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Sail Life – Insulating the v-berth, part 5

Nov 2022 07

Painting the vertical “stringers”. Things are starting to shape up! I have no doubt I’ll be nice and toasty up in my v- this winter. Fingers crossed the house will sell soon so I can move aboard the !


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    I've been look at a lot of sailing channels and i find my self coming be to yours more than any one else.

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    it is a good idea to treat the backside of the mahogany as well due to all the dust it will hide on the backside. Then you can probably use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust with later.

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    Ok watched all your videos now from start to present. Excellent work and keep it up.

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    Hello Mads,
    I varnished all my teak before i screwed them on to the vertical wood strings. No problem.
    Started from deck and went on down an adjusted the last three or four at the bottom. I can send a picture if you tell me how.
    Hej då från Jonas.

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    Hi Mads,
    Really good job that you performed with these stringers ! Looks really nice and even professional.
    It is a good thing that you will be able to use mahogany slats at a reasonable cost.
    Assuming that you will scew the slats onto the stringers, I do not see any objection to coat the slats at your home before installing them.
    I do know the time consuming process of varnishing wooden boat parts myself (in my case the wooden tiller of my boat on which I applied 7 coats).If you go for a mat finish – not glossy-  of the mahogany slats in the V-berth, I can recommend to consider not using varnish, but instead 3 coats of standard colorless wood stain. This goes much faster, and offers an almost equivalent wood protection, especially if we consider that the slats are located in the interior of the boat, at a position where there is virtually no risk of any standing water.
    I would recommend 1 primer coat and 2 (maybe 3) finish coats of the wood stain product. Such wood stain product is usually available at any do-it-yourself market shop.
    In any case this is what I would do, considering that varnish has sometimes some issues with peeling-off after some time.
    For the exterior wood parts of the boat, in my experience the coloured wood stain coating products perform even better than the "specialized" and more expensive boat varnishes.
    Good luck and courage with the proceeding work !

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    The v-berth is coming along great! Can't wait to see the finished product. It's really inspirational seeing you tackle all these projects yourself, I hope to be working on my own boat projects soon. Fingers crossed that the house sells quickly!

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    It's looking good Mads. I might consider running the mahogany level with the bunk instead of the deck, otherwise you may create the illusion of the bunk sloping down towards the bow.

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    Mads! We've been pretty quiet on the comments for a while, but that's not because we haven't watched all your videos. And all the Canadian/Danish joint productions as well. We've just been a little busy with the moving across an ocean and starting new while looking for a boat to live on. Here's hoping you dump the land anchor (house) soon, and move aboard Obelix. Good luck and fair winds!

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    Looking swell. 🙂

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    Doing a great job! I think the stringers will look great which ever way you decide to do it.

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    I would actually recommend varnishing your crosspieces before you put them on! Looking good man!

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    Here in southern Ontario it's 33c and sunny

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    Hi Mads, I sent you a PM https://www.youtube.com/messages I don't know if you get notified when you get them…

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    Looking good Brother!!!! Can't wait to see it finished!!

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    in Italy we are getting the hottest summer in the last 300 years. temperature have been between 37 and 40 °C last week…

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    Absolutely you can varnish them first especially if you are going to screw them to the stringers. If you varnish all sides you shouldn't have any issues with cupping do to moisture differential.

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    If I were you I would put most of the coats on at your home. Let's say 5, then put two additional coats on once you've gotten them fastened to the strangers. Looks good 🙂

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    Re your question about staining and clear coating the moggie, (mahogany) If you use a PU clear coat it will be fine for flexibility over a couple of centimetres, A good PU has plasticisers and won't crack or craze.
    By the way hope you sell your house soon….then you can buy a different shirt 😃👍

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    PS Our winter day here in Sydney today topped 19 degrees….. can't complain.

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    Looking Good !!!

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    Mads things are looking pristine, great attention to detail! Because you asked about pre-varnishing the slats ill give you  my two cents worth. I am of the studied opinion, after many years in the construction industry as both a tradesman and in project management, you will be further ahead in both time and aggravation, if you varnish before install. Additionally, you can coat all sides of the slats and that's a major plus in my book. What I would suggest is that you take ALL of the slat material, in its rough length, back to your house, varnish, and then take the finished materials to the boat and make your cuts onsite. By doing that the only vanishing you would need to do onsite is the end grains when you make your cut to lengths of the slat. Good luck ! You're doing a great job and thanks for taking us along on the journey…..

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    looks great mads I hope to see the finished project also

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    the danish wind in the background is really nice 🙂

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    I guess that means you really need to do all the big projects on the boat before the house is sold ? It looks like you have done a lot of big project already though ?

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    WOW Mads ! I have my fingers crossed good luck with the sale of your house !

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    Use spar varnish it is flexible and hard wearing  🙂

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    Hi Mads, 

    great work. Seems that your stringers turned out great. Also, Norrøna jackets are great!

    I think that the mahogny will bend nicely even after it is "painted". However, I would recommend you to put something between the stringers and the mahogny in order to avoid cracking noises. I have experienced a v-berth with the same solution that you have. Any movement that put any force on the mahogny caused cracking noises, wich was annoying trying to sleep. 

    Also, I am really curious of what the Rasberry PI mount you have are used for?

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    As usual, great video.
    It should not be a problem to apply the varnish before putting them up.

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    Fingers crossed that you get an offer!

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    Swell video Mads! Do you have a boat hook thingy on your vessel like Alfy ? 😁⛵👍

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    It is coming along nicely Mads!!  Looking forward to seeing the mahogany all varnished and mounted!  🙂

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