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5TH Dimension Near Death Experience Documentary YouTube

Mar 2024 30


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    Stung by a poisonous snake…2 things wrong with that.

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    The skeptic who smoked weed pissed me off, how can she say these things when her NDE was coz she smoked a joint

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    If these people actually do believe that they've had these very solid and irrefutable experiences, then they should definitely be believed, but also hastily given the intense and thorough psychiatric help that they so obviously need

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    Put off by instrumental backing that is used to push us into eerie emotional states. Can we be allowed to have our own viewpoints of what the firsthand witnesses have to say

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    1:11 What has James Bond to do with it, though?

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    من جاء من خطبة الدكتور عدنان إبراهيم!

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    my aunt delivered a stillborn child due to three-mile island and my cat was killed due to her being contaminated with radiation

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    my cat passed away we were evacuated after three-mile island they killed her because she was contaminated with radiation

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    there was an elderly man with temporal lobe epilepsy who was undergoing a brain scan with FMRI who passed away from a major heart attack during the scan it turns out he had that same life recall reported during an NDE

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    do pets experience NDES yes but they cannot tell us about it on earth

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    one man that was declared braindead who was undergoing organ recovery preparations when he woke up and described an NDE

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    hyperventilation can cause altered sates of awareness including recalling preverbal memories or even seeing the world from an animal's perspective with actual sensory and kinesthetic changes

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    but somehow, she was brought back to life after her operation to remove the aneurysm in her brainstem she described things that had happened when she had no brain activity and no brainstem activity

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    one woman had an NDE where she had an operation to remove a cerebral aneurysm in her brainstem, she had an NDE when her heart was stopped her body was cooled to just above freezing and all her blood was drained from her body

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    one theory of what an NDE is it is memories of being in the womb and of birth both of which are preverbal memories

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    you don't even have to die or be close to death in order to have that type of experience for example it can be triggered by deep meditation or a sleep paralysis state when there is overlap between being awake and REM sleep

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    pet owners report during their near-death experiences they meet them even after they had passed away their pets are healthy and are in an animal version of paradise

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    Science pre-supposed that though originates in the ‘meat’ of the organ called the brain. There is no proof that consciousness originates from the brain or the heart or the arm…

    The brain is an organ of perception – it interprets the info from the eyes and the ears and the tongue etc. thoughts exists independent of the ‘meat’. Think of phantom limb syndrome.. the brain is SURE that the amputated limb is still there, based on interpretation of information provided by sensory organ (nervous system). But the person KNOWS (consciousness) it’s gone.

    Instinct/impulses originates in the brain connected to the central nervous system. We need to perceive IMMEDIATELY, without thinking about it..what danger is, when to fight and when to flight,They need to prove thoughts come from the brain.

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    Academics can be more than messed up because of their need to be accepted by their peers. Pay attention. look through not at.

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    I am the poop…. I am the death.

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    Why are they playing that scary music? They ruin the whole documentary. With a neutral music it would be very professional and serious. Greetings

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    Lsd trip on weed no way

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    The woman who claims that children wonder why “they’ve left her. Was I a bad child?” Umm, no. I was 15 when I died. There is always someone there and they don’t just “leave you”. They talk to you and explain what’s going on.

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    To these arrogant scientists that try to give a rational explanation to everything, tell us why the universe never ends ….

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    Are they all women?

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    Brilliant post… gutted about the 10p quality (video-wise)… 🙁

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    She started out by saying she had an out of body experience on WEED..didn't believe a word of hers after that.

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    How can these scientists be so smart yet so stupid?

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    I think the most interesting (because potentially verifiable) cases are the ones where people report perceptions made during OBEs that are confirmed by other people. Strange that these aren't mentioned here.

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    The woman trying to debunk this, is literally a killjoy.

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    Aside from the unnecessary soundtrack , this documentary wasn't bad. I'm on the garden fence about Life after death, but I do wholeheartedly believe that what these people experienced was powerful. Whether it was the result of ketamine and endorphins or a short stay in the hereafter, I do not know. Lots of negative comments about the green haired woman. She looks like Richard Dawkins after he smoked a few oxo cubes.

