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the most evil religion on earth #lie #islam #atheist #christian #shorts

May 2024 01
the most evil religion on earth #lie #islam #atheist #christian #shorts


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    The biggest cult in the world.

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    Yall have the highest birthrate
    That’s why you’re the fastest growing religion
    If you look at the religion with the most people leaving you’ll see that it is Islam

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    No, it's growing because EVIL is growing and spreading, plus, they convert by force and deception 🤷

    How anyone can believe in Islam is beyond me, Muhammed is the most obvious false prophet in history 🤦‍♂️

    I will never understand why and how someone could choose to follow an illiterate pedophile caravan robbing wife beating demon possessed lunatic like Muhammed, it's truly baffling.

    Hilariously, the single greatest weapon against Islam is it's own writings.

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    The consumption of drug is increasing more than chocolate,does it means that drugs are better than chocolate 😂😂

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    100 plus terrorist groups🤣🤣 killing of minorities, highest crime rate, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Bangladesh, blasphemy, killing of atheists still trying to play taquiyah

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    Go search the most persecuted Religion in the history ❤️❤️❤️ And for us Christian Jesus already prevent us about our persecution as the devil don't want to be known 🥰

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    It is indeed evil. No matter how fast or big evil may grow, destruction awaits it..

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    Having 4-5 kids will definitely be growing not bringing peace

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    It is because they try to kill even if they are their family members if they try to leave Islam. It is still going on in Saudi. 😂

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    Iblis and his shatans have filled their hearts with blindness so it would be hard to get them the truth they need to know.

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    Google is right

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    So what if Islam is the fastest growing religion or even the largest religion? Popularity does not prove that something is true. That's a logical fallacy. Argumentum ad populum.

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    This is because there are two kinds of Islam:
    1. Western oral Islam: Islam is peace and Muhammad was a very good man
    2. Islam as it is written in Islamic scriptures: this is the dangerous Islam

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    When jews showed up*
    Ok they started it first alright

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    Evil 100% surely

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    wtf..🤣🤣its the fastest breeding religion…the birthrate is much higher than other religions…thats why…not bocz of convertion…stop lying…

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    Hmmmm everyday the world is driven into darkness, with people accepting traditions that are clearly wrong (homosexuality and more)… Does the fact that there's a rapid acceptance of this behaviors make said behavior the right thing???

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    It’s the fastest growing mainly because there is multiple wives allowed in Islam which leads to multiple children not to mention most of the Islamic countries force you to be like that but i hear you

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    anti islam cult does this everytime…yet they failed

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    that does explain why i want to free palestine

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    Funny how were the 2nd biggest religion and soon to be the biggest

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    For Ppl who don't know Israel and America is always workout on these

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    This world is a test for all humans , Muslims or not.

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    The more líes I hear about al islam, the more my iman grows.

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    Islam is the only religion that put every thing in its place and the only religion that put full divinity in Allah, which prevents deception for self benefits, this why Islam are polarizing.
    eg, Alcohol seller who lives out of it, will try every thing to demonize our religion while who suffered from alcohol will see the truth in our religion.

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    So many people want evil. Now I understand.

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    Every religion is evil! Not the religions itselfs, the person who think they know and rule the religion are send from hell

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