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My NEAR DEATH experience on the Appalachian Trail (learn from it)

Apr 2023 30

The is almost always a safe place. Almost always.

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    Awesome story that you will have for the rest of your life, crazy how you ended up at the hostel.

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    On the azt a few years back I was hiking thru the connelo wilderness section crossing a dry creek bed, I just came off the mountain back down into flatland so it was mostly all brush and cacti but along this dry creek bed there was a big patch of tall grass and a few trees and as soon as I looked to my right I saw a cub, before I had the time to process what I was looking at here comes mama bear, she huffed and puffed got up on her two legs, I walked backward as slowly as possible and I thought I was safe but she charged at me, the grass was so tall that I couldn’t see her but I could hear her coming at me, I continued walking backward on trail then she jumped out of the grass and on trail and started walking slowly towards me, I wanted to run too but at this point she was about 5-10 yards out and getting closer till finally she was right in front of me and her snout was sniffing my pockets and groin area pushing me backwards, this lasted for about 15 seconds then she turned around and walked away 😰 fucking scariest experience of my life.

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    I think it is totally appropriate to run from a mother bear who's charging, because she just wants to get you the he11 away from her cubs. So you running is what she wants, and she isn't going to abandon them to chase you all over the place. I had a similar first encounter with a mama bear, and I did what the "mountain men" said to – made a bunch of noise – and she charged me. I ran too, because if I'd just stood there, I'd have been mauled. That rule is BS. You need to do what you need to do. After that encounter, I stopped listening to the "rules" – each situation is unique. But I agree with Flossie that it's good to mostly be non-threatening, err a bit on the passive side if possible but not be afraid. Now after many many years, I enjoy seeing bears out there though I have a healthy respect, and I've even tracked them and learned a lot about how they think from doing that.

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    I have been a hiker & van-camper on & off for roughly 40 years… I learned to always carry a handgun & bear spray, but never did in the past, so I just got lucky…. In 2013 at about maybe 50 miles west of Happy Valley-Goose Bay in Northern Labrador, Canada in literally in the middle of nowhere on those remote dirt roads, I pulled over around 8pm to get ready for another night…. At around 1am, I woke up to a huge bear violently rocking my van trying to break in…. I had no weapons or bear spray, and the front seats were loaded with cases, boxes & bags because I always needed to make room for me to sleep in the back, so I had to cram stuff up front…. Therefore, I could just move all the stuff to the back while I was still in the back (a regular Dodge Grand Caravan), so I had no way to drive off… All I could do was try to scare it, so I reached over the front seat and honked my horn over & over & over & over for about a couple minutes, and then it finally ran away… I didn't want to risk getting out of the van to move all the stuff in the back to drive off, so I decided to stay put for the night hoping the bear would not return, and thankfully, it did not come back.

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    The fact that anyone would be out that far without a gun is insane I don't go know were without a gun period

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    Near death? Not very likely. Black bears in the USA kill less than 1 person per year.

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    more common than you think on the AT

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    You are in their environment. They usually do run. Davis Farm campsite must be a favorite for bear. Never mess with someone’s mama!

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    I've hiked grizzly country, but I just stick to day hikes. And since I'm solo hiking, I have my hiking pole, which I hit hard and hope makes enough noise. I can't talk for 4 hrs straight. I have a music player with a built in speaker that I played without headphones whenever I went to sections that were too quiet (ie I didn't see any other hikers)

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    A bad decision is better then no decision!

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    I highly suggest the "Cheap RV Living" bear/human safety videos. They review and discuss a few different options and devices.

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    Only black bear i got to see had its butt hanging out a wawa dumpster xD

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    Grizzlies have a totally different temperament from what I've noticed

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    For the record, Davis Farm campsite is near Wytheville (north of Damascus) in SWVA

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    Thank god it went down the way it did for Flossy. His guardian angel saved his life that evening. Its very difficult to think when things happen like that. Definitely an angel story. Very glad it worked out for him. Instinct to run could have gone very wrong . Well done Flossy. Great video. This is an amazing channel. Thank you

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    Kyle let the guy talk….

