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Sail Life – Insulating the v-berth, part 4

Oct 2022 02
Sail Life – Insulating the v-berth, part 4

I finally get to in the in my v-. Soon I’ll have a nice and comfortable v- to sleep in when I move aboard the . A little bit of should go a long way in making life aboard more comfortable this coming winter. A big thank you to www.blackbearboatingandleisure.com for the free samples of products. I loved working with both the thick and thin resins from and I’m very much looking forward to shooting a “review” video sometime next week 🙂


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    Du har da en fest😀
    Godt arbejde Mads. Og fine videoer du laver.

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    Thank you for all the time you committed to making these videos. They are enjoyable and educational. ATB

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    Love watching your vlogs, very entertaining. Your english is very good, your tone and inflection are excellent for a second language 🙂

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    I found working on my boat was as much satisfaction as sailing it!

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    Silikone Fjerner that is Danish right?

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    From what I've seen in most boats every installation appears temporary, simply because most people just get the job done as quickly as possible and expect to make the installation permanent at some time in the future. As such, the expression "there is nothing more permanent than a temporary installation" is appropriate. However, in your case this expression is not appropriate as you workmanship appears excellent. Great work!

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    I'm loving the outtakes!

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    Fingers crossed for you Mads. Watched this one aboard our small boat on vacation in San Diego. I'm enjoying the results of getting my projects done earlier this spring. You will too.

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    Good luck on the house showing, and you are doing an awesome job on the V-berth

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    Sailors who take just as much pleasure working on their boats in port have safer, better equipped, and seaworthy boats under sail. Keep up the good work, Mads!

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    Love the outtakes Mads! Just don't keep breathing the poxy in too much. Lol! Great work!

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    Hi Mads, another enjoyable video as always! I totally agree with you regarding the completing of projects vs. going sailing… When you become a liveaboard the yacht is not only your recreational vessel but also your full-time home, 24-7, 365 days a year. So it is really important to get all the projects completed, especially during the warmer months, so that when the Winter comes you are warm, dry and comfortable. As I have mentioned in our previous chats, I am in a similar position to you – no sailing this year because I need to get the yacht ship-shape (pun intended!) ready for the Winter. Once the hard work is done I can then enjoy the Winter onboard, in fact I can enjoy my yacht whatever the season and whatever the weather, all year long! After that…. next year… then I can relax and enjoy the sailing and exploring 😀

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed regarding the house sale, and for extra luck I'm crossing my toes as well!! 😉

    Looking forward to your next update my friend 🙂

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    I only use MAS products. I've never had any problems with it. Although I will admit sometimes I forget it wear a mask because there is no harsh oder like with polyester resins. Now you had better get moving along before you are homeless!

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    Great videos!

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    looking awesome Mads!!  Hey, why don't you take next weekend off and go sailing?  😉  lol

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    Another great video Mads! Maybe you should wear a respirator more often, judging by the out takes. 🙂 Best of luck with your house!!

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    with all this work and upgrades to your boats mads……are you ever afraid you will find it hard to let the boat go when it comes to selling it?…;)

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    I'm a big fan of the grasshopper.. I own more beans and rice than the average person on a sailboat. lol…
    selling land is a real pain sometimes.. I have some I am trying to get rid of.. but my paperwork is messed up.. I even have a buyer.. the court system is very slow……
    they are the reason I do not have cold water in my icebox . Ugh

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    Excellent vid Mads, as always! You put such a lot of effort into the filming and post-production, its tough not to believe it's not your "day job" ! It's exciting news on the home front, here's hoping it all happens as you want.
    Out of interest, how long does it take for uncomplicated house sale to go through? When I was living in Canada I could do a deal in 28 days , that's from handshake to money in the bank…… Here in the UK it's more like 28 weeks! … Just interested. Keep up the great work and don't let Alfy's vids make you take the "eye off the prize !". ⛵

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    keep seeing your wash boards if you have any of the epoxy left sand them coat with low vis + hardener then a coat of flag thick and hardener allow to go off sand then one coat of varnish it last for ages

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    @***** Thanks! 🙂 I appreciate all the support very much 🙂 As soon as I hear something I'll post on my FB page (http://www.facebook.com/saildotlife). Depending on how good news it is I'll shoot a short video 😉

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    I'll keep all my fingers and toes crossed for your house sale. Although it would be quite soon, considering your to-do-list.
    Still: good luck! I'm sending some good vibrations 🙂

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