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Angry in Heaven: Why an Atheist Was Angry She Ended Up in Heaven (NDE)

Mar 2024 29

, an , had an (Near-Death Experience) or a near-death like experience after overdosing. An (Near-Death Experience) occurs when someone dies, comes back, and knows there is . Betty’s Near-Death like Experience changed her life forever.

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0:00 – Near-Death Experience
13:15 – Against Your Will?
13:52 – Importance of Asking
14:47 – What Do You Wish More People Knew?
15:26 – What Helped You The Most?
16:05 – Connect with You?

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    Do we all have a mission in this lifetime? is that why some don't die from cancer?

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    Did she accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior? Cuz i haven't heard anything about Jesus

  3. #3

    Look how God got her 😊 she look good

  4. #4

    You were a mannipulater but you didn't like to ask for peoples help?

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    It's amazing, when you see most peoples lives, that they volunteered to live them.

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    So technically…. Christians are still wrong and the Christian god isn’t accurate. I’ve been researching for years about spirituality. I’m witchy I guess you’d say, open minded. The 5th dimension is where spirits and our sprint guides and higher self are. That’s “heaven” where we reincarnate from. And now understanding your past lives makes so much more sense. Hinduism was on point we all just use different words and some religions twist things in a bad way, some only have parts. But anyone has the ability to be spiritual. It isn’t one religion it’s just an open mindset that we can’t put a label to it perfectly

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    What did they showed you. Baaaaaaad bla bla bla its about yourself not heaven bla bla

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    I love her honesty and her attitude towards god finally an honest testimony so real in every word

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    Beautiful story and you no doubt effect SO MANY in a positive way

  10. #10

    imagine those roasting i effing hell for all effing eternity becuase diddent belive the right crap :/

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    on this page alone there are 6 lying untrue video , serves the interest of the devil

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    I have no probs with afterlife and of course hope it's all true but the choose your life stuff I do not believe. I wouldn't pick my life for anything. You want to talk irony? someone who tired SO hard to establish himself but it's not to be.

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    I don’t know about you but I cannot count overdoses as spiritual experiences.

  15. #15

    This woman is very much deceived. She needs to accept Jesus for who He is – the Only Way of salvation.

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    Right on sister. Great video. A huge and important archetypal experience and personal revelation. Millions need to see this, Good job. Helping me get clear on some of my contract that is "unbalanced.".

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    European Americans that have NDEs refer to the afterlife as Heavon, and think they see God and Jesus do that because it is the only reference that they have as to what they are experiencing.

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    An atheist not believing in a god but believing in themselves is a contradiction because they are the god but just dont realise it, neither do most religious people lol

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    be weary of this, amazing life experience but do not be deceived.

    For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.

    1 Timothy 2:5

    seek only JESUS

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    I'm physically dependent on opioids. Maybe I can be saved from withdrawals like she was

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    The reason why scientists can’t find saw particles, it’s because they haven’t went far enough in to the space a space because it is proven that space is not eternal so they need to look for at least like 100 years

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    Are those artificial vampire teeth?

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