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Does This PROVE There’s Life After Death? | Unveiled

Oct 2023 18
What happens when you die? New evidence! Join us... and find out more! Subscribe: In this video, Unveiled takes a closer look at a recent breakthrough that could finally PROVE that there is life after death! Let us know what YOU think about the afterlife... do YOU think immortality will ever be possible? What REALLY happens when you die? This is Unveiled, giving you incredible answers to extraordinary questions! Find more amazing videos for your curiosity here: 6 Scientific Breakthroughs Predicted During Your Lifetime - What If Humanity Was a Kardashev Civilization? - #Afterlife #LifeAfterDeath #Theory #SciFi #Science #Unveiled source

Near Death Experience – Man Goes To Hell!!!

Jun 2023 18
Have you ever wondered what happens after death? This video shares an amazing near death experience (NDE) story of a man who had a life-changing encounter with the afterlife. He journeys through the realms of Heaven and Hell and shares his incredible insights into the mysterious realms of consciousness and high strangeness. Listen to this incredible story and discover the secrets of the afterlife! Check out the full story: Check out my audiobook: Have a story you would like me to narrate? Send them to stories@daredeverell.com Buy me a coffee: Become a Patron: patreon.com/talesofhighstrangeness Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: source

Is there an afterlife? Here’s what he saw while he was ‘dead’ | Bruce Greyson for Big Think

Sep 2022 28
What if death isn’t the end? NDEs may complicate what science teaches us about death and consciousness. Subscribe to Big Think on YouTube ► Up Next ► Are near-death experiences real? Here’s what science has to say Thousands of people across the world and throughout the centuries have reported near-death experiences (NDEs). Most NDEs share one common trait: an overwhelming sense of spirituality and connection with the Divine. NDEs strongly hint at the existence of an afterlife, but not everyone agrees. NDE research has raised more questions than answers. For example: Are we just physical machines, spiritual beings, or both?......