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DMT VS Near Death Experience | “Are They Actually Similar?”

Apr 2024 24

Is an () the same as an N,N Dimethyltryptamine experience? If so, what do these implications mean for us as conscious beings?

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    Willfully putting DMT in the human body yields very different "results" than does a NDE. [Retired Psychologist]

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    But people who smoked DMT, are they also able to see things outside of their bodies, that they should not have been able to see or sense?

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    I need to use psychedelics to have this kind of experience, like ego death, but I'm afraid of using them.

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    I did DMT for the third time yesterday, three big hits and I looked over at my best friend and said…
    " I'm Dying….why am I dying?…. " He was trying to tell me " you're okay, it's okay" I responded with "no, I'm dead".
    It seriously felt like all the blood was Rushing out of my body extremely fast, I thought I had lacerated a main artery.
    It was legitimately the most terrifying experience of my life, and then the most beautiful loving feeling that Ive ever had, reassuring me that everything is going to be okay.😵‍💫

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    What the man was describing sounds more like a 5 MeO-DMT experience, rather than NN DMT. The white light experience and the absence of visuals is more like the former.

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    its really interresting and hard to tell, but since my dmt trips i really believe that there is greater out there

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    Hi everyone, old video but I just discovered it.

    I have had two death experiences, one of which was quite long and which definitely changed me.
    and I recently took DMT, thinking of getting closer to an EMI but the big difference is that during an EMI, there is physical, biological reality that comes into play. you have not decided to leave and you are going to die, you only have a few seconds of lucidity before complete darkness, which can seem very long.

    With DMT, you know where you are going, there is no extinction of lights at the end, you know you're not going to die, which changes a lot of things psychologically to adapt to the situation… you know what I mean?

    And also, with DMt you stay in reality, you continue to see the real world, with death, there is only an idea of ​​a vision, your eyes no longer function, many brain regions are offline, this is really different but it is true that the modifications brought by the dmt, this tunnel of uncontrollable colored gaz comes a little closer.

    But don't think about experiencing a DMT trip when you die…
    It will be much softer, enveloping, warm/very cold at the beginning, peaceful and … definitive… an eternal trip, thinking about it, I still have some shivers, we wonder how it is possible that everything stops and that there is nothing left after the experience of such conscious energy…

    mashallah 😉

    PS: thank you for this thoughtful and qualitative content. Good luck to you

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    It is proven that our brains create DMT, as well other parts of our bodies, and rodents in higher concentrations that humans. You should touch this up

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    When has there EVER been a recorded case of someone on DMT watching their body from outside of their body interacting with other REAL alive people in REAL time?


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    So, if it’s been proven that rats have detectable levels of DMT in their brains, do they go to source when they die?

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    dying is like thinking about how it was before you were born.. you just don’t know. You’re gone that’s it, theres nothing after

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    why not just down a bottle and a full packet of anti psychotics maybe not a near death but i was really fucked up the next morning

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    Ah so it is just a chemical release

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    are accurate OBEs reported in dmt?

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    DMT is produced all over the body…maybe when you are about to die, the body dumps all sources of DMT into the bloodstream 😊

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    6 years later …… DMT is produced by the brain 🧠 liver and lungs 🫁

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    Damn I still can't find it

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    I've never heard anyone report seeing insectoids or jesters in a NDE.

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    Two common occurrences with NDEs are a complete life review and speaking with dead relatives. Also, some NDEs report being tormented in hell. Does any of this occur when using DMT?

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    There are thousands of NDE's where the person floats away sometimes miles away from their bodies and see and hear things. Their stories are corroborated by friends, family, doctors, nurses etc. DMT can't do that.

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    what do u mean by theirs no ego to communicate with ? do u mean as consciousness? like the voice in are heads

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    I whatched 1000 s of nde video's And had obe twise and Smoke DMT is not simulaur , nde most are the most serene , calm full of love , people with nde could tell instruments in oparatibg room , wich relatives where there in other room etc etc Just because IT sounds the same is the same . But we whill find out , DMT sounds more like obe

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    During a DMT can the person see the things going on around them from the ceiling? Can they recall conversations from the DMT trip of people around them perfectly say 20 years later? Also DMT trips that I’ve read seem to be about video game type lights and stuff going on. NDE all seem to speak of earthly type of things or space but just very very very vibrant and 100 times better. DMT trips come off as trippy honestly and NDE comes off as pleasant. Never had either so I have no idea. Just from what I’ve read and seen in videos. I watched a video a guy posted of what a DMT trip looks like. Hundreds of comments of people saying omg this is exactly what I experienced. Which isn’t anything like what NDE is described as. So idk what to think.

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    So maybe an NDE is just the phenomenon of DMT being naturally dumped into the brain at death…

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    My theory is DMT trip is to show us what reality is and the chaos of what it could be, but we are tethered to consciousness by sobriety, our human nature is to make sense of everything around us naturally but what happens when the mind cannot make sense of reality? Do we create a world in our mind to compensate for not being able to understand negative reality?

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    I took a high amount of DMT last weekend.. I am still traumatised about what happened… I died on the floor .. I was watching myself on the floor dead .. alone .. the song I was listening too was stuck in a loop .. something said to me along the lines of .. “ that was your life it’s now over and time to go now I hope you had a good time “ my mate walked in on me not breathing and shook me .. I felt like I got pulled back to life .. it’s been 4 days now and I’ve slipped into deep depression.. I’m so scared of dying now .. and not myself anymore ..

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    I've done 5 Meo for a couple of months straight and then later did DMT. Each time that I did DMT I questioned if I was still alive. A couple of times I thought I had literally passed away. Although I didn't see anything demons or anything negative everything was in a geometric shape. It was just an uncomfortable feeling that I had to keep reminding myself to breathe. I continue to use it because each time I see different things. With the 5 I felt much more positivity and overall wellness and was not aware of my surroundings.
    The DMT experience basically showed me that we are just energy and when we die we are absorbed to all other energies and living things around us. I came to the conclusion that even though this life is difficult it also is a gift and not better or worse than the place we leave to.

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    I'm diagnosed PTSD due to a trip, along with another bad experience.
    My doctor said something to the effect of "As long as you think you are about to die" there is a possibility of PTSD

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    I wonder if there’s any connection between DMT and photons

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