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Near Death Experience PART 2: Angels Disguised As Humans | Journey into the Spiritual Realm

Jan 2024 04

Watch now as Pastor Mark interviews Howard Pittman in this captivating video. Howard shares his remarkable near-death experience, vividly recounting the moment his spirit departed from his physical body and embarked on an extraordinary journey into the realm. Accompanied by angels, he unveils chilling insights about Satan’s kingdom in the 2nd heaven and reveals the awe-inspiring encounter he had with God at the entrance of heaven. Prepare to be profoundly moved as you gain a heightened understanding of the reality that envelops us all.

If you haven’t watched PART (1) Here’s a Link:

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    Speak these words passionately with the mind and heart. "Forgive me Jesus for my sins those that are known and unknown i pray, I invite you into my life today. I worship you as my lord and savior"

    Today, Brother/Sister. You are redeemed back to God because you have invited and acknowledged Jesus as Lord over your Life. Now the devil has no power over you. Glory be to God! Be Blessed

    "The Link to part-1 is within the video description"

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    I beleive the guy at the end of the video is very wrong saying the old guy was an abomination….there are pros and cons yes but to say that tells me he really doesnt understand the scriptures or Yeshuas message and teachings….did anybody else search about bivocational and why he said it was an abomination?…just curious….

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    Don’t listen to this. Keep to yourself. Life is too vast for this

  4. #4

    Watching these 2 videos really made me want to work for god, truly opened my eyes and I pray he leads me in the right direction 💙

  5. #5

    The day they took God out of schools, court room, and many other places is the day I said this will be the end of society/world. Things have just gone downhill since then.

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    I haven’t seen my Angel, but I know he’s with me. One specific time I was driving, I was in the left lane, a car was in the right lane. They were a little bit ahead of me, their back bumper was at my front bumper. It was so busy on the roads, a car on my left pulled out in front of me. I know my Angel took over driving, because I couldn’t see. My amazing Angel saved me, my ex-husband, and our 2 year old, and 3 month old daughters. Praise God. The one and only God, I’ve given my mind, body, heart, and soul to. Amen.

  7. #7

    No offense, but it's hard to believe that a frog like entity came out of someone's mouth, and that is how they explain what they saw as it is written in the bible. I don't think those words wher meant to be taken literally, but metaphorically. Maybe I'm wrong?

  8. #8

    He sure does brother! He knows exactly who you are and what you are capable of and what kind of pressure needs to be applied to make you do it 😅. He has made me capable of things I thought I would never be capable of. Right this moment Jesus is carrying me. I am going through it. All of my children are in Crisis and I am married to an autistic narcissist who calls me things like little girl and not in the sexy way. My health is failing and I am totally reliant on him financially. I have NO support group. However, I am done waiting for a solution to fall out of the sky. I have prayed till I am blue. God has shown me, I am married to someone who loves me the best they can. My husband is a great provider, but that's where it ends. I have a lot of love to give. If he doesn't want it and my kids don't appreciate me then I will find folks who do. I may be almost 50, but I am going back to school. I am going to volunteer at the shelter and minister at the jail. I encourage anyone who feels the way I do not to feel defeated. It's a big world out there and if you put yourself out there God will find a purpose for you. Your problem may not be the same as mine, but if you feel ignored or abandoned by those who are supposed to love you, don't get bitter, get better!😢 Because you are worth it 😉

  9. #9

    I was at work one day in the gulf of Mexico. I was tired and ready to go home. Seems like the project was taking forever. It had been 20 days. Something whispered in my ear and said everything will be okay. I couldn't move but I heard the voice. 3 days later. We went home and the project was over.

  10. #10

    One day I was almost hit by a car this old man came and said to me are you okay I was crying because the car almost hit me when I turned around the old man was gone it was like in the blink of an eye the old man disappeared

  11. #11

    I had a question concerning being born again…. I also went through my own NDE roughly 12 years ago. When I went through it I had a life review and, well it's kind of hard to explain.
    But I went from the life of where I am now, back through my previous. life. From adulthood back towards my childhood years. And eventually, back to the womb in order to be born again in which I was.

    But this was a mystical birth and not that of a physical birth. So from there I came back up to this reality of where I am in the here and now.

    On my way down through my life and what I experienced throughout my life, It had to do with a lot of physical abuse that I endured in which I did not protect myself for. I was there to defend others but I never defended myself and never physically fought against being bullied and always remained a pacifist.

