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Near Death Experience I He Died and Met Satan in Hell Before Seeing God in Heaven – Ep. 8

Jun 2023 07

Ivan Tuttle was a rowdy 26 year old whose mother had been praying for his salvation. Then, tragedy struck. A blood clot formed in his leg and traveled to his heart, causing instant death. What happened next is something out of a horror picture as decaying demons tried to consume Ivan. And then Ivan saw another figure unlike the others – it was Satan. He struggled to get free and then the Spirit of God emerged, telling Ivan that the prayers of his mother had been heard, and suddenly Ivan found himself in Heaven. His glorious journey in Heaven included a time where God revealed to Ivan the creation of the world. Several other sights and revelations are sure to inspire and amaze you as you watch this video.
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A Journey to Hell, Heaven, and Back by Ivan Tuttle (Author), Sid Roth (Foreword):

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    U look like Liberachi. Ha

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    First of all Satan is not in Hell. He roams the earth. Second if you think you went to Heaven, you didn't. When we die in Christ we go to paradise. Heaven is not yet finished. When it is those in paradise will rise first and those that remain here will be called up to meet Jesus in the sky. Then we ALL will go to Heaven. Also, no way is God heard in Hell. These experiences may happen but they are imagined. They also give people a false hope that they too have a second chance after death. We only have the opportunity to come to Christ here before we die. DO NOT WAIT.

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    God bless your momma!! God listens!!❤❤❤🎉🎉

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    Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

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    Satan isn't in hell. He's on earth. Read the Bible.

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    “Let him go, it not his time, I made a promise to his mother” ?? Why is god explaining himself to a demon ? Why would a demon care about his mother ?

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    there is a lot of talk here wich is contradicted by the bible

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    this gives me encouragement to pray for my children without ceasing. Thank you for this message!

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    Legitimate question, why was satan in hell? He roams the earth like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour right now!! Why were demons in positions of authority in hell when hell was created by God for the devil and his angels? Demons and satan will not rule in hell, God will rule in hell because He fills Heaven and earth, no one will bow to satan in hell.

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    Thank you for this Awesome testimony! I’m blessed for sharing 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

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    Not a true statement. One thing God didn’t do and that cus to lie.
    Satan is not in Hell yet. He’s the god of this earth and flies to and from the heavens and earth.
    Satans day will come later, he’s not in Hell today.
    Randy, why do you put videos like this up? I believe many to be true stories but this is what non believers look for and will expose and point it out.
    Remove this video

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    How do you get a splinter in hell? I'm not trying to be sarcastic. I just always pictured hell as you are in a fire or the lake or burning sulfer tortured.

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    Weird being Satan isn’t in hell. He roams the earth until Jesus returns

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    another horshit story !! so much deceivers with stupid stories scripted in advance!! lets hypnotise this fool to see did his brain saw that or

  16. #16

    I thought Satan was running around on Earth. Who is it then that is behind all the evil in the world?
    Is it God him self?

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    This is similar to my experience. Would love to talk if you chose to

  18. #18

    😍SINGING TO THE LORD😍Psalms 9:2 – I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most High. ❤️RATMAN WORSHIP SONGS ON YOUTUBE❤️

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    The devil 👿 don't want you to believe that there is a hell that way you will keep sining there is a real god showed me hell and heaven he told me to tell his people that he is coming soon to get ready please repent now why you can you will be tormented for ever when you die and you will one day there no coming back you get there lord will save you just ask him.

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    For the past year I have not been right with God. When I was 15 i rejected God at my family dinner table when asked to say grace. From that moment I was handed into the hands of Satan. I went on to fall into terrible heroin, meth and cocaine addiction amongst many other sins. I probably died 7 times over the course of 20 years. I'm 37 now.

    I started watching NDEs. They all say the same thing about heaven and hell! You cannot make this up, these stories are real. Scientists will try to say its this or that but all these separated people cannot have the same story if it isnt real. Every story of hell talks about the SAME EXPERIENCE – DEMONS LAUGHING BECAUSE YOURE IN HELL, THEY GET TO TORTURE YOU FOREVER!!! YOU NEVER GET OUT, THE HEAT, THE PAIN, THE HOPELESSNESS, THE FIRE AND SMELL, ITS ALL REAL. If you've ever doubted hell exists go watch all these NDEs about hell…it will seriously freak you out. It scared the hell out of me literally!

    The demons are waiting for us if we do not have the light of God in us. They think its hilarious that you will be tortured for eternity. There is no escape.

    The beautiful part are the stories of heaven. Watch all the NDEs about heaven, particularly the one about the guy who gets a tour of heaven. It all makes so much sense. We are eternal beings, we have lived many lives as our souls are everlasting. Its amazing. Life on Earth is the school of hard knocks for souls.

    If you've had any doubts about God, watch NDEs and believe. These people are just like us, their experiences are real. They died and came back to deliver these messages. My uncle died in a car accident as a kid and saw his brother who died being taken into the light by Jesus. He could not turn around but my uncle said his brother waved at him. Jesus told my uncle it was not his time and that he had to go back.

    Go watch the movie called Heaven is for Real. Will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. I beat heroin, I beat meth, I beat cocaine and many other things with the help of God. I know I'm here for something so grand. Open yourself up to the power of the light. God is real. Heaven is real and unfortunately so is hell. Once there you cannot get out. You have an opportunity RIGHT NOW to beg for forgiveness. Repent. Let the light into you. Praying for all lost souls. Love you all!

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    I haven't even watched this but just from the title, I call BS. SATAN IS NOT IN HELL! Hell was made for him. Satan is the king of the earth right now until Christ returns.
    Satan isn't ruling hell, he's ruling the earth

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    Oh John that sounds horrific I too have had sleep paralysis about 15years ago it started and slowly got worse to pokei g me touching my arm I had a big dog who's past but he started barki g crazy in the night to my HORROR I was blasphemyine this filthy stuff doo loud now he's not around to help but now I wake up to the sound of something on my bed I sleep with the light on the floor moved backwards and forwards squeak sqeak until I look I try to get to church but it's so hard last time I went I cdnt understand a thing my mind was scrambled cdnt sing and I'm a vocalists I cdnt read and I just had a FEELING I had to run and I did I have had SOO much go on I am a recovering alcoholic and used to steal alcohol and food I just fear that way happend to u being dragged I feel so scared of that happening to me I went to a church that said they cd help and WEN the pastor tchrcr and saying things I just started roring and screaming but he kept going and so did I I or it just Wdnt give in I eventually fell to the floor as I was drained he said get up Jesus doesn't Push u down only Satan but I just knew it was still there WEN he asked how I felt I said no something still wrong he just said no it's not so I lefti think or felt he was just trying to get glory to himself so I'm still sitting here listening to all this sort of stuff I have bipolar and my kids just think o
    Mad and don't even believe in GOD I AM AT MY WITTS END CAN ANYONE HELP

  24. #24

    Believe Hebrews 10:26-27 &
    Galatians 5 and Ephesians 5 !

  25. #25

    does this mean Robin Williams might be in heaven then? im not big on celebrities but his death really hurts

  26. #26

    I am so blessed by this message! I lost a child to severe CP and now have a vaccine injured adult non-verbal son.

  27. #27

    Dear brothers and sisters please read your bible satan is not in hell yet God bless you all

  28. #28

    This is false I think cause Satan is not in hell yet

  29. #29

    My sister died of suicide. She had mental illness. That helps me. THANKS❤

  30. #30

    I have that knowing.

  31. #31

    Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! I still fully trust in and rely on Him only!

  32. #32

    Ahh I call Bullshit on meeting Satan

  33. #33

    Thank you. My son has bipolar disorder I pray for him all the time.

  34. #34

    Thank you for the powerful testimony and for telling us that not all people who commits suicide will not go to heaven. God bless you Ivan! 🙏🙏🙏

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    It's going to be truly amazing! My wife and i lost 2 children due to miscarriage, but we have 3 children now!
    But i know in my heart, those two babies are there waiting for us!!!!
    Come holy spirit in the name of Jesus Christ 🙏🙏

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    My question is those who he saw in the hell what is their status ? And what is the God feelings towards them ??

  37. #37

    Why is he telling a story that we are saved by works? We are saved by grace.
    Salvation is free !
    However, some of our “inheritance” will be gone. It’s the story of the prodigal son. At the end of that parable the son was accepted back into the house restoring his relationship with his father and his father gave him the family ring.
    1 Corinthians 6:9-10
    9) Or do you not know that wrongdoers will “not inherit” the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men 10) nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.
    Your inheritance is not salvation. Salvation is FREE by asking. So live rightly and then expect inheritance at the Judgment seat of Christ in heaven.

  38. #38

    Satan is a beautiful light and we'd be attracted to his beauty? That's not what God told St. Catherine, He said Satan is so horrific the human heart can't bear to look at him , or it might die of horror. This man here does not make sense.

  39. #39
  40. #40

    Thank you so much for these teaching moments of God's word 🙏 God continue to bless you and your guests 🙏 ❤️

  41. #41

    This has been featured in our non-member experiences playlist. It agrees with our church doctrine and our understanding of science.

  42. #42

    Thank you for a beautiful testimony of God’s love for us all🙏❤️

  43. #43

    That's why Satan will decive many

  44. #44

    A man died and went to hell. There the devil said you may choose your punishment but if you move on you may NOT come back. The Devil led the man to the first circle of hell, there be saw lonely people who never knew god. Their sad expressions tore at his heart, for they spent eternity alone, bored and unfulfilled with no one to talk to and no hope. No he thought I can't stay here.

    So there Devil led him to the 2nd circle. There he saw lustful people, each in each in agony and torment as demons had their wicked way with them. Ravishing them in ever more perverted ways. Again he thought no I can't stay here!

    So the devil led the man to the next level of hell. This was where the gluttonous were found. The people here looked starved and they were forced to eat rotten food which could never satisfy their hunger. No he thought I must not stay here, let's move on.

    So again Satan let him onto the next level of hell where he found all the people who were condemned for greed. Again he was confronted with people who are wasted away longing for something that they could never have. Demons feasted upon their flesh and there was no rest for these wicked sinners. And again he decided he must move on.

    So again the Devil led him on to the 5th circle of hell. Here he found the bullies in life being punished by demons with barbed whips and clubs, wielded by terrifying creatures and chains attached to them prevent escape. The cries of pain we're heart-wrenching and again the man decided to move on.

    The devil led the man to the 6th circle of hell where heretics spend eternity in flaming tombs constantly writhing in pain. For they had mocked and forgotten god. The screams were endless. Millions of tormented souls begged for a release that would never be given to them. Just more endless pain. The man looked upon them in horror and again asked the devil to move on.

    However when the devil led the man to the next level of hell here he found people standing waist deep in filth and sewerage. But each held a cup with streaming hot coffee in their hands and they chatted to one another amicably. This surprised the man and after the previous horrors he had seen he turned to the devil and said, "I choose to stay here!"

    "SO BE IT!" The devil laughed handing the man an empty cup. And the man moved among the damned souls introducing himself he smiled confident he had made the best choice for all eternity.

    Then Satan turned to face the crowd of people, each with their cup in hand, standing among the faeces, urine and filth each waist deep and in a booming voice he said…


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