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Man Dies; Shocked to be Shown the Future (NDE)

Dec 2023 01
Jeff Tolley shares his Near Death Experience (NDE) after being so distraught after his brother's death that he took his own life. While on the other side Jeff met up with his brother and three beings that showed him he had more to live for and the state of his energies bodies. He was also shown his future and the future of Earth. Jeff came back from his near-death experience with a renewed sense for life and a new outlook on life and his purpose. Part 2 - The Extended Interview: Jeff's Links: YouTube Channel: Website / mentorship program: =========================================......

Atheist Shocked by Who He Saw in Heaven | Near Death Experience | NDE

Oct 2023 03
David Ditchfield had a profound NDE (Near Death Experience) after a freak accident when he was dragged under a speeding train. During his NDE David met God, light beings, and returned with the ability to paint and compose symphonies. A Near-Death Experience or NDE is when someone dies and comes back to life. A Near Death Experience (NDE) is something that someone never forgets and changes them forever. David's Book: Amazon: David's Links Site: YouTube: FB: IG: EQUIPMENT: The camera I use: The lens I use: FOLLOW: IG: FB: TW: CONTACT: Website: Email: shamanoaks@gmail.com PATREON: VIDEOS: MUSIC: #nde #neardeathexperience #shamanoaks......


Sep 2023 27
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13 Teachings For a Better Life | Near-Death Experience | NDE

Feb 2023 07
In this Near-Death Experience interview Ingrid Honkala shares her Near-Death Experiences (NDE) that connected her to mysterious Beings of Light that have revealed countless secrets about the nature of reality, the purpose of life, and so much more! A Near-Death Experience or NDE is when someone dies and comes back to life. NDE Experiences, NDE stories, death experiences, or after death experience as they are sometimes called, all have the power to change how you look at your life forever. ✨ Ingrid's Social Links YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: 📚 Ingrid's Book 📚 *As an Amazon Associate I earn from......

Supernatural Stories to send shivers down your spine Scary Stories True Reddit Stories Horror OTR

Sep 2022 19
Welcome to another collection of Seriously Spooky Short Stories! I hope you enjoy them! 0:00 - Thing at McDonald's - (USER: tempthethrowaway) - 2:57 - Unsettling "country" store my family doesn't remember - (USER: zach_the_logical) - 6:03 - What just happened to me? - (USER: Secure-Positive5733) - 7:40 - I levitated off my bed. (USER: einzel_on) - 10:12 - As a Correctional Officer I've had tons of experiences - (USER: /Parzyfail) - 18:52 - Tall man in a long black cape at my great grandmother's wake - (USER: AcceptablePublic762) - If you have a tale to tell, please send it......