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The experiences of 2020

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    The bridge came down because of cement truck in front of it was too high to go under it and it clipped the bridge

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    Ok so your white privileged and always talking bout staying strapped 🤔 please don't be the next school shooter troydan 😭😂😭😭😂

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    How does someone go through life without know how to swim?

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    5:13 wowzers with trowsers

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    2:45 I think it is kilometres/h

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    Actually that thing in 3:08 was a piece of a roof. My near death experience was when i was 6 i was riding a bike and the brakes were just the front wheel and i got launched from the front of the bike. My chin was like another "mouth". Good it was just chin i have could broken my neck. And my dad didn't give a shit when i fell didn't even see.

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    What happened at 4:52

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    that motorcycle one dropped my heart as they passed

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    ay the baretta noise go crazy😭😭

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    2:23 this actually jumpscared me

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    React to trains hitting vehicles

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    The lesson is DON'T mess with nature. People love pushing the limits, but some pushed too far and didn't make it.

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    Nah I think that first dude was actually suicidal

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    7:10 tf is that? Clown 🤡

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    No offense but not quite a near death experience, if you'd actually been under water, basically drowning, and either die or get saved qualifies more near death my guy sorry. Don't mean to sound like a downer either, but half the slang you casually use comes off as real white privilege because of how appropriated it sounds now that even america doesn't talk like that anymore. Plus I've legitimately noticed in a good portion of videos you seem to be the worst at calling one black dude by another black dudes name when they literally look nothing alike… Same with your Asian dunking shit, and all those along with your reaction videos. You called a fat face black dude in a cop car by the skinny face black basketball player nick young. Stop thinking all black dudes, Asian dudes, and anything else all look the same. I've straight up noticed that habit in your videos. Fix it dude. Don't be an oblivious joke cracking ignorant doucher

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    Must be difficult pretending you’re stupid all the time

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    It's the other way around. America has alligators and Australia has crocodiles

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    Plot twist: The death reaper is the one who recorded all of these. Which explains why he didn't do anything about one of them like this 3:50

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    I can’t stand this racism. He never says, don’t do the black or Spanish thing

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    3:07 was absolutely fucking hilarious i replayed your reaction like 10 times hahaha

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    Bro honestly the train track one at the beginning might have been a suicide attempt

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    7:22 not a gun a knife

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    Its a white thing! Gaddamn hahaha

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    10:19, yeah that’s some Alabama shit, that’s my friend’s bf😂

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    156mph 👀
    Sounds familiar

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    6:04 the god pc player finally realizing he needs to get a wired connection

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    Your going 156 MPH That’s The Speed of LIGHT

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    Henry ruggs went 9 mph over the speed of light according to Troy

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    Man of Steel. whats that? i only heared of Balls of Steel.

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    hey troy it’s bayou (bi-you) and alligator

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    2:35 top right is that the dude?

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    “Is there a treasure?”

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    2:30 I AM DEAD 🤣😂

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    This for be the best videos from Troy reacts well 1:44 last time you see them bye bye 2 people

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    Is this guy supposed to be funny?

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    I wish I could have the balls to ‘sit, stay’ a corocodile

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    "156 MPH??, THATS THE SPEED OF LIGHT"~TroyDaddy~

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    This man said fuck had me dye laughing

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    2:33 troy shits hits pants

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    troy can you stop cursing for me

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    5:18 Donkey Kong's near by

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