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Is there an afterlife? Here’s what he saw while he was ‘dead’ | Bruce Greyson for Big Think

Sep 2022 28

What if death isn’t the end? NDEs may complicate what science teaches us about death and consciousness.

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Thousands of people across the world and throughout the centuries have reported near-death experiences (NDEs). Most NDEs share one common trait: an overwhelming sense of spirituality and connection with the Divine.

NDEs strongly hint at the existence of an , but not everyone agrees.

research has raised more questions than answers. For example: Are we just physical machines, spiritual beings, or both? Does consciousness survive brain death?

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About Dr. Bruce Greyson:
Dr. Bruce Greyson is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the UVA School of Medicine. He served on the medical school faculty at the Universities of Michigan, Connecticut, and Virginia. He was a co-founder and President of the International Association for Near-Death Studies, and Editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies. His award-winning research led him to become a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, and to be invited by the Dalai Lama to participate in a dialogue between Western scientists and Buddhist monks in India.


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  1. #1

    Do you believe in an afterlife?

  2. #2

    I died three times ,,before the Dr got te pace are installed,,I spoke to what was called the council,,,long white hair long pastel robes and very young faces,, I tried to climb up to where they were standing ,, they kept pushing my hands back,, shaking their heads no,, when I was brought back the third time ,,, the Dr ask who I was talking to ????

  3. #3

    There is no after life there is no god there’s just nothing.

  4. #4

    Slay it down sis the universe is a mind

  5. #5

    It's not really coincidental because I know for a true fact that we live only I'm our spiritual bodies after death.
    I had these same simular experiences myself. After death, people experience a heightened & enhanced sense of being & in an interconnected way.
    Think about all of our births chosen at the time with other siblings & our Parents & realize that in actual reality, we are all brothers & sisters to everyone who exists & we are all also '0ne in God' as well.
    Thank You people always for sharing your experiences as a true life story on videos here too! 🙏 🤲 😇

  6. #6

    Yes I believe, we are all energy frequency having a human experience in the body, we are spiritual beings

  7. #7

    I had A near death experience I bled out really bad after that body shut down all I saw was pitch blackness nothing else and then I woke up in the hospital so maybe there is nothing after we die no afterlife maybe at least from my experience. As well for someone else well I don’t know but what I saw it was nothingness and dark.

  8. #8

    I died in my 20s I had a brain bleed and I popped out of my body still in my bedroom I met a little angel boy who told me everything but I realised I knew it already we all did it was so funny that we had forgotten

  9. #9

    I never had NDE but similar to it. I took psychdelics and had a life review just like many NDE survivors had. 🤍

  10. #10

    It’s nice that you guys had a good NDE. During mine, I kept reincarnating. Then I got tortured.

  11. #11

    Your commercials are disgusting

  12. #12

    My father passed away many years ago, I found him in his bed, massive heart attack, strange enough the nite before he rang me, and said I’m going son goodnite meaning he was going to bed, next day I came down to his house, let my self in, was down stairs just thinking he was asleep still, as time went bye I was curious as to why he was not getting up, I went into his room to and found him, I closed his eyes and said I’m sorry for all the hurt I caused him, a year later my daughter was under 2 years of age I put her to bed, the same room he died in, at about 11 am I heard my daughter speak to some one, I went into the room to see her sitting up in thr dark room in the bed, I said who are u talking to she said the man is cold he went true the wall and said hello to me than good bye, he had a bike cycle bike wit him, and my father used to cycle a lot all his life! There is no way she understood or even knew that he had died at that age! So it gives me comfort to think we will all meet again some day!

  13. #13

    Does anyone have a link to the news report of the nurse who crashed the red MGB?

  14. #14

    I wish we could just know for sure… perhaps the concept of death wouldn't be so frightening then…

  15. #15
  16. #16

    what he saw when he is dead?.
    you can see, why he saying he was dead??😂😂

  17. #17

    I don't believe in life after death and that's because I want to die and not experience nothing for eternity and I believe that is going to happen

  18. #18

    I hope It’s the end when I die

  19. #19

    Wonderful 🙌🏽❤️🙏🏽🌟

  20. #20

    Before birth and after death there is nothing. During the night when you are asleep you have no recollection of those hours passing if you never wake up you would never know in fact that is a lovely way to die. It is an absolute certainty death is the end of your one and only experience of life. There is not any before and there is no after. A one of chance and that's it.

  21. #21

    I had two. Last one woke my behind up and changed me from a jerk mean miserable jerk to a person who is now grateful for all the small things in life. I now help others I am selfless and weirdly this is the weirdest part I am loved more have more family and I learn new things now daily. The key to your life is to help others love yourself and learn to deep 🧘‍♀️. I love you all regardless who your race ethnicity creed religion. We are universally one ☝️ god bless

  22. #22

    Please See near-death experiences on the channel:

    Ameer Al Quloob . with subtitle english

  23. #23

    they all goes to the realm of souls

  24. #24

    I believe this it makes perfect sense to me I understand this totaly.

  25. #25

    We are not to understand all of this but I believe that your soul is in your mind not your body but in you mind.

