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New Book: Quantum Interface

Apr 2024 07

: Quantum Interface

Quantum Interface is an Afro-Futuristic Tale Infused with and Adventure.

The year is 2057 and humanity has refocused its priorities after narrowly avoiding an existential crisis brought on by autonomous nearly 20 years earlier. Life is as normal as it could be considering the fact that bio-engineered viruses and psychological disruption devices were the new tools of criminals and hostile governments.

Ian Phillips is a tech genius who created his own entity before a global ban on autonomous was implemented in the year 2040. Fortunately, he was able to secure an exemption to continue using his as a form of augmented intelligence and security system. A few years later, his AI, which he named Augmented Intelligence, or QEAI for short, assisted him in creating a device, known as a “.”

Frustrated that his organic invention was being blocked by government regulators, he decides to run a global competition to try to force their hands. Unfortunately, it has re-awakened the centuries old conflict between Japan and China and their allies. He returns home from the month-long developer wrap-up competition in Japan that involved the final competitors, only to discover that he has a severe case of amnesia.

His life plunges into major turmoil that threatens his life and the lives of his two wives.  So, while struggling to regain his memories, he now has to ward off attacks from the agents of hostile governments, scrutiny from his own country’s intelligence agents, and manage his AI so that it doesn’t destroy the world if anything happens to him.

He welcomes the possibility of a breakthrough in the development of a human Tangler machine but dreads the thought that he might have escalated the possibility of an all-out war between the world’s superpowers. Even worse, he is anxious that his actions may result in the confiscation of his AI, the shutting down of his trillion-dollar company, Quantum Interface, and damage the stability of his family.

Stay tuned for further updates. 

New update: Kim seeks answers.

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