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    your mission is to ask Jesus for help so you can be saved and then tell other people about him

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    load of rubbish i went up then down then saw my friends soul come out of her body slightly i saw heaven buit went down into hell locjked in cham,ber of death i floated through timber in my roof lady your explanation sucks especialy when it matches up to the bible n u had never read it before lady tries to explain it away na sorry

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    I smoked weed in college once so I know what it’s like to literally die

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    Mrs. Susan Blackmore rational scientific explanation is assumption, Thousands of NDEs people seeing families, also seeing and explaining operation room are real.

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    you so called experts are just lacking the love of our heavenly father in your hearts.no man can say they know that Jesus Christ is the savior it only comes from father GOD.I HOPE AND PRAY THAT YOU WILL EXPERIENCE THE LOVE OF GOD AND KNOW HOW WRONG YOU ARE…..

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    Why in the world would they dub over the Dutch cardiologist's voice when you can hear he speaks perfectly clear English?

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    Siensce is such astupid thing its a dying future en ego

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    Its hard to believe since we cannot comprehend all that's between the heavens and earth.

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    So many, like me, are irritated with the contributions of Susan Blackmore, the know-it-all scientist. She's so full of ego under the guise of knowledge that she's blinding herself.

    One thing an NDE (or other deep, spiritual experience) teaches us is that we know nothing – nothing of great worth, nothing that's Real or absolute. How could we, here in the realm of relativity where simply everything depends on our perspective?

    Something can literally be true for me & false for someone else. Two of the wisest answers to anything are, "I don't know," & "it depends." Buddhists & others speak of emptiness. That emptiness is more real than all the knowledge in the world.

    From the other side, it's possible to have the experience of knowing everything from every perspective, right down to the earthworm, to the individual cell or atom or the planet or whatever. Even the planet is conscious, as is the solar system, the galaxy, the universe, etc.

    Things are not what we take them to be. When we can start there, accepting that, we have a great deal more potential to "get it." It takes both readiness – which no one controls – & emptiness, which we can seek out.

    Bon voyage to all. Life is great, far greater than the human mind can grok, now or ever. Things are not what they seem, they're far, far better, but what's blocking us from experiencing that is within us; largely, it's our systems of belief. Creation actually works through us, whether we know it or not.

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    It's actually a bit nuts to demand physical, 3D proof of that which occurs in other dimensions. Those having the experiences have all the proof they require, & then some, as it is real beyond real – more real than anything in/of 3D.

    We can't even put into words our over-there experiences. We know things we cannot share unless the one to whom we're speaking also has such an experience. Then, the words can work, but even then, NOT to the extent of what the deeper communication is like over there.

    This dimension has its own reality, other dimensions have their own reality, & it's really rather awesome that they're different & unique. Just imagine if they all co-existed, fully perceptible, together. Yech!

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    Most of these scientific skeptics aren't worth listening to as they try so hard to pin the experiences on the brain or body. It's akin to believing those you see on the screen abide within the TV – just about that ridiculous but they miss the parallel.

    Actually, the brain is more like the TV in being a receiver for what goes on beyond it – well beyond it. The trick is that the brain/mind isn't able to go with us on the other side. It isn't able to comprehend that other reality, either, being so solidly a thing of 3D when we go beyond.

    What I call Heart, our deep inner core, is able to comprehend & on such deep levels that it's shocking to the mind. The mind thinks it knows things when really, it just knows about them, here in this 3D realm of relativity. Heart Knows directly – it's another reality we could call Reality – much more real & substantive than this 3D dream.

    But it's easy to see why those totally loyal to the mind/brain as the foundation of their awareness simply cannot go there, so to speak. They balk at taking the reins from their mind & giving them to this ephemeral thing (to them) I've called Heart – their deep inner Being as Source-in-form.

    They'll come along when they're ready, meanwhile, we're having lots of fun exploring, integrating with the greater Reality. Hey, free will rocks!

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    These skeptics could ruin a wet dream!!

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    Dr. Blackmore Cannabis does not produce out of body experiences, you are lying.

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    Who are some of these people, especially that women with the stupid green hair, to shit on someone else's experiences? These people who shared their NDE stories are personal and very real to them and life changing and have given them belief in afterlife and strength to live this life have taken away all of their fears including fear of death. I want to tell these naysayers until it happens to them they know nothing so shut the fuck up.

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    The beginning creeped me up

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