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Nigerian Death Cults Practice Human Ritual Sacrifice REQUEST VIDEO

Apr 2024 27

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    Coming to a city near you ! Thanks to new immigration laws 🤷‍♂️

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    Since the witches of Guaratuba I'm hooked! The Tommy Sullivan case from the 80s is a lesser known case that may be worth looking into, it was during the satanic panic and it's a wild story

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    I bet they have less gun violence in that area. In Philly, you gotta avoid being caught up in random gun shots while avoiding kidnapping/car jacking, on top of the usual theft, assault, etc. Average burial in America is $15k. Some of these interesting individuals may already have crossed over the border from Mexico. Better to compromise with what we have here and avoid any black magick spells getting placed on any areas in the already screwed America.

    Check out the Madagascar tradition where they dance with the corpses of dead family members annually. The kids get a history lesson and visual informing them of previous generations.

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    The part with the baby in hot water cooking alive made me wanna cry my heart literally hurt watching that. Rip tiny baby 👶🏿😢🥹😭😱🤬🕊🌍❤️🙏

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    That pot with hands head and body parts was insane

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    Kat I’m loving these “obscure” videos like the guaratuba video and this are really interesting to me. It’s nice to have someone doing something not well known and your own original style. Love it my brother please keep crankin these masterpieces out!

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    Your videos are always so detailed and concise ❤

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    Huge fan of the channel dude 😎

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    Wow truly sickening!

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    Thanks for bringing this story to life. Not everyone knows the horrors of human kind

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    By the way, you should have triple digit subs.

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    Keep shining your light into the shadows, Bro ! Been following your work for a while.

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    Man you have the dopest videos brother thank you

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    Holy shit, this is going to be insane! Haven’t heard of this, excited to see what it is all about. 😊

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    Thanks for your videos!!

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