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    All these scary stories and I'm still thinking about the hike of my life up the AT. I will just bring my gun with me 🙂 (i know i have to cross like, 14 states so for legal reasons, this is a joke)

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    Always have your firearm on you!!

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    Comment your bear stories… well, I’d need a book, not a comment section. I’m from East Tennessee and I’ve lived my life around bears but especially the last 25 years when I met my husband and moved to Townsend. That’s where he’s from and I’m from Maryville. I intentionally put myself in the way of bears because I’m a wildlife and landscape photographer. I have surprisingly few bad stories. Actually the only real scary story I have was because I met the bear who loves cigarettes. I, of course, call him Smoky. He’s weird looking…his back legs are significantly shorter than what they should be but the rest of him was huge. I was peeing on the backside of a cemetery that’s out in the middle of nowhere inside of the park and when I was finished, I lit up a cigarette. I don’t smoke like I did when I was younger and never in my life have I thrown a cigarette on the ground until this day. I put them out and put them in my back pocket and throw them in the trash if I’m where I can’t dispose of them properly. The second I lit that cigarette Smoky came out of some thick, tall weeds straight at me. He was looking me in the eye and was headed at me with purpose. There was a fence around the cemetery and when he decided to go around the fence towards me instead of going through the fence wires, I went around the other side. But, he’s a bear so he was catching up to me fast. That’s when I noticed he was sniffing the air harder than I’ve seen a bear sniffing the air and I knew it was my cigarette he was after. So right as he figured out I was trying to get away from him by going around the opposite side of the cemetery, he picked up his pace and I threw the cigarette on the ground. He ran to it…fast..and the last time I looked back at him he was standing over it smelling it. I didn’t run but I walked faster than I’ve ever walked towards my car which was about a half mile or so away. Just when I thought I’d lost him and I could see my far way out at the road…I stupidly lit another cigarette. I thought he was long gone and far behind me. Nope. He had stalked me through the tall grass and came towards me at an angle…the damn bear had cut the corner like some sort of hairy genius. He came out of the grass right at my legs. So for the second time in my life, I threw that cigarette down too. He immediately pounced on it and I just kept hoofing it to the car. He never came anywhere near the road and I didn’t see him again. All the years of sitting in the woods watching Mommas and their cubs and I’d never had an incident…and then there was the cigarette bear. A lone male. I’d rather be in the woods with the Mommas and their cubs any day, any time…it’s the males that scare me. Not the mommas.

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    I havnt finished the story yet but I've asked before on other channels so do most people carry a gun!?? Because i sure in the hell would! 100%

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    stop calling everything "sketchy"

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    I live in maine and I honestly have no idea why there's so many bears, we hunt em up here and I don't know why we don't just hunt em out of existence it's not like they provide anything to our ecosystem

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    I just crapped my pants on your behalf 😳😳. Glad you are still with us, thanks for telling your story sir.

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    I went out on a car ride on a summer morning in 2020 and saw a grizzly bear and it’s cub in between Seeley lake and Placid Lake 45 minutes north of Missoula, Montana. I heard local reports of a mother grizzly the week before. Once I laid eyes on it, I thought it was a person walking their dog, then I realize it was a grizzly standing on two legs. My young self hits the gas to get a better look. My naive self scared the mother and cub into a fast sprint up a 200 ft mountain in a matter of seconds

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    This story was so full of red flags, if I hadn't known he survived to tell the tale I'd have thought it was a horror movie setup 😂

    – Hiking buddies mysteriously stay behind and disappear
    – Stranger tries to lure him to an isolated "hostel"
    – Things don't feel right
    – There's a lone sign pointing to a sketchy-sounding camping ground that's also off-trail and isolated
    – Nobody else is there

    I was so sure the cannibal cultists would appear at some point but maybe the bears got them first.

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