  26. #26

    No mater what any body else thinks that's where your soul resides in.

  27. #27

    Yes I do your soul is in your brain I believe this with all my heart.

  28. #28

    I’ve come to wonder whether my NDE was actually an NDE as people have such vivid visuals but for me the was an expanse of nothing but it was light I didn’t have any consideration of what a person is but instinctually looked for a body that wasn’t there but it was like I still had the spatial reasoning of having a body but in a way that didn’t match waking reality, it was like I was a consciousness without body, memory, ego or identity and all of a sudden I felt a flex within my being and heard a buzz, 2 2 and it turns out it was my own scream and I’m back in my body. I wonder by compassion anyway but I believe the truth is subjective so long as we live and it means what it means to me on a spiritual level.

  29. #29

    Bro thinks an nde is a youtube premier

  30. #30

    I have had more than 10 I place my hand on the Bible in Jesus name amen and I have never once seen something that was not reality never . A higher power saved my life each and every time I can't read the Bible without getting to upset until i Recover I need Home and a life to do it and no stress a mirregle happened anything i could even imagine

  31. #31

    In 1973 I was pronounced "DEAD On ARRIVAL" at a medical center… More than half an hour passed, then my heart started beating again… During that time, I "LIFE The Real Self", entered the WHITE LIGHT, and have remained in the WHITE LIGHT to this day… I have NOT left the WHITE LIGHT, nor returned, as others have reported to have ! Those who claim to have returned, have NOT recognize WHAT, The WHITE LIGHT really is… When you recognize WHAT the LIGHT actually is, and accept it, you remain in The LIGHT as I have !

  32. #32

    If this anecdote is true, it is evidence which science should take seriously.

  33. #33

    NDE and smoking DMT experiences sound very similar. "DMT has been found to bind to the sigma-1 receptor, which is found throughout the body. This receptor plays a key role in protecting cells from dying when oxygen is low, making room for the argument that DMT may indeed be released in large quantities during death in a last-gasp attempt to keep our cells alive. Extrapolating from this finding, one might be tempted to hypothesize that this sudden flood of DMT may provoke the mystical encounters on the border between life and death that are often reported by those who die and are revived"

  34. #34

    1) Nobody who was truly braindead ever came back.
    2) There is no good evidence for an afterlife or a useful explanation how such a thing could exist. There are good explanations on why people believe in such nonsense anyway.
    3) People who had NDEs were not dead. And those who were "near death" often don't experience anything. And if they experience something it's often totally different, but often matching their religion whatever that religion is.

  35. #35

    My Grandmother was killed in a car crash and came back to life a completely different person. She went out a miserable old cow that bought everyone's down around her. she was not my friend, she had insane jealousy about my grandfathers relationship with me and would make my life pretty miserable to say the least. which wasn't good when my brother and I were trapped there for between 2 and 4 weeks at school holidays, and our parents were 5 hours away. Anyway, when she finally ot out of the hospital months later, she became the loveliest, most loving woman i've ever met. it was like she'd been replaced by an angel.

  36. #36

    I had a near death experience and there was nothing during that time.

  37. #37

    Afterlife Beforelife, Life now, Life then, past, present, future life. Among
    generations, eras, years, decades, centuries, the 20th/21st century. Etc.
    Just live the life that you have been giving today, tomorrow, forever Or
    Just not think about death at all. Instead have a positive thought about your own life, your walk through your path, journey, destiny. No time to die. More time to live to enjoy the moments, experiences, spontaneous adventures, togetherness.

  38. #38

    THIS. I loved this.

  39. #39

    Can we just change the name of this channel to The Big Religious Dogma Show?

  40. #40

    I had a suicide attempt a small while ago. I went to the playground to hang myself, I didn’t do in an area that was isolated, I did next to this sliding pole where I could more than reach out and climb down. When I was done, I had bruises on my neck. It had hurt so bad. All I saw was an image of an animal standing on a wooden beam in the middle of an ocean. It appeared in my mind like a dream but it was a still picture. I couldn’t take the pain any longer but that’s all I saw and experienced.

  41. #41

    I hope I go to heaven, God is just the purest love and that's enough and that is so perfect. Com as you are, I need to be a better person, I am a good, kind man I thing but God asks for so much more and I am falling short, there is no sure way to enter heaven, you can't buy your way in with good deeds, you only know if you made it when you die. But being good is the right path. God is so loving and accepts everyone,

  42. #42

    I had a NDE when I was 15 years old. I was being hospitalized and had a severe reaction to a medication the doctor had given me. I felt an incredible peace and warmth, then I could see the doctor and nurses trying to revive me from above. There was open space all around me, or my spirit, rather. I couldn't see my physical self, only my body in the hospital bed. It's affected me profoundly. Especially my understanding of a divine being

  43. #43

    I tried to end my life, and I came out of my body.

  44. #44

    Being sent back is very traumatic.

  45. #45

    Death and near death are two different things. Death is permanent by definition. Seekers of truth should keep in mind there’s proof of nothing other than the subjective experience of the witness, which may be very rich in information about altered states of consciousness and the nature of consciousness itself.

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