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Teen's Near-Death Experience at Age 7: My "Guardian Angel" Helped Me | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

Oct 2022 06
Teen's Near-Death Experience at Age 7: My "Guardian Angel" Helped Me | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

When nearly drowned in a pool at age 7, her life was altered. Crystal claims to have seen heaven, but came back to life after meeting her guardian angels. Look back as the all-American teenager shares her near-death experience with . For more on , visit WatchOWN.tv/TOWS
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Teen’s Near-Death Experience at Age 7: My “” Helped Me | | OWN


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    I liked her experience. It's true. We all have a guardian angel. God loves her. She is precious.

  2. #2

    Look at her eyes she looking down I don't believe her what so ever she's a lier

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    Wait!!!!!! Can someone please explain why guardian angels will be borned as Human? 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    It sounds like she is describing the golden circle, she was being brought to the other side by her ancestors. Beautiful. Death does not exist we just go to another place.

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    What Happen when a Person Die?

    In order to get the correct answer, let us consult
    the infallible word of God. And the safest way to start is to ask the question:

    Q. 1) How did God create or form man?
    A. Genesis 2:7; And God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.

    Note: In forming man, God used two substances namely:
    1. Dust of the ground
    2. Breath of life

    Note: Now that we know how God formed man, we can safely answer the above question by reversing the process in which God formed man.
    To illustrate:
    At Creation: Dust of the ground plus breath of life = man or a living soul
    At Death: Living Soul minus breath = Dust

    Q. 2) What happen to these two substances when a person die?
    A. 1.) Ecclesiastes 12:7; Then the dust return to the earth as it was, and the spirit (or breath of life, Genesis 2:7) return to God who gave it.
    A. 2) Job 27:3; All the while my breath is in me, and the spirit of God is in my nostrils.
    A. 3) Genesis 3:19; In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat thy bread, till thou return to the ground, for out of it was thou taken, for dust thou art, and unto dust shall thou return.

    Note: The three texts above clearly explained what happen to the two substances that God used in forming man at the time of death. At the same time, they also clearly answer the question. What happen when a person dies? The body return to dust of the ground where it was taken, (Genesis 3:19,)and the spirit or breath of life return to God who gave it. ( Ecclesiastes 12:7)

    The belief that when a person dies, there is a soul (immortal) that leave the body, and depending on how the person lived when alive, will determine where the soul will spend eternity, either in hell, to be punished and tortured for all eternity, in purgatory, with the hope of being brought to heaven or direct to heaven as the case maybe. This belief is contradictory to Ezekiel 18:20; The soul that sinneth, it shall die.
    The truth is, this belief is based on the Greek Philosophy called “Dualism” (pls check dualism in the internet) which teaches that the body and the mind are two separate entity, In that the body is physical while the mind is spiritual and immortal. Here lies this very dangerous belief. Why? Because if the soul is immortal, of course it is not subject to death. That is why, when a sinner die, based on this belief, the soul will go to hell to be tortured and burned forever and ever without end. What kind of punishment is this? Endless. Don’t make sense. It is because the soul is not subject to death, immortal. This is unbiblical.
    To dispel this erroneous belief, simple questions need to be asked.
    1. Would our gracious, loving, merciful and longsuffering God, allow eternal torture and eternal life to co-exist? Of course not, for this will contradict His nature, which is God is love.
    2. What kind of sin does anyone do, to deserve this kind of endless torture?
    There is no such kind of sin, for the Bible says; that the wages of sin is death, not endless torture. (Romans 6:23). According to Galatians 6:7; Whatsoever a man soweth, that he also reap.
    The truth is, God did not create anything or anyone immortal. For had he done this, then sin would be immortalized. The Bible said, that God alone is immortal. 1 Timothy 6:15,16. The reason is obvious, God knows the end from the beginning, Isaiah 46:9,10. Thus, he knew that Adam and Eve would commit sin, Genesis 3:6. and Romans 5:12; For by one man sin enter the world, and death by sin, in the death passed to all men, for all have sinned. The wages of sin is death. (Romans 6:23)

    Q. When will the person that died and who return to the dust, be made alive again?

    A. 1. John 5:28,29; Marvel not at this, for the hour is coming in the which, all that are in the graves shall hear his voice. And shall come forth, they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life, and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation.
    2. Daniel 12:2; And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

    Note: The two texts, clearly explained that the dead sleep in the dust and will come to life, when the voice of the Lord is heard at His second coming.

    Q. What event does the Bible say, would take place, when the dead which came forth from the graves/dust, and who have done good?

    A. 1 Thessalonians 4:16,17; For the Lord himself, shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the Archangel, and with the trump of God, and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air, and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

    Note: The event described in the above text, is referring to the second coming of Christ. (John 14:1-3.)

    Q. How about those that have done evil, when will they come to life?

    A. Revelation 20:5; But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished.

    Note: In conclusion, with this text, the resurrection of all that died and in their graves, (John 5:28,29) from Adam and Eve at the beginning, up to the last person who will die just before Christ second coming, is hereby completed. The reward of them that hath done good, is described in 1 Thessalonians 4:16,17, and in Revelation 20:6; Blessed and holy is he who hath part in the first resurrection, for the second death hath no power. In contrast, the punishment of them that hath done evil is described in Revelation 22:8, and is called the second death.

