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Balkh, the Birth place of world's first monistic religion Zoroastrainism, Religion of persians

May 2024 28
Balkh, the Birth place of world's first monistic religion Zoroastrainism, Religion of persians

another pride of Tajik is that they are the hosts of the world’s first monistic religion. the religion of zoroastra. it is another sign of our great civilization. Zoroastrianism is the religion of and Parsies around the world. any one who claims to be a Zoroastrian must have an Iranian connection. Balkh was a city under Iranian in Khurasan. it shows that we the knew God way before any Arab thought there was a God. it tells the world that the persians were the first free thinkers of the world. this religion lead us to write world’s first human rights. while other had no idea what human rights were, our King Cyrus the great represnted the world with something that is still alive. Long live the Persians. Long live the great and Persians of . long live any human being that loves his mother land and knows who he was and where he has come from.


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    Avestan+ bactrian=pashto, Eastern iranain. It's means Zoroaster were Pashtun, pathan.

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    Even though balkh city is now gone under a dark fog named Islam, but still when i visit this city i feel might we had in our golden age 😓❤️

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    Judaism is first monosteick faith

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    The IRANIAN imperialism (Persian) 25,000 Years ago contained all of Asia, Europe and Africa ( according to the Historical Book of Shahnameh by Ferdowsi).

    The Iranian Greatest Imperialism HAD ONLY ONE HOLY CITY "BALKH" and among 100,000s Holy Places for worship of God (God NOT Idol).

    AND Very Great Valuable Historical Site Was THE MOST IMPOTANT HOLY SITE OF ALL PERSIA like Muslim Kibbeh today; According to Shahnameh( A King's Book of Kings); at the Section of King Goshtasp

    The Kayanian King Goshtasp and Queen Katāyoun.



    It is Very Important to take NOTICE that the Iranian Kings and People believed in God in the whole Old IRAN in over 35,000 Years ago. Iranian beliefs to GOD (Kerdegaar and Yazdan) was in its pure meaning NOT ANY KIND OF RELIGION. Although that was never called any Religion but 7000 Years ago the King of Turks of CHINA has called them as the Iranian Very Old Pahlavi language and Religion; after the said King refused to become Zorestaraian, according to the Shahnameh.

    The 1st Ever Religion was claimed Zoroastrian in about 7,000 ago in Iran/Persia; and the King Goshtasp was the1st King of Persia accepted to be a Zoroastrian AND he ordered to make a DOME over 100,000 Old Iranian/Persian Holy Sites (AAZAR)

    Therefore, Since 7000 Years ago building Domes over All Kinds of Holy Places and Worships sites are the Iranian/Persian Tradition of Holy Site; Except Muslim Kabbeh which has Flat Ceiling and Roof.

    From the Lecture of Right Honorable Major Keyvan Nourhaghighi

    Iranian Senior Fighter Pilot

    Lord of Law and History

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    Attention Jasper: 😀😀😀😀😀the Great Site that you showed at Minute 2 and after in Iranian/Persian Historical Very Very Old Site; in which may be older than 15 to 25 THOUSANDS YEARS. On those days no civilized nation excpt Persian were living according to the 1st section of the book of "the King's Book of the Kings" Shahnameh; look at wikipedia.

    Balk was the Holy Capital of Whole Persia/IRAN that had over 100,000 worship sites.

    They put Islamic name on it so that fenatic don't destroy more than this.

    You should consider that over 200 countries were just created in the last 150 years that you can't have their names in history such as Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Paketan. These are all Iranians' land that the British trespassed and gave it to its Colonial state of India.

    The Afghanistan, which its historical name is Khorasn, was the main part of Iran/Persia.

    In fact, the state of Khorasan, at all material times during the Persian/Persia History was the Mother Root of Most of Persian Kings and Heroes, as always most of Iranian's Princes and Hero have selected very beautiful women of the Kings of Khorasan who were all Iranian/Aryan in race like famous King of Kaykhosro and Freat Hero Rostam


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    سایت بزرگی که در دقیقه ۲ و بعد از آن در سایت تاریخی ایرانی بسیار قدیمی ممکن است بیشتر از ۱۵ تا ۲۵ هزار سال عمرداشته باشد. در آن روزها هیچ ملت متمدنی به جز ایرانیان بر اساس 😀😀😀بخش اول شاهنامه زندگی نمی کرد

    بالخ پایتخت مقدس تمام ​ایران بود که بیش ازصدهزارمکان عبادت داشت.

