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Sam Parnia – What Do Near Death Experiences Mean?

Jul 2023 09
Sam Parnia – What Do Near Death Experiences Mean?

Stories of ‘’ (NDEs) are legion, affecting all cultures and peoples. NDEs have similarities—white lights, tunnels, spirit beings, feelings of unity, comfort, love. Do NDEs ‘prove’ that ‘Heaven is for real’? Or are they mere by-products of shocks to the brain during times of physiological trauma and insults? Is there a science of NDEs?

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is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

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    I can speak to my own NDE and it actually helped to reinforce the fact that there is, in fact, nothing after life. Nooooothing at all.

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    Sam Parnia is exactly the sort of scientist we need. One who conclusions follow the evidence regardless of what it means for what previous generations of white bearded men accepted as 'science'.

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    Maybe ??? Come on people, we need some billion dollar investments in this field

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    Please stop talking in circles, we want to hear new insights and no rehashing of old NDE stories. Make progress please.

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    Can you please interview a group of people who had an Nde. Like a real out of body experience without the religiosity

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    Flatline EEG does not tell you about whole brain activity. Could it be that a self-protective brain mechanism is activated near-death that gives rise to NDEs? The combination of sophisticated brain imaging and subjective descriptions of NDEs in individuals suffering cardiac arrest may begin to answer the question of whether transcendent experiences emerge from a threatened brain or provide a window into a consciousness that is immaterial and uses the living brain as a transducer.

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    Its true that our concepts about death and if he is really permanented might change maybe bring back love ones isn't a fantasy after all but if their is one that i see many times is that reality surpasses fantasy bu i bet brain death sooner or later will be considered nothing more than what a heart stop was considered some decades back maybe quantum physics will start to play a role at some point about death or if there is really death

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    Just before dying, the brain releases an intense amount of endorphins and other neurochemicals that cause an intense euphoria as well as phantasmagoric dreaming such as seeing a bright light tunnel, life events etc. These are the experiences of a brain that is still alive. However, it is mistaken for transition process into an afterlife.
    However there is a permanent blackout when the brain dies.

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    My neighbor was born with an undeveloped brain. He can't speak, feed himself, walk and has muscle spasms. You are telling me he has a soul? He is just being tortured? The brain is consciousness and intellect….for a doctor he is an idiot

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    They mean nothing…natures way of shutting down your brain….you die, rot up…the end. Just like the dinosaur, neanderthal man. You mean nothing….get over it

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    The truth is- if consciousness is down to a physical process at this point- it has to be quantum in nature. Unless you can explain how a bunch of brain cells none of which can think or has a sense of self or has feelings- can produce something with all the above and then some, then you can't say it emerges from the complex network of brain cells. We know all the parts of the brain at this point, and no combination of any of them could logically produce subjective experience. No matter how many or how complex the network of connections is between them- it doesn't explain how a bunch of unfeeling, unthinking, nodes can get together and produce thoughts and feelings and a sense of self. Computers work because they have software and firmware that instruct each node, without that software- they're useless. So, saying we work like a computer only pushes the problem off- consciousness is now the software and firmware so- where did that come from? You still haven't explained anything.
    But our understanding of quantum mechanics is so incomplete- in my mind that leaves the door open for it to be the result of quantum mechanical processes in the brain we can't observe and don't understand. If we tried to observe them- that would most likely interfere with them and change the outcome. It may be one of those things nature seems to hide from us- like the position or momentum of a particle.

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    OK: now to take the opposite side of the one I just did in his Susan Blackmore interview, at ~5:00 Sam says basically that consciousness, we now know, continues after the brain has shut down. And I'm like: prove it. You only know that the heart has shut down (you just slickly conflated the two). Proving that the brain was shut down–that the person was having their experience at a measurable chronological time during which the BRAIN was, according to science, nonoperational: that would be something. Though of course it would most likely simply prove that our understanding of "operational" was insufficient.

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    9:15 so very close. Consciousness isn't produced by the brain, nor is it a sequence of neural impulses.