  6. #6

    so her soul went for a side trip while her body was nonfunctioning.

  7. #7

    How can I watch the entire episode

  8. #8

    Oprah being condescending because she’s a young woman!! Not 😎

  9. #9

    Back then it was not accepted of what happened time has passed now we're in the future and it's accepted of what these kids stories are I feel bad for what they've gone through if they were out year 2022 we would embrace them and just not think they were naughty

  10. #10

    John the Baptist was born in the spirit of Elijah. Oprah, begin praying to God and Jesus and read His Holy Gospel's and Epistle's in the Douay-Rheims Holy Bible. Jesus will be sent back soon to reign out of Jerusalem with His new name. Soon the whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of God.

  11. #11

    God's angel's are bright white light beings in their natural state. All the earth will see them soon.(see Apocalypse/Book of Revelation Ch.18:1)

  12. #12

    I believe that those who have have spent millions of hours of work time hoaxing near death experiences have also deliberately and falsely back dated them into history. Histroy, archaeology and the history of organised religions and many other subjects have all been falsified in order to create a false reality for us. Now is our time to expose these false realities and to expose the truth so that we can all think and logically and rationally from now on. Demonic possession and the extra-terresterial presence and religious apparations are all hoaxes. Please accept that. The intelligence services and others have nothing whatsoever to do all day other than think up hoaxes and put them into operation in order to confuse their fellow men and women for the simple reason that those who believe in the supernatural are easily frightened and by that means they are easily controllable. Anyone who believes in those and many other hoaxes are holding us all back from being a world of men and women who think logically and rationally. I am not saying that there isn't an afterlife. I am simply stating that I am in the 'dont know' category and every one else in the world should be in the 'dont know' category because nobody knows. No one can know if there is an afterlife or not. Most people in my country now have neural lace in their brains and this neural lace is connected by a neural link to a centralized computer system so that data such as visions, voices, sensations, forced muscle movement and immobilizations of muscles can be downloaded into their brains and this is sometimes used to lock them in a virtual reality hold where all of their five senses comes under external remote control simultaneously and places them in a virtual heaven or else a virtual hell. While that is occurring their brains are simultaneously entrained into a state of either extreme joy or extreme fear. When I was a child back in the nineteen sixties no one had ever heard of near death experiences. They are a very recent invention. Near death experiences are simply virtual reality experiences being wirelessly transmitted to the human brain from a computerized central location.

  13. #13

    Oprah is annoying in this. Keeps interrupting her.

  14. #14

    Jesus Gives Eternal Life

  15. #15

    Born 1990 and drown once to death

  16. #16

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣oh please

  17. #17

    Opera looks like she's just not buying any of this …..

  18. #18

    Whoever pushed her in avoided murder charges

  19. #19

    i believe in Jesus Christ in Heaven in God, and Angels i want to share my story, we were having a good time with my family and we walked so much that i was my head hurts i don't see what's coming next i have a headache and i was unconscious i was walking and suddenly a jeep was there and i didn't even noticed i almos bump at it and a woman saved me and i heard her voice and grab my arm save me and she says Miss!! And i was unconscious and didn't thanks her and i don't even got to see her face and i was thinking it. the whole day is it my guardian angel??? And the most unbelievable thing is i was with my fam and didn't even notice that a woman saved me

  20. #20

    I'm very good at judging liers, this girl here is telling the truth

  21. #21


    Psychologists who reviewed a range of Phenomena such as Out-of-Body Experiences, Visions of Tunnels of Light or Encounters with Dead Relatives, say they are Tricks of the Mind rather than a Glimpse of the Afterlife.

    Researchers at the Universities of Edinburgh and Cambridge say that Most of the Experiences can be Explained by a Reaction in the Brain Prompted by a Traumatic and sometimes Harmless Event.

    The Researchers say that many common Near-Death Experiences are the brain’s Attempt to make Sense of Unusual Sensations and Perceptions Occurring During a Traumatic Event.

    Out-of-Body Experiences, for example, Happen when there is a Breakdown in the Brain’s Multi-Sensory Processes, and Visions of Tunnels and Bright Lights stem from a Breakdown in the Brain’s Visual System caused by Oxygen Deprivation.

    The new study also points to the Effects of Noradrenaline, a Hormone released by the Mid-Brain which, when Triggered, may Evoke Positive Emotions, Hallucinations and other Features of the Near-Death Experience.

    The Scientific Evidence suggests that all Aspects of the Near-Death Experience have a “Biological Basis”.

    Science has proven Religion and its Teachings to be Wrong and Out Dated. From the Earth being the center of the universe, Earth being flat, Exorcisms, Salem Witches, and the list go's on and on. As time moves forward Science continues to prove that ancient teachings are not to be true.

  22. #22

    Definitely true. Had a near death experience and from these videos we all say the exact same things in different ways

  23. #23

    We are all spiritual beings. And when its time, we go back to our home

  24. #24

    I believe her

  25. #25

    Oprah acts like she does not believe this person

  26. #26

    What an incredibly beautiful experience,I believe her.

  27. #27

    that black woman talk too much damn

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