    So the punishment I received for that was. I was ganged up on by unseen forces that tormented me and beat up at night while I tried to sleep. I received black and blues, was almost pushed down the stairs etc,
    (typical demonic haunting material)

    And then when I went back to the womb and being reborn again. I had to experience all of the things that I sinfully put on other people throughput the years because of my own social frustrations. I was then again the victim of that of unseen forces set upon me, but doing In a very dark manner of reverse psychology…..

    Double independently both backward and forwards

    So… This is why i'm thinking along the lines of a mystical rebirth as opposed to being physically reborn again.

    It's kind of like saying the famous phrase.

    One mustn't talk the talk unless they've actually walked the walk.

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    I believe I encountered angels twice. Once when I was maybe two I had left my bear in the train and I went back in grabbed it and my little hands got stuck in the door. I guess in 91-92 the train doors didn’t open back up when there was something in between them like they do now, or maybe my hand was just to small… but the train started going and I screamed for my mom and she’s chasing the train yelling my son my son and a guy pops out of nowhere and it going train speed and yanked me out the door….

    Second time was when I was an adult and I was two minutes away from my mom’s house in P driving the car she allowed me too… my mom was strict with this Car so any fuck up and she wouldn’t allow me to drive it lol. Anyways I’m two minutes away and I stop and get out the car to remove something from the street. The car door locked on me, usually the trunk would allow me to go through but it was locked also. I was stressed trying to open it, wasn’t gonna call my mother because she would freak out. I couldn’t open it a near by neighbor couldn’t find a way to open it. All of a sudden a well build black man came out of nowhere, and usually on this hill you can see someone coming from very far away, I didn’t see him and I never seen him around. He came to me as I was on the phone stressing to someone I can’t remember, he asked me if I needed help. I said well yeah I just can’t get my car door opened and than I turned my back slightly, I seen him reaching for the car door handle for a second and a light tap, then I turned full around and next thing I know he had my car open! I said yo man you’re ann angel bro thank you so much! He said to me hey I’m here to help. Than walked off, he pretty much disappeared because I tried to see what house he was going into and he wasn’t there but the only house he could’ve been going to was down the block at the corner, but even still he wouldn’t had to fast let sprint there for me not to see him

  13. #13

    Indeed we can try to be perfect like Jesus Christ!!! The love that we have for Christ can move us to move closer to the Creator as HE has washes our sins in HIS Precious Blood in Calvary !!!

  14. #14

    Hosea 4:6 says " My people perish for lack of knowledge, because they have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you and thou shall be no priest to me; seeing that you have forgotten the Law of your God, I will forget your children.

  15. #15

    Wow i use to say that someone was fasting when they turned down food in prison

  16. #16

    God bless this man 🙏🙌

  17. #17

    If Satan was told to rule over the earth… Wgat is Jesus Lord of

  18. #18

    This video was kinda of off 2 me lead me Holy Spirit

  19. #19

    I seen a half horse half human when I was a child n the school playground

  20. #20

    I had a very crazy experience when I was 16. A man walked around a corner to where I was walking up too and looked straight at me and said, I know those eyes! Then walked past. Then a couple times after, two different ppl would say almost the same thing over the decades.

  21. #21

    So easy to see how you believed you were good with God.

  22. #22

    Revelation 16:13, the Uncleaned expired expressions that looked like frogs symbolizes demonic proaganda intended to ensure that the Kings of the earth are not swayed by the pouring out of the the seven bowls of God’s anger but instead are maneuvered into opposition against Jehovah God. 😧

  23. #23

    The Bible has been given to us with everything in it we need to in order to please God and his son Jesus Christ. At 2 CORINTHIANS 11:13 14, 5:12 the Bible says, "For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself keeps disguising himself as an angel of light."

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    God bless you, thank you for this. Everyone needs to listen to this man. He was given a message by God himself. Thank you thank you

  25. #25
  26. #26

    Where can I get this mans testymony without interruption,please share the link I really want to listen.

  27. #27

    Sorry. I can't agree with his story. I died and after 14 minutes they dropped me when the hospital porters dropped me accidentally. It started my heart. 3 months later I got discharged from hospital perfectly fine. Fact: Just as you can't remember anything of yourself as a being before birth, you also can't remember yourself as a mortal being after death. It's a blanc. But after the Second Coming you will be judged and your unforgivable sins taken into account after your past life that will be revealed to you. Only then will you be able to connect your heavenly past and the one on Earth.

  28. #28

    This was AMONG until the end man had to come in and overtake a old man’s MAGIC no need for the MARKETING man you sound like the DEVIL when you market you beliefs NO that and that’s also WHY we are where we are at STOP marketing like your saving JESUS never had the internet and people FOUND him they didn’t chase him until they wanted to kill him so KNOW he feels THAT energy more and he’s scared so please learn Jesus MORE please also

  29. #29

    How can I do things for Lord and not for my self because we think we do it for Him but we don't. Iam last can someone help thank you

  30. #30

    All i can say is wow 😳

  31. #31

    You still have to obey Acts2:38

  32. #32

    This is eye opening for me that I now realise the trials, and tribulations of life in which I have sinned that you cannot be a partime believer, and the tone of his voice is very comforting.
    God bless you and give me strength.

  33. #33

    Feels impossible to make it to Heaven.
    I'm so doomed.

  34. #34

    I sustained a stroke, seizure, and aneurysm in my sleep in 2018. Tests revealed a kiwi size tumor in my right temporal lobe stage 3 malignant. Doctors had no idea where the tumor developed from. (Astrocytoma Glioblastoma is what they call it). I have no family history of cancer, and I am not a smoker or drinker. After surgery, the doctors told me I had 10 months to live. That was in 2018. No tumor, no cancer cells in my last several MRIs. Latest MRI was September 2023. JESUS LIVES. GOD IS ABLE!🙌

  35. #35

    I will share it, it's an eye opener for me. I have discovered I lack Faith. Yesterday I left my rooming house in a hurry forgot my wallet and was almost out of gas. I had to go to Highspire PA to pick up my girlfriend to take her to her 2 appointments. My first reaction was to call my mechanic friend and ask him to bring me gas if I ran out. It never occurred to me until I felt convicted of not taking the issue to God first. My girlfriend had 5 dollars on her which she gave me for gas and another person gave me 5 dollars so I had 10 dollars to put in the tank. I dropped her back at her rehab center, made my way back to Lebanon county to my rooming house and got my wallet. Ate lunch at home and rested until it was time to go get my girlfriend for her 2nd appointment. I now had money to top off my gas tank.

    This is and has been a problem for me. I suppose I've never taken my problems to Jesus because I couldn't ever take my problems to him because I didn't have faith so I always ran to man when I got into a jam.

    October 11th I had a heart attack and I almost died October 12th when they did a Heart Catheterization because I was on Methodone at the time for treatment for past addiction. I'm no longer on it but on suboxone yet. Trying to get off that as well. But on October 12th the hospital gave me my Methadone dose and a few hours later administered the Twilight Anesthesia for the procedure. They Overdosed me and all I remember is everything going black seconds after the medicine was plunged into my IV.

    I've not been living for Jesus but Self. But his mercy brought me through a situation where I could have gone to Hell. But they used Narcan on me and God Jesus allowed me to wake up. I was so scared for that Heart Catheterization, there was nobody to be there with me and for me. My girlfriend was sent back to jail the day of my Heart attack after seeing me in the ER. But I was focused on man, woman, somebody being there with me and for me. Turns out the only one I needed in the OR on October 12th was the one who had the power to determine whether I lived or died. Without Jesus I wouldn't be here right now. It wouldn't have mattered if my girlfriend was there or my family. None of them could have brought me through the hospital Overdosing me.

    Now where do I go from here! How do I have faith? My mother had faith, God always provided for her and I. I seen it. I seen how God got me the place I'm living at right now because a man he used to help me happened to be where I was at paying my last 17.00 on a fine. So Jesus provided this roof over my head after being homeless for so long.

  36. #36

    Just like demons live among humans in earthly body so do holy-angels. The Holy spirit will reveal to the believer(adam-seed) the people sorroundings him/her

  37. #37

    I sin on a daily basis but im trying to get right i pray that that the lord forgives me for sins

  38. #38

    How can Jesus know what we are and he actually said the contrary " I can of my own self do nothing …..I seek jot my own will , but tye will of the father"???

  39. #39

    ufo made religions

  40. #40

    what a good, good man! helping 32 neglected and abused children! thank you Jesus!

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