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Near Death Experiences #nde #Neardeathexperience #shorts #death

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    Hey some will believe you and some won't

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    ❤ I can't lie either I have to tell what God want me to tell and the truth

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    Yes I have a quite a few times

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    I have had experiences with angels. There was no other explanation for what happened,
    I was still in my teens. My mom walked in to my bedroom while my boyfriend was rubbing my back. She yelled for him to leave.
    I grabbed my bottle of pills and ate the whole prescription, about 10 Doridens. They were like quaaludes.
    I then jumped into my VW bug and drove away. I remember getting to the little league field down the street and nothing after that.
    Supposedly, I drove back to my parents house and my head hit the horn and my family came out and got me to the hospital.
    Angels drove me back because there isn’t any other way I could have gotten myself back.

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    I did. A white light came to me as i left my body and put my right back in.

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    Best nde channel on YouTube!

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    I have experience an nde at 15 years old , after that out body experiences

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    I never had a NDE but when was about 10 or 11 was with my friend's older brother we was running bikes over to my friends house on the other side the city anyways we was crossing the street my friend older brother went first but i waited once he got across the street he told me to hurry up and cross as i was trying to Rush across the street I fell off my bike and all I remember seeing a tire in front of my face I screamed out to God the next thing i know it was a flash of light and I was laying on sidewalk i just remember see city working looking at me and my friend saying what are you doing come on I'm thinking to myself didn't anyone just seen what just happened

    To whoever reading this May God bless you and your family 🙏✝️❤️

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    I did… I met God…my Angels…

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    Hi everyone. I have experienced a outer body experience where I was outside of my body while my body lay in bed. I saw a really bright light coming from the entrance door to my bedroom..I was about to go to the light but then suddenly I am back in my body and I woke up.

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