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She Died And CREATED Her Reality During Her Near Death Experience

Jul 2023 25

She Died And CREATED Her Reality During Her Near Death Experience

Sherry Duncan has had 2 NDE experiences, one at the age of 9 and the other at the age of 64.
She has also had 2 STEs or spiritually transformative experiences.

She has worked for the last 25 years for a non-profit organization that helps kidney patience.

She has also worked as a Docent for the Anne Frank Exhibit and the WWII Exhibit in Kennesaw, GA.
Over the years…she has also worked as a personal assistant for the blind, hearing impaired and the disabled.

Sherry’s Email Address sunhappylemon@gmail.com
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Link to Sherry’s book:

You Will Be OK I Promise, A Uniquely Helpful Guidebook – by Dannie Duncan (Penn Name) –

Ebook –
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Audio book –

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Some People dismiss near death experiences (NDE) as dreams or the hallucinations of a dying brain, people generally do not have the same kinds of hallucinations. In contrast, the descriptions of near-death experiences are remarkably consistent across culture and time. Many people do think when they do had their Near death Experience, they saw past life regression, out of body experience, angels, heaven, met jesus, afterlife and testimony of jesus e.t.c..

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    Bless you so much. So grateful that you had those experiences and are using them to the benefit of all of us. Thank you so much…I feel buoyed up. As an aside, just want to say I love your very practical example of the simultaneity of time. A course in miracles talks about that, and I intuitively feel it must be true, but kinda "don't get it". Your example brought me closer to understanding. God bless you!

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    I was wondering if there was a link to Part Two…? This was wonderful. Thank you!!

  3. #3

    1921 when you were 64 years old? WTF.

  4. #4

    Men and women are built differently and each have their own innate abilities for a reason. Imagine back in the days when humans were Hunter gatherer and the men didn’t protect the women and children because they decided the women should do it themselves. 😂

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    brought tears to my eyes

  6. #6
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    Thank you for sharing your message with us.

  8. #8

    How did you create your own reality, does that mean when we die we can create our own surroundings?

  9. #9

    She's, obviously, making it up.

  10. #10

    Maybe you should LOOK TO THE LAW OF GRACE

  11. #11

    Thanku for sharing

  12. #12

    Surely if she died this was an /actual/ death experience?

  13. #13

    "…Don't ever give up as you are needed in your future…" Many thanks, Sherry. God bless you.

  14. #14

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. I’m inspired to get your book and gift it to my mother.

  15. #15

    Beautiful Story ❤

  16. #16

    Thankyou for sharing your experiences with us ❤what a lovely lady 🥰🇬🇧

  17. #17

    People don't seem to notice that she talks also about her previous lives. She is an old soul.

  18. #18

    I’d be v interested in hearing about your 2nd NDE. You seem so sincerely with a lovely caring energy coming from you. God Bless🙏❤️x

  19. #19

    1966?? I was -10

  20. #20

    what she was 39 in 1966?!? so she is 97 yrs old?!?!? um someone please correct me if my math is wrong but she does not look 97. omg then at the end she was 64 in 1921?

  21. #21

    If you see two versions of you that means a soul invaded the physical human body. We are possessed by souls.

  22. #22

    Nice story, but you look much younger. Ive noticed this with other stories on here, the person says they are around 60 or 70 yet look anywhere from 30 to early 50s. Hmmm anyway good message. I hope these stories are real. ❤

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    Umm cool story but the years got me a little confused didn't she mean 20 21 at 64 years old? I'd like to hear about it so why did they cut it off?

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    Its not very nice that the title doesnt match the content of the video

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    Beautiful. Yes, would love to hear about your 2nd NDE. ✨️💖✨️

  27. #27

    Just another liar seeking attention. It's getting to the point where I can't believe anyone anymore. Ndes have become so polluted with attention-seeking narracists that its really sad. So many red flags w her story.

  28. #28

    She looks like a younger June Lockhart

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    Great video 🎉😊

  30. #30

    thanks for sharing ❤

  31. #31

    Leviticus 19:31

    Turn not to those [mediums] who have familiar spirits or to wizards; do not seek them out to be defiled by them. I am the Lord your God

  32. #32

    You're a doll, Sherry, you sharing your experiences has helped me. A profound, 'Thanks'.

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    Oups it cut off before she had a chance to explain her 2nd Near death experience, anybody know how to find it?

  34. #34

    you know how to surrender to God at the age of 9? wow, i barely surrendered my toys at the time.

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    1966 she was 9 y/o
    Therefore born 1957
    Therefore she was 31 in 1988
    Glad to help you 😅
    Ok she said 39, so it should
    have been approx 1996
    Ok this time i wont charge anything for the calculations.

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    I dont have more doubts
    We are millenary Spirits
    In new edition.
    Essa não é a primeira vez que estamos aqui.
    Já vivemos muitas vidas com muitas pessoas diferentes da nossa atual família.
    Voltamos em novos corpos para continuar nossa evolução espiritual.
    O aprendizado nunca termina.










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    Love this! 🌬️💗

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    At first she was 9 years old in 66, then she was 39 years old in 66, I think she meant 96!

  40. #40

    It happened in 1921? (The second NDE)

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    thank you for sharing.

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    Life is nothing more than a survival/sandbox vr videogame

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    Thank you for sharing

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    When i die i wanna wake up in smallville as a baby under the name of Clark Kent and having superpowers. Im the most powerful superhero in that universe i can move planets and even be middle of our sun or any other sun it doesn't affect me even black holes don't affect me because im a God a loving God in that universe. I love humanity and i will try to help them involve into a better future.

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