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They’re making a business out of child sacrifice! #shorts

Jun 2024 07
They’re making a business out of child sacrifice! #shorts

is a hero to me, because she fought to end in Uganda. still takes place today, and Annie helped to bring about laws the prevent this kind of witchcraft and shamanism.

Watch the FULL interview:

#endchildsacrifice #witchcraft


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    Me as an Indian local wondering which India r u talking about

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    Im not sure if any of you remember the satanic panic, you're all very young. We've been here before, it wasn't a thing.

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    vengeance is mine says the Lord I will repay

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    Reason why they need to control “the womb”!

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    So sad! The greatest genocide / business is ABORTION.

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    Just like Planned parenthood

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    Yes thats why we love our country

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    🤮🤬🤮SO horrifying.

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    There is a documentary about the female infanticide that takes place in many countries where boys are revered

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    When you go there, I believe you're on the slippery slope to ending the current civilisation. Didn't this happen to the Mayans and others? Let's hope we can turn this craziness around.

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    Great set back India another 100 years, it’s not like you didn’t steal 4 trillion sterling in todays money, now you gotta add child murderers to us as a people & I’m British Indian (“you’ll never be English mate, God, if I had a penny ever time I heard that) – thanks

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    I never understood the importance of money and power to some until 2020. Things were unexplainable to me until I accepted; people do shocking things for both. I was so naive.

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    This is a terror that has lasted throughout the ages. The ancients sacrificed their children to their gods, Molech and Baal, which are really demons. Those demons are still blood thirsty today and those who sell their souls to Satan are going to continue in that practice until Jesus Christ returns to rule and reign in the Earth. He won’t be coming as a baby in a manger this time. He will be coming as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and he will be riding on a cloud with the whole of Heaven’s army to judge and cleanse the earth of wickedness with fire. The righteous and innocent will shine like the sun at his side, and those who lived their lives for greed and Satan will perish into the fires of hell. We all have a choice. Choose wisely.

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    Wow. What a warrior she is. Thank god for this woman 🙏🏼 our world needed her. I will definitely be spreading her message and Donatint

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    I’m never going to use the phrase “ it cannot get any worse”, because when I do I hear something like this

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    Such a hard topic. Needs to be addressed! This is happening today! It’s time to be uncomfortable and talk about who when & why! And do something about it! This could be your next door neighbor!

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    For what though???

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    Muti (medicine) murders are common in Africa. In Eswatini (Swaziland) it is particularly prevalent.

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    A busy for body parts. So sad 😢

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    NB: ADAM
    SHE IS 100% RIGHT

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    this is a worldwide evil abomination especially in overpopulated countries.

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    So is abortions
    Millions are made off the bodies and organs of aborted babies
    No matter which way you look at it, child sacrifice is legalised in Europe, Africa, Asia etc. through abortion.
    I listened to testimonies of adults who were unsuccessfully aborted as babies and lived to tell their story.
    Parents who give up their unborn babies for abortion have sacrificed their children.

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    I mean it’s not on the level of murder but even in the USA recently a car factory was caught using child labour. It didn’t even make the news…..

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    I watched this interview & Im absolutely heartbroken 💔. It’s 2022; Why oh why is this not being reported on mainstream media FFS!!! 🤬. Thank you Andrew for highlighting this barbaric & disgusting practice 👍

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    I almost got kidnapped as a kid to money

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    I'm selecting like BC this subject needs covered. It must come out from the shadows. Talking about it is a way of fighting the corrupt, rich ppl who condone, contribute and get ppl to do these inhumane acts. Thank you both for doing this podcast/interview.

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