    اسم اسلامی گذاشتند تا فناتیک بیشتر از این خرابن نکنندش😀😀😀

    باید در نظر داشته باشید که بیش از ۲۰۰ کشور در ۱۵۰ سال گذشته ایجاد شده اند که نمی توانید نام آنها را در تاریخ داشته باشید، مانند افغانستان، تاجیکستان، پاکستان. اینها همه سرزمین ایرانیان است که انگلیسی هاآنرا بزور با قتل ده میلیون ایرانی گرفتندو آن را به کشور مستعمره خود یعنی هند دادند.

    افغانستان که نام تاریخی آن خراسان است، بخش اصلی ایران​ بوده است.

    در واقع،استان خراسان، در تمام دوران تاریخ ایران، ریشه زبان مادی ملتت ایران است اکثر شاهان و پهلوانان ایرانی و قهرمانان ایرانی بادختران بسیار زیبای پادشاهان خراسانازدواج کرده اند. همه مردم تا چین ایرانی هستند نژاد مانند پادشاه معروف کیخسرو و قهرمان بزرگ رستم که هر دو از مادران پادشاهان استان ایرانی کابل هستند

    این قسمت کوتاهی بود از سخنرانی دانشمند محترم وفردوسی و خراسان شناس؛ حضرت آقای دکتر سرگرد خلبان کیوان نورحقیقی در سازمان ممل متحد😀😀😀😀😀😀

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    Zoroaster was killed in Balkh, but was born in Khorezm (on the same river as Balkh). the language of his holy book, Avesta, is closest to Khorezmian language. the shrine at Mazar i Sharif nearby could very well be where Zoroaster was killed and his bones buried in a stone coffin.

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    nat Persia is Balkh afganistan aryana 🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫

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    Can you get any good seeds?

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    this video all talks lie. there are so many different civilization even 3000 years before Persian come!

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    Khurassan was a Dari/ Tajik Empire. It consisted of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Qazakistan, parts of Pakistan and parts of Iran and Iraq. The capital was Herat and then Balkh. I don't know why Iranians keep feeling so inferior to steal other people's intellectual property!

    Any Persian scholar that has an Arabic name is from ancient Khorassan and thus mostly Tajiks.

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    To call Dari/Tajiki a sub language of Persian is the same as saying Victorian English is a sub category of American English!!!

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    "Balkh was a city under Iranian empire in Khurasan" Say what? It is the other way around. When it was Aryana, Balk was the capital. Where there is the capital there is the king, and where is there is the king there is the throne…and where there is the throne all the other geographical areas and people are subordinates!

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    Alexander the accursed

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    I am a proud but humble
    Follower of Zarathustra Spitama

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    biji kurdistan

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    Very informative

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    OLD ARIANA Eastern Iranian 🇦🇫🇹🇯

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    Islam is created by a criminal and accepted by people by sword.todays all major invention discovery by these people 30% almost before nuisance created by Muhammad . After Islam peoples time devoted to only jihad, rape, murder, kidnapping burning libraries , destruction of historical place etc not a single discovery or invention done by any Islamic nations after Muhammad . He completely destroyed most intelligent breed from Earth .

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    Zoroastrian are very peaceful religion and this region is also peaceful before Islamist attackers

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    Kurdish religion

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    افتخار می کنم به تاریخ خود و افغانستان

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    Incorrect information. Balkh-Margiana architectural complex is dated to 3000BC. Arabic script and Burkha clad women in the background is a mischievous disinformation of a faith that preaches equality between men & women

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    Iam a Afghan and the rleagions are not importen for me and also Iam not proud of my skin couler my rleagion and also Aryans.
    Just be human.
    Just be human

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    I think the word Parsi refers to a everyone who belongs to the religion of zartusht or Ahura mazda rather than belonging to a specific ethnic group .

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    🌹Long live IRAN🌹

    👊Death to enemy of my country👊

    Iranian is not islamic . We are persia

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