    It's really very simple. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our consciousness resides in the spirit realm and is piped in, tethered if you will, to the human body through the brain. The brain is one end of the umbilical cord and our true consciousness in the spirit realm is the other end. The brain is the apparatus, the mechanism that places our consciousness into our human bodies.

    When a brain is deprived of oxygen long enough, it will die. If a person is dying, and the brain is shutting down due to this lack of oxygen, the death experience begins. If oxygen supply is restored to the brain in time, that death experience was just a NEAR death experience. If oxygen is not restored to the brain in time, the umbilical is severed, the tether is cut, and the person dies.

    That is why scientists and doctors who says NDEs are just "hypoxic brain events" ARE right, yet don't seem to grasp the truth of what is happening. Hypoxia, the brain deprived of oxygen, begins the death process. If oxygen is restored, the person comes back to life, often with an NDE story. If oxygen is not restored, they die the true death.

    Thank you for coming to my TED talk. 🤣

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    so at the end the proof is that God exist! and the consciousness represent the soul of our existence and we are part of the God creation so the right interpretation that there is a life after life there is a life between death and the judgment day differ person to person who has good deeds will see more beautiful things in this period and the opposite for the others

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    If the brain cell still functions hours after we die and still create conscience why a lot of people who experience NDE can see beyond like other rooms, outside the hospital? So once the body does not function the soul can go beyond therefore, the brain cells does not produce conscience.

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    Near death isn’t death! Stop the stupid stuff!

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    Most secular-theist scientists know all the facts about the process, NDE is real and fact but they don't want to talk about it in the public media. They deny the truth only to outsiders, but they know it inside.

    but some Secularists will not have a full understanding of the NDE until they understand how the invisible body and the visible body work together, that the brain is a manifestation of the mind, the physical body is a manifestation of the soul, and that this material universe will come. A non-material universe.

    Any physical elements or body has no mind or energy of its own for its existence.

    Since the mind is invisible to the eye, it appears that the brain is the one that moves things. But the fact is, it is. The thought information that activates the nervous system in the brain, transmitting the message from the mind.

    Similarly, the physical body of a human being is a manifestation of the soul, but it has no life-sustaining power of its own.

    It is the power of the invisible universe that makes the visible universe run.

    For example, let me tell you something I understand: how the soul, body, mind, and brain work together.

    Our soul is made up of three things (mind, emotions and will) and our physical body is made up of three things (blood, bones and skin). Now let me explain further how I saw the invisible soul manifesting in the physical body.

    For example, there was a beautiful girl I saw walking down the street. After entering my Home, I began to think

    this girl in my mind which is located in my soul. Then, as soon as I got my own permission (will), "I began to kiss this girl's lips with my thoughts," then my feelings began to awaken.

    Now the things that make this thing work are things in my soul (thoughts, feelings, and will). The information that was created from my mind went to my brain in the nervous system and commanded the blood vessels in my body, and then the genitals began to rise. But since this girl I kissed in my imagination is not physically there, I can't do anything sexual. From this experience, we can create anything in our mind and soul without manifesting on our physical body.

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    Death may be a process, as Dr. Parnia suggests, but death defined as that point beyond which Life is no longer recoverable is a different matter. The brain, for example, may take an hour for all electrical activity to cease but that is long after Life is no longer recoverable. A decapitated head may produce brain waves "long" after decapitation but does that mean that death occurs only after all brain waves cease?

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    If flight animals act instinctively then animals with flight or flight must have some sense of self awareness to determine which option is best under prevailing circumstances. Is self awareness the starting point for consciousness?

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    Physicalism is fascinating to observe. It fails to account comprehensively for the reality we observe, yet paradoxically it’s adherents hold to it with religious fervor reminiscent of fundamentalists. The same for scientism.

    The truth is that physical reality and the scientific method are part of the story of reality but clearly not all of it. One day we will realize that fact and learn vastly more about reality than we do now.

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    Can anyone point me to similar videos. I think I've saw all of Sam's releases on youtube but I'd like to see more younger doctors discuss this. Thanks in advance 🤝

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    This is so fascinating. I love this interview

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    I would love to hear Micheal Levin chat re consciousness and Bio electricity

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    Very good video 👍

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