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Trying RANCH DRESSING LIPSTICK?! (Worst Beauty Product of 2024?)

May 2024 03

lip balm holder:
ranch lip balm:
the lashes i’m wearing:

Swamp Fam today I test our TikTok Shop to see if its legit or not? Are the items real or fake? Are the prices too good to be true! This is my experience shopping on TikTok! Hugs & Gators!

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    Oooo Am glad you took one for the team I so was going to get these but I was like nahhh be good there more of a collector piece & the collector is trying to be the selector 😂💙🐰

  2. #2

    The carrots inside the whole pickled chiles are sooooo good and spicy

  3. #3

    I love carrots, but I ate them so much that I developed an allergy to them :/

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    It’s so funny you said the ice cream man because that’s exactly who you reminded me of when you did that lol lol that video was a big hit in my family lol

  9. #9

    very luna lovegood glasses XD

  10. #10

    Bunny you should make cups. So on brand. Sorry if you've done this the algorithm.

  11. #11

    I feel that all Burts Bees balm are weird tasting. I have a pineapple and it has pineapple with a weird flavor with it. I dunno what it is.

  12. #12

    Rachel is not a rabbit 🐰 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

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  14. #14

    Where is dog man

  15. #15

    Your skin/makeup looks so pretty! Thank you for taking one for the team and trying savoury lip balm.. savoury… lip balm… oh noooo!

  16. #16

    You were my childhood 😭🤍 Glad to see youre still making vids!

  17. #17

    omg i have the SAME carrot story! my mom thought i had jaundice lol

  18. #18

    Hey bunny a cool video idea I've seen a few ppl do is get a used dollhouse and redecorate it using mini items/brands. Hopescope just did a video like this and I think you would be able to make one look REALLY cool especially since you are so creative and have tons of mini things already. I think it would be an awesome video idea for this channel

  19. #19

    You look awesome! I love the 90s style hair and clothes ❤

  20. #20

    As soon as I saw your video my first thought was “oh no”

  21. #21

    A good way to stop anyone from even asking to use your chapstick ever again. They also might make a good Ipecac-to-go.

  22. #22

    You should call him Tommy Gotchi xxxx

  23. #23

    Burts bees kets blame the marketing executive s

  24. #24

    Yes bunny trying it for us

  25. #25
  26. #26

    So that's why you are bunny

  27. #27

    Every thing but the buffalo

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