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Darren Till Hilariously Describes His Near-Death Experience!

Nov 2022 02

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    There is always one dog stabbing people

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    I've seen someone get stabbed in McKees rocks Pa …it was a gang fight between highschool students including adults….not cool I'm not sure how this guy doesn't have scars on his face or anything

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    Masvidal dropped you. This don't add up.

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    Shame he didnt have this immunity to KOs when he got SPARKED by Masvidal

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    And yet he cany fight sleep now. Age is a bitch 🤣

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    Yeah your hard, grow up

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    Why is there not cctv of that it would be epic to watch

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    Every guy ever telling a story of a bar fight he was in

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    Couldnt of been in Manchester

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    Thish one lad came down shtabbed me.

    Okay Sean Connery.

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    Battered everyone apart from that one guy that stabbed you. Right.

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    7 men put bullets in my face lad, I never felct it either lad…

    200 men clattered me and I laughed lad, I ended 7 generations of families lad…

    The queen lad, she heard it and passed away lad, honest in a nutshell I invaded Russia by accident.

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    Those 10 mins was actually 1 time passes a lot slower in those situations.

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    Cool story. Hold gold just once.

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    Remember people white T shirts block pain ….

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    Yeah yeah he poked ya back hole

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    You’re well hard mate , embarrassment

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    Stab burn put knifes down give us fist fight

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    When you're fighting the doorman you're probably in the wrong. There's footage of him many years later trying to fight normal people and girls trying to stop him. The guys a scumbag.

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    Helmet finished in mma paddy will be the same to levels

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    CCTV cameras outside every bar or club in the uk! If it happened we wouldve seen it!

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    This is why you check each other after a firefight. Adrenaline hits and you don't always register it…

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    Really 🤦‍♂️🥱🥱🥱🥱

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    Sick of that fukn song.
    Anybody got anything else, anything at all?
    Goodbye YouTube.

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    So many fake and embellished stories here .. shut up clowns

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    Old Shrimp eyes

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    Must of been of Matthew street gang of farts haha

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    Thank goodness for white t shirts phew 😅

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    That the coke for you

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    I'd say this story is a small bit made up it's fucking Darren till lads 🤣🤣🤣

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    Being stabbed feels like being punched, after being stabbed my mate walked back into the bar and ordered a drink, it was another punter who had to tell him he had blood on his shirt, when he noticed he past out on the floor 😂 fun times

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    Man fuck 50 yarder of the handle bar

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    These stories don't always end up happy . R.I.P my Boy Tom Kirwan.. 5 stab wounds 3 to the heart and was still 1punch banging people. Only to collapse once the ambulance arrived

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    Average scouser

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    the guy who stabbed him sounds like the hero

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    This happened to him in Brazil

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    Liverpool is a nice city though

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