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The Law You Won't Be Told

Jul 2024 11
The Law You Won't Be Told

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    If talking about it can get you in legal trouble then that's a violation of the second amendment

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    I don't like that this keeps popping up in my algorithm just before the Trump criminal cases.

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    I'll never be a on a jury.

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    Interesting video. The courts aka judges aren't fair. The prosecutors aka district attorney aren't fair. The attorneys in general are sworn into that same "club" called the officers of the court, so with few exceptions, they aren't fair either. The entire system is a big pile of feces that needs to replaced with something that approaches a way of doing things where it would be damn near impossible to have corruption. Apparently, "the people" haven't been effed enough to do anything meaningful about the sewer system (legal industry).

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    So I emailed the juror office and I told them I'm not fit to be a juror because I believe in jury nullification just got to email back saying that does not disqualify me and I still have to show up?

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    How black chyna won butl liost settlement against Kardashians.

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    To potentially put it into context with something I know, it would be like what could happen legally with the FAYZ survivors in Gone, right? Unless I interpreted it wrong

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    Does this apply in the UK 🇬🇧

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    Not telling people about Jury Nullification and Refusing to let people serve on a Jury if they know about it, in practice, is the same as prohibiting Juries from Using Jury Nullification.

    And if Jury Nullification is prohibited in practice, then that Means Juries must Rule "Guilty" If someone violates a Law, Even If the laws are Tyrannical and Enforcement of Said laws would amount to a Crime far Greater than what the Defendant was Charged with committing.

    Without Jury Nullification, that Northern Jury would've been forced to send slaves back into slavery because they committed the 'Crime' of trying to be Free.

    …Is that The Society we Want to live in? Do you want to live in that World?

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    They only want confession all else is circumstantial. Bloody knife? Circumstantial. Standing over a dead body? Circumstantial. Watch the shows and wait for thr cop to say we only had circumstantial. We really needed that confession

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    I know nusssssssing!

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    The real problem with jury nullification is that the jury has to be unanimous on the vote. If only one or two vote for it then you got a hung jury. The judge declares a mistrial and they do it all over again. (Ironically they can do this two or three times and it is not considered double jeopardy.) And if you tell the jury about jury nullification one will tell the judge and you will be removed from the jury. The judge AND lawyers have it rigged so basically you are suppose to just rubber stamp Yes or No and not consider a flawed or unfairly applied law.

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    When the jury decides to do a pro gamer move

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    I served on a jury where one of the jurors did actually vote not guilty because they did not want the person to be punished for one of the charges. So that charge ended up being a hung jury because none of us could come to an agreement.

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    Aw yea legal infohazards

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    Now I know why

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    They can’t look at how unsafe the universe is so this needs revising

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    Sooo….. Twelve had a weird story now that I know this.

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    The moment the prosecution a made an appealed to the social sensibilities of jurors or a responsibility to “send a message” with their verdict, I would disclose the concept of jury nullification to the Jurors and argue that the prosecution opened the door for such matters to be made part of the record.

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    Scotland gets round this with the 'unproven', AKA the 'don't do it again, ya scamp' verdict.

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    Why are anarchy and righteous will of the people mutually exclusive?

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    Just got the 12 angry Men reference

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    I feel like this video invites an oj Simpson conversation on purpose.

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    I solve it when ever I am being forced to serve on a jury I do not want to that when they ask if I have any beliefs , I do answer yes and when they ask what those are, I plead the 5th.

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    I think you wouldn’t need disclaimers if you would talk plain and stop being sarcastic

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    refreshing my mind again, serving today. YouTube !! YouTube !!

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    CGP is great. Gives you a big spew of government propaganda and leaves you thinking you learnt something

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    This video got me dismissed from a jury because I smiled when the lawyer asked the roundabout question

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    Unable to serve in a jury? Count me in.

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    I do not want to be on a jury so I’m watching this video.

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    "But be warned. Watching this might prevent you from ever serving on a jury." … how many people watched this? 14 million? Whelp judicial system is fucked.

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    Assuming that at least half of the people who watched this are from the US, that's 7M people that won't be serving on juries.

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    Damn that's crazy

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    OK, but if I was on a jury for like and it was on the news and I just old ha ha null booyah that would be kind of funny

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    Under U.K. law if a judge thinks the evidence is overwhelming in favour of a guilty verdict and the jury find the defendant not guilty the judge can dismiss the jury on the grounds they didn’t fully understand the evidence or the process

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    What happens if a guilty defendant is aware of jury nullification and say it out loud, informing the jury about the possibility?

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    I barely can understand all of this.

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