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Russian Boy Claims He Lived on Mars in a Past Life, and He Brought a Warning About Earth’s Future

Sep 2022 19
Russian Boy Claims He Lived on Mars in a Past Life, and He Brought a Warning About Earth’s Future

Russian Boy He on Mars in a Past , and He a Chilling About ’s
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    My God! People will believe anything. Why?

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    I lived on Mars and left a message,it said, we have gone to Earth, we have damaged this world.

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    Where ir Boriska now and why we don't see him anymore….it's posible what he said…maybe …om Muslim and don't believe in reincarnation stuff BUT some souls maybe sent back for certain reasons and ALLAH knows what HE does and why .Some time there are demons who play games with people give false thoughts in one's head and amze people to mislead people away from GOD. But Boriska was amazing in his answers and how he explained some things .But he did nit save a damn thing and neve helped nothing…so how did he save the World….save Russia Boriska .

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    I not only identify as a man that can have a baby, I also identify as a Martian 😀

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    She's Pretty Hot!

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    Funny cuz thats the thing that Ancient alien theorists says about what happened to mars. But with one difference a spaceship hit mars with a big laser thus the big scar now found in mars.Martians fled to earth after the war, thus most of us are really martians not earthlings and build the pyramids. Human heads r gettin bigger and one day will be big as the heads of martians.

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    But so far there is no evidence that this happened on Mars

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    grandfather, grandfather … can you please tell me another story? _ tomorrow my little one, now of to bed will you

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    Smoking good Za🤦🏻‍♀️

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    Extraterrestrial 👁

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    what utter rubbish ..could not stop laughing all the way thru this video….

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    This is the second time TODAY that i have heard, that the demise of Mars was nuclear war. And that earth is going down the exact same path.
    And that the secret of how we can save the world, lies in Egypt.
    That it is some kind of library that has ancient knowledge of how we can change this path. I believe him!

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    Living in mars isn't about breathing if u think about it the oxygen we breath and where it goes how it's being used it's completely mechanized for our body it can't be done otherwise. If we wanna breath different gas we have to build a mechanism that can function that way. Secondly interstellar travel isn't possible for human, the amount of speed it needs its impossible for a human to be okay in so traveling isn't possible unless there is some sort of crazy stabilizer that can go fast enough without destroying anything. And 3rd possible tunnel or vortex need enormous amount of energy field that if earth had it earth would have been destroyed by now.

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    I lived on Jupiter lol

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    The narrator is so bloody irritating. Half of the video he's just beating around the bush, prolonging it unnecessarily. Plus the title is misleading… More than half of the video is about Alyssa. Might have mentioned her in the title as well. Definitely not watching any more videos from this channel as it appears that half of each is a total loss of time.

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    “Jduring” his time on Mars.. “Jduring” his trip.. “Jduring” this.. “Jduring” that.. lol this dude needs to learn how to pronounce
    “D-u-r-I-n-g” LMAO It’s not that hard

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    I winder why people are still buying these stories😩

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    We are already living on Mars , the Space program is just a front . NASA is kept in dark with a lot of secrets.

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    On its face, this claim is logically far-fetched. So was he a Martian millions of years ago? There certainly hasn't been any human colonization of Mars. Why would a Martian soul be reborn in a human boy after millions, maybe billions of years? Reincarnation is an idea that seems infinitely more attractive to the masses than the notion of a Creator-God that brought all things into existence to last for a finite period only to be concluded with a translation to a spiritual eternity of reward or punishment. God forbid anyone gets acknowledged for their selfless deeds or is held accountable for their evil actions.

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    Tell him to save the mars rather than saving the saved Earth. There is nothing on the Mars exept harsh atmosphere what happened that you did not save Mars????

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    Get real ffs.

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    My son was holding his head up an hour after birth. I'm now waiting for him to smack talk Elon Musk 😆

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    Only god save because he created everything because wer all gonna die and return to ash

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    Alissa Carson for President!!

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    i salute you and respect you.
    Life in peace is better than life in war
    God is real

    there are things he doesn’t tell us.
    i think the universe has rules
    and there are other Gods

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    WHy does it need 30 Minutes to tell us what he said?

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    So where is he now?

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    Save Earth Stop your Nuclear weapons that's the first Step don't you think 🤔

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    Next up he changed his pronouns and became a "she"

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    I was wondering that after someone died then keep going years forward or mixed years?

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    Wait 😳 that he died from future alike 2060 or he was wrong at ww2

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    This sounds like a demonic activity and I consider it mental illness.

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    Going to Mars is suicide

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    So I will say this and nothing more. There’s two books that come to mind to me with this information. The first book is the emerald tablets. In the emerald tablets Thoth talks about how there is a spaceship and other secrets being buried inside of the pyramids and I believe the spinx as well. The second book or journal I should say is chronicles from the future which is about a real man from the 1920s who went into a year long coma and once he awoke claimed that he went to a future life and had knowledge about a lot of things from the future. The main thing that caught my attention was number one him talking about a grand war that happens which wipes out most of humanity and then we rebuild and the second thing is the people from the future tells him humans do make it to mars by a specific year and they do tell him the specific year but I don’t have the book next to me at the moment, however not even 100 years after they all get wiped out due to a huge mars storm that happens. The further we get into the future the more I can see these things truly happening. I suggest people read both books especially chronicals from the future seeing as how the free masons kept the book a secret for years and finally allowed it to be released to the public

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    It's true

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    Ima new sub to your chann because I find the content fascinating and thanks for the vids

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