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Near Death Experience I Bryan Melvin Died and went from Hell to Heaven – Part two- Ep. 11

Jun 2023 14

Bryan Melvin died and experienced hell. The people he met there were telling him that he had entered paradise, but they were lying. Their illusion of paradise turned into a gut wrenching hell replete with demons and tormented souls. He met Hitler, a preacher who had constantly seduced women, and several other persons who had died and rejected God. But after being resuscitated Bryan suffered from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Nightmares about his having been in hell haunted him until one fateful evening. A thundering voice declared to him that he was in a holy place. Next, Bryan was ushered before Jesus, in Heaven, and he witnessed paradise. This incredible experience in Heaven healed Bryan of PTSD, and it did much more. Bryan saw God, angels, declarations of things to come, and many other life changing visions. This is a video that starts in hell and ends in Heaven. The experience in watching it will change your life.
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    I am 84 years of age. I died once, some say near death experience) but I know my body was beginning the process of dying. If the body dies or if you leave your physical body, the physical body will die. It is the spirit that gives the physical body life, as my spirit joins and gives life to every part of my body. I am a spirit but I cannot do anything physically if the physical body cannot do it. My spirit is eternal, this short mortal life is for proofing We cannot hid our true nature in this mortal life. This mortal life is a learning and a testing. We are sons of the Creator of not only this earth but many other earths, throughout the universes. Our Father (God, who is our Father in the Spirit World where we once resided sent His sons and daughters into these mortal bodies and this mortal body, to learn opposition in all things, thus we increase our knowledge. The Celestial Kingdom is where God resides (which is is Glory of the Sun). I can go on for days teaching the things that God has evealed and they are revealed in the Restoration of all thing which has been revealed and is still being revealed. This began when God sent many of His Sons; the Adam, ancient prophets, the Messiah and the Prophet, who was incarnated as Joseph Smith, Jr and the beginning of the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ in the 1830's. The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price. There is more that has been revealed than you can imagine and is yet to be revealed. The whole story of Who we are, Where we came from, Where we go after mortality and the Glory we have been blessed by Father to receive through His First Born Son ih the Premortal world. To be born again Sons and Daughters of Jesus Christ, who can redeem us from our sins, which makes us clean and pure again to return to Father in the Celestial Kingdom. This whole plan is before us. Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith in a conduit of light, the Angel Moroni appeared in a Condit of light.

    How does God move from earth to earth through space, time, galaxy? We are spirits and we are eternal, only the mortal body dies. But through Jesus Christ who paid the price for our sins, as He was resurrected so will our physical bodies be resurrected to a perfect frame, quickened by our Eternal Spirits with the Celestial Glory of our Father, if we Follow Jesus Christ. We must accept Jesus Christ, Repent, Confess to our Father and with a contrite spirit, then be Baptized by the priesthood and Sealing of the Holy Spirit by the priesthood (this is the rebirth or Born Again. Then follow Jesus Christ in Love, Charity, Kindness and doing good works. Jesus Christ gives forgiveness "freely by His Grace" then if we truly believe we will want to follow Him in Good works.

    I am a Church Organist for 52 years at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which is the Restored Church of Jesus Christ. I know it as I was a Baptist Minister and while preaching a sermon (32 year of age) in the Baptist Church, the Holy Spirit Spoke to me to Read the Book of Mormon, which is the Stick of Joseph (son of Jacob as spoken of in the Old Testament Ezekiel 37:15-19.) I did, and found that i had been taught lies about joseph Smith, Jr and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. People gave the Church a nickname, "Mormons". Well Mormon was an ancient prophet that abridged their records on plates of gold (not pure gold but an alloy using gold to preserve them). If you want to know more contact me by replying to this message on YouTube.

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    Thank You both … thank you from the bottom of my heart! Our Beloved Lord must be so proud of you both …

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    ❤ I got as close to hell when I had an opened vision, I was in a pit with my waists tied with rope with some in a white robe pulling me out of the pit. Only Jesus has the love to change my life forever. The Person I saw pulling me out of the pit was Jesus.
    That's why no one should say who went to hell, you don't know who prayed for them. 1:23:48

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    Terrifying testimony, even if you're a non believer. Thank you sooo much for sharing your powerful experience, its inspiring .

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    Folks please don't fall for this guys story. Because that's all it is , is a story, a made up one. Judgement does not happen until after Christ's return . So how could these millions of souks be in Hell if they have not yet been judged by Christ'

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    Curious if Melvin has his own page any where?

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    Hrmm..Psychopath with Narcissistic tendencies, who does that remind you of?

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    I will assume people like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and Anthony Fauci will end up in Hell. I'd imagine their punishment in their respective cubes will be similar to Hitlers.

