search your Facebook account or obituaries first they'll never tell you things that are important only to you like your favourite song, last film you watched together etc. They'll never tell you specific memories that you have of them.

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    Call me crazy, but if "ghosts" exists then it is practically obvious that there is a form of live after death.. If I did not see like I did when I was younger I would not believe myself…that's just how I view it.

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    "Near-death" is not death. It is near death. Being clinically dead is not yet actual death. Once you cross over the threshold of actual death, you cannot be revived or come back and tell anyone about it.

    We do not have "immortal souls". We "must put on immortality" at the resurrection. Until then we are dead in the grave.

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    I had a near death experience off a drug called spice, and I know there's another world that awaits our souls, ive tried to tell you many times, but you've never really understood me, I went somewhere not of earth, I seen a red glowing city, and I was Terrified at what I was looking at, then I saw this bright spiralling whirl of light put my soul back into my body, everything changed around me, my thoughts changed, I could see things in a deeper meaning, this near death experience gave me a special gift, but I don't know how to use this gift properly, I know I died, and I know there's another world for our souls, ive seen it.

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    Dear scientists don't challenge with God first make dead man alive

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    I started floating up

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    When I was 17 I hung myself and seen a bright light and a dark figure under it

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    at this point I would be happier with being dead and having nothing after than waking up again tomorrow.

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    I think the ' neuraling' will be able to track what is going on after death…js

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    This 8 minute clip appears to have a cast of thousands.

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    A human being is just a cluster of cells put together in a certain way to make it work. That's it. Simple. Just like the rest of biological species on this planet – just a cluster of cells. Different genes make us all look different. When the 'process' starts malfunctioning we experience 'disease', when the process is too disturbed to keep going the cluster of cells just stops functioning, which we call 'death'. It happens to ALL biological beings on this earth. There is no life after death. It is all man made . If you think about it – everything in this Universe is a cluster of something. Our planet Sun is a cluster of certain chemical and processes that make the sun shine and radiate. One day this process will deteriorate and the sun will stop being the way it is now. Our solar system is a cluster of planets spinning together…. The entire World and Galaxies are made of clusters of matter that interacts with each other . We call them planets, stars, blackholes, galaxies , but in simple terms these are just clusters

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    Somebody let me know when theres Proof. – I'll just wait right here.

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    Mumbo Jumbo …

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    i believe an enzyme or substance is entered into our blood stream to assist in the process of death. That product gives us illusions of the past and of the people we hope to meet. If thats the last thing you ever experience then why wouldn't that be infinite as there is nothing after. I dont remember the 2 billion yrs prior to my birth but as i was made to be an actual being that lived on this plane. Well maybe i do have somewhere to go when done.

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    No need to fear death. I’ve been alive for almost 80 years but I’ve been NOT alive for 13.7 billion years and it didn”t bother me one iota.

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