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My Near Death Experience~A Message of Hope. Episode Two With DAVID DITCHFIELD

May 2023 13

Joining Kim and I in Episode Two of My NDE~ A Message of Hope is David Ditchfield

*If you have an NDE story and would like to be a guest please contact us.

David Ditchfield is an artist, composer and author. In 2006, he was dragged under a speeding train in a freak accident. As the surgeons fought to save him, he had a profound Near-Death Experience. He later realised that he had acquired astonishing new abilities. The first, an ability to create dramatic paintings of what he’d seen in the Afterlife. The second, the ability to compose classical music, despite being unable to read or write any musical notation. His debut symphony premiered at a sell-out orchestral concert to a standing ovation. He has since composed further classical works, also premiered at sell- out performances and continues to paint and compose in Cambridge, UK. His book, SHINE ON, which tells his remarkable story, is out now.
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David’s book
SHINE ON: The Remarkable Story of How I Fell Under a Moving Train, Journeyed to the Afterlife, and the Astonishing Proof I Brought Back with Me
SHINE ON foreword:
SHINE ON Foreword has been written by Dr Raymond Moody Jr, MD., Physician, psychologist and philosopher, who coined the term near-death experience in Life After Life, which sold 14 million copies.
Shine On endorsements:
“SHINE ON is one of the most gripping accounts of a near-death experience that I have read. And I say that having interviewed, since 1965, thousands of people who described such experiences. David’s story also evokes…a primal horror of being dragged under and run over by a train. I still remember the chill that went down my spine.” Dr Raymond Moody Jr, MD.,
“Wonderful. Shine On is a fascinating account of an extraordinary experience and I recommend everyone read this book to understand the true importance and power of NDE’s.” Dr Penny Satori, Author of The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences
“Amazing, amazing, beautiful book. I absolutely loved it. David’s miraculous and moving story reads like a novel that brings you to tears. He used his spiritual experience to truly look within and change the trajectory of his life…beautifully weaves together the importance of the intersection of psychology and spirituality.” Dr Amy Robbins, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Host of Life, Death and The Space Between Podcast
“An Amazing story of personal and spiritual transformation, beautifully and clearly described Steve Taylor PhD, author of The Leap and Spiritual Science
“Wow! Absolutely riveting! It’s so powerful and compelling! So impressed by the quality of the writing and the great story and how real and grounded David comes across.” Lisa Smartt, MA, Author of Words at the Threshold: What We Say as We’re Nearing Death

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    Thank you for gifting us with David’s remarkable story. Kim and Kevin love your collaboration on