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African spirituality Voodoo

May 2023 18
African spirituality Voodoo


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    My goodness! Now I understand what's happening to me. Thank you brother Paul. Yahuah bless you

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    Your teachings are like Fire shut up in Your Bones. You have so much passion. Thank You for caring.
    Shalawam Servant of THE MOST HIGH YAH

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    Not Everything in Africains culture is good.
    We need to reject all the bads(voodoo,et…) which are the same as illuminati and Mason's, all evils worship.
    God bless!

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    interesting break down

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    Wow witnessing an African man neglecting his African roots with western ideology with a western plagiarised book( bible) . It's sad

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    Voodoo is a fake name. The definition of the socalled voodoo is metaphysics. Think about it. When you combine metaphysics and science (odinani) i don't think there's nothing you can't do with these 2 combined. But our people are busy killing their source of change and light through dark Christianity.

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    Brother please tone your voice down. It is very difficult to listen to you hollering.

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    I guess you telling me nostradamus is paying a heavy price right now cause he made a lot of predictions and fortold the future which even the Christians follow today and lot of predictions were also made by Jesus and Muhammad I guess they are all paying a price it's ok if you want to recruit people into your religion but please don't use fear to get people to join you that's a big big sin remember everyone has a free will according to your bible but don't force people that's all I have to say man peace

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    the bible came from Egypt and I can prove it to you now are there wicked forms of voodoo yes will I part in that dark form of voodoo no I'm sorry but I do not see anything wrong with good form of voodoo especially if it's used to do good things what you are talking about is juju black magic voodoo is a religion older than Christianity the word voodoo means God you talk about sacrifice but in the bible your God asked for human sacrifices which is the most wicked thing anyone could do

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    Paul some of us are born with natural abilities some people can see the future without even making sacrifices how can you take a book that's younger than the voodoo system where the same book came from its written all over the Egyptian temples

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    so are you telling me if someone is sick then someone cured them with voodoo that means voodoo is bad? I'm sorry I don't buy that man voodoo is about using our own powers

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    I'm sorry but I don't agree with you man you helping straying your people away from their real roots and that's a sin in it's self

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    Paul why are you trying to keep African people away from their science and believe system where is your proof that what you teaching is the truth? now since you are so sure I will show my African uncle this video and he's really heavy in the occult I will get his input then share it because I don't believe what you saying is the truth why will anyone be paying for their future if it belongs to them plus how holy is the bible when the whites used it to enslaved our people plus what do you have to say about people who are born with those abilities? wouldn't that also mean Jesus is paying a debt right now cause he was tapping into people's future? etc

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    You don't have money. You go to the bank for a loan in the hope of paying it back in some years time. What is wrong with that?

    You don't have a child. You go the fetish priest for help. A year or two later,you have a child. You go pay severance to the priest? What is wrong about that?

    You don't go to the bank and borrow money and not pay it back, the very same way go can't seek help from a priest without paying something back. What absolute hogwash. Goodness me.

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    damn.. that was deep..where is the rest of the video please. I really enjoyed this

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    Please do a part 2 to this video. It was amazing and eye opening

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    Sorry Paul Nwagha, not sure I agree with you. "Voodoo" came into existence via the merging of catholicism and different African belief systems, it took hold and prospered in parts of the Caribbean and southern America, it's big in Haiti for e.g.. So Voodoo cannot be what your discussion is about because it couldn't have existed then, "Voodoo" is not an African belief system.

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    Why are you shouting??

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    Peace n Blessings Brutha. Love your spirit! I agree with you 100% #ChicagoBound

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    Sums it up…shalowm

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    Paul Nwagha why do igbo and yoruba not like each other when they are the same people. Both igbo and yoruba where on the slave ships. We here in the america's are igbo and yoruba. Maybe it is because of Deuteronomy 28:54

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    great video. I was always taught voodoo was evil and to stay away from it.

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