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Christian Andreason's Near-Death Experience on NBC

Oct 2022 28
Christian Andreason's Near-Death Experience on NBC

’s story has so-far been translated into 10 different languages and read online by a multitude. Besides being a recording artist, also has a very successful one-on-one practice based in Houston. These particular news segements were first broadcast by station KPRC and then later picked up by news affiliates through out the U.S.

Go listen to at: www.MySpace.com/ChristianAndreason

You can find out more about Christian’s , his one-on-one practice and his music at www.ChristianAndreason.com.

And to answer some of you who have written, “Yes, Christian is in fact “a Christian”, however he deeply believes that to impose your beliefs harshly on anyone is not only unChrist-like, it reveals the person is not filled with , but instead with fear.” Think about it. ; )

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    the BIG difference between budda and Jesus is this: budda said something to the effect of dont hurt anyone. Jesus taught love yer enemies. buddas statement is negative jesus' is positive and pro active. they aare light yrs apart. A perfect example of this proactive style of jesus is broght out in the good samaritan. i wager that budda would have done the same as allthose highpriests and left the man dying on da roadside. his philosopy was basicaly, mind yer own business! a namby pamby

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    ur right, he is your only hope. (Jesus) what on earth has this little efeminate person done for humanity ornu for that matter? hes stinking rich now plus on top he has spread the devils lying seeds that we r all goin to heaven! if thats the case ,lets all do bad so some good will come! cos thats what this lying vulture states more or less. "just be a little goody goody and thatll get ya to heaven!" it wont, only jeus can get u to heaven. he is a LIAR. only fools will belive him

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    who says i dont like jesus? how one perceives him is up to each person. if anything, he was, to me, a delightfully enlightened person who assured everyone that there is no death and all are loved unconditionally. reminds me of a buddhist. Namaste.

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    u sound like a real typical relativist. Jesus and God are absolutes. besides being iritatingly cliche on top of it! try and be more convincing next time round.

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    I see –more tea vicar?

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    my dear amigo, hes not even doing that by his ambigious statement. ie, jesus , budha, ect…." way showers" — "Jesus is the only name under heaven by which we can be saved!" buda , and the rest of them my rear end! one has to be a real thick head who knows little or nothing about scripture. the danger is many new , young in the Lord converts could easily be stumbled by this false profit. it'd be better that a millstone be round his neck n he cast into the ocean than stumble 1athese lambs

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    the way you refer for this christian fella, you'd think he was some head of state, or the pope. he is not some marty, and possibly doing more harm than good to the cause of christ: sounds like he has a touch of the old, "cult of the personality!" ie, "worship me discreetly!"

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    hey, whatever floats your boat, kid.

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    a huge and vast slimy lie ….la di da la di da sleep on. WAKE UP!

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    listen budy lukewarm. "ALL that live godly in Christ Jesus , SHALL suffer persecution!" this guy is geting rich and NOT suffering any persecution. he is a false profit and priting on weak and string for a bacxkbone christians like urself. jesus said He was the the door. many false shepherds came b4 and the real sheep hear His voice. this godanmd liar is a false shepherd. im sorry bit i cant say itany nicer than that.

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    and u my dear friend keep ur dogmatic nonchristian comments to urself. do unto others as u would them do to you. shows how weak n easily led u are.

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    my dear man, one cannot base ones faith on an NDE- jesus himself warned of this very thing. even if an angel comes to u and states something that doesnt jive with His word. and most of what this NDE states goes contray to Christs' teaching–its extremly subtle. and his music is diatribe and full of self. and he is getin rich on gulibe people who r weak in God word. the bible warns that the antichrist would take the world over by peace n smooth words but his heart is a drawn sword. bcareful

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    then why is HE imposing his lies on US the public?
    he is a stanicaly being used by the chief of liars the slimy serpent inthe garden and he is using similar tactics like "hath God said?" he says the same kind of things. beware people.jesus said in mt24 that if it were possible the very elect shall be decieved. this is 1 of those evil decieveres he talked about. a false profit! he is makng lots of profit too.

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    how dare u compare this liar 2 Jesus. i cant see this efeminate worm being lashed, spat upon,thumped in da face, humiliated, striped naked and beaten for hrs.mocked and made fun of after been tortured.n then after naiuls were driven into his bare feet n hands hung to die lie an animal for many hrs after. its weak christians like u dat get christianity a bad name. this pusilanimus guy is sent by satan to spy out our liberty. n now hes making money fromlukewarm christians like u. God have mercy

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    this man if u could call him that, has a lying spirit. as the bible states in the latter times many would come in my name. dont belive all spirits but rather try /test the spirits and man i have tested this efeminate venemous liar by the word of God and he does not stand up to the light of the holy spirit in the WORD at all. in the latter days men would be lovers of their own selves. he leads many people down a dark path by his words which r smoother than butter but is a drawn sword.

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    he also says thers no hell. jesus said their is! "multiple personality disorder" politicaly corect =demon posesed. he puts jesus in same category as buda, moses , a big lie! he infers dat scripture was mistranslated about homosexuality. another BIG lie. his body language is homosexual. he also talks in the place of God. he is satanicaly subtle. the devil tricked him on his NDE as he has that power with shallow weak people like him in the next dimension as well as here. he misleads people!

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    highly qeustionableNDE :revelaion5:8,10,14 in book of daniel it says that tens of millions bowed down b4 Jesus n worshiped Him! even the 24elders in heaven and the 4bests do nothing else but worship
    Him nite n day. also we havent always existed as God is the only being that had no begining, he is uncreated.
    Jesus isnt a way shower! he IS the way,truth,&life! BIGdiffereence! the guy is very efeminate,contra NTest! hes a liar & is ddecieving people & getin very rich on his lies. falsehood

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    I want to have an NDE as well… at least twice in my lifetime.

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    PCent…:: Heaven is no more your own creation than is Portland, Atlanta, or Seattle. You will go to a place where the people around you are like you are. You do have creative power, but the place is already prepared for you.

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    Amazing that more people haven't seen this video.. This man is literally the new, walking and talking, Jesus Christ!

    I'm not kidding.

    Check out his homepage and what he's written and what he sings about: allaboutchristian(dot)com/spirituality/index(dot)html

    Epic <3

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    I know christian personally and what he says is pure truth. Please keep your mind open and maybe you will learn something worth while. Some of you have one track minds. if you let yourself open up you wouldn't believe what you can learn. God bless you and i hope you learn something from Christian just as i have.

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    God Bless you

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    I was dead for six hours too. And called God and cried for help and recited the Apostles Creed. Begged God and said i don't want to die , I still have a lot of things to do in this world. And saw a white soothing hand lifted my head up. And came back to life.

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    Jesus said " I am the way the truth and the light no man goes to heaven except through me"

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    "Yes, Christian is in fact "a Christian", however he deeply believes that to impose your beliefs harshly on anyone is not only unChrist-like, it reveals the person is not filled with faith, but instead with fear." Think about it. ; )

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    Everyone is a sinner, it's just human nature. That's why christians pray everyday to ask God for forgiveness and deliver them from all evil.

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    Thats it!

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    That's really cool you should make a video

  29. #29

    fancifelle; You give the "Devil" way too much credit!

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    Thanks for your testimony!

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    When they did accuse him of such things he mentioned how a house divided amongst its self can not stand.

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    Almost everything completely selfish is, yes. Sins are also forgiveable.

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    This guy does not Speck of GOD. Jesus is the only way to Heaven. Jesus sead him self he is the (ONLY WAY). Repeant Cristian you have not told the Truth AND STOP BOSTING ABOUT YOUR SELF. Don't let Satant confuses you. Repeant!! Repeant!! YES its ok to love people how Jesus did. but thats not anufe to get you to heaven. WE ALL FALL SORT OF GOD. So God sent Jesus to die on the cross to save us for Hell.

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