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    i dont believe jesus suffered "eternally" in hell

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    12:03 —– YES! THAAAANK YOU!! i've seen many videos about near death experiences, and there are three kinds: 1. Where they go to heaven 2. Where they go to hell, and 3. Where they go to the light and everything is wonderful and beautiful, but never is the word "Jesus" spoken
    THAT is a deception!!
    ive been saying this for months
    thank you sir for making this observation

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    What a blessing this interview!
    I was moved to tears 😭.
    My heart is ignited and full of love

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    The part about the Angel doing their task and then leaving now makes sense. I had a dream that there was a war at home and I was sitting on a swinging bench with other people and I looked up in the sky and I saw an Angel appear in the clouds. He looked like a warrior Angel. Muscular, short hair and his face was like a warrior to me, then as soon as I took it in, he disappeared. I’m still trying to discern the dream but that helped me so much because I was wondering why he appeared then went away just as quickly!

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    It was not Jesus that the rich man in hell asking for water it was Abraham Read Luke-16-24

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    I have seen the face of Jesus, and he is beautiful his smile is amazing no one on the earth would come close to how amazing he looks.

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    I can’t even explain how hear this touch my heart mind and soul I ended up in tears I can’t explain why either thank to our father and our lord and saviour for what you have done for all humanity your love is precious to us all ❤❤

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    I was told once that if I did NOT speak in tongues, I was not saved…I don't. Is that true??? Listening to Bryan has been wonderful and I am grateful for his testimony!! I will read and pray more on this, but I also have PTSD from an 18 year abusive relationship and fear that I am not worthy of salvation… which intellectually I know is wrong, but emotionally, it's a constant battle. Thank you and God bless!

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    Remember the lake of fire. The bitter end for all. No redemption 😢

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    Talking to people in heaven is not necromancy. Remember Jesus talked to Elijah and Moses while on earth. God probably didn't want to disturb his people so he told Bryan not to speak to them at that time because the time was not right.

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    Despite the physical trauma and excruciating pain our beloved Saviour experienced, He was able to fulfil His calling by focusing on The Father. However as the Most High cannot look upon sin and our precious Saviour took upon Himself the sins of man, or as some say, became sin for us, He, for the first time in eternity became separated from the Father. That in itself, as perhaps Brian may understand, is gut wrenching. We truly have no real sense of His great love and the full capacity of His sacrifice. Blessings.

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    Randy, I have been listening to this series and it was something that I desperately needed. God really spoke to me in the last couple days. Years ago I met Jesus in a dream and when I met him and I looked at his face It was like it was ever-changing because of the glory. I could make out certain details, like his smile and his hair, but his eyes were the hardest to describe. When I watched this I said , "YES!!! That is exactly how it is!". Keep up the good work.

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    How does he know those others were tricked into thinking it was heaven? Everything will be a place where there are no more troubles, literally paradise.

    I've been listening to this guy, but that comment kind of turns me off. Heaven may sound to good to be true, but it is.

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    Heard the entire podcast and was totally connected. Thank you, brothers!! I had a hell-type experience also and mustering up the courage to talk about it for God's Glory!! Thank you for your inspiration, Bryan and Randy.

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    Thank you so much for mentioning children and adults with special needs and disabilities. My son has severe autism and I dream of a day where I can see him made whole in heaven. I can’t wait to talk with him. I long to have a conversation with him and hear what he has to tell me. I’m so inspired to live for Jesus now more than ever before! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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    It is a frightening thing to be in the hand of the living God. Thank you for your inspiration. May this be known upon all the world. Remember what we do to others we also do to ourselves. God help us.

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    There are multiple Times that little children mostly below 7 yrs old would look at me and smile with so much happiness.. it happens while I'm on my way in roads or outside. One time recently I was on my terrace 2 nd floor and there on the road side of the building going a family of four on bike. One is little kid in mother's hand. Just by the time they are crossing my building that little one looked straight up at me and with a big happy smile said Akka means sister .. the next building where's a two yr kid smiled at me waving his hands. Never met them they don't know me. His mother was amazed seeing that… I don't know if that's common..

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    A lot of things remind me the movie Astral City.

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    Randy…. These nde experiences are so inspiring to me and I just heard your host mention artist…. What are the chances you could have Akiana the young lady that painted the PRINCE OF PEACE… A POTRAIT OF JESUS…on your podcast.. She paints the most phenomenal things and there is always meaning behind her work… She was taken to heaven by Jesus when she was about 4 or 6 years old.

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    Thank you, Please Lord God bless Mr Melvin and the presenter .

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    I remember my mum telling me that Hitler would hypnotize his people with creative ideas surrounding the economy and building the country.

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    What then about all of the people who died before Jesus died?

  32. #32

    19 minutes in,, sounds similar of how governments all over the world spoke to those who didn’t take the vaccine.

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    666(6+6+6=18)1=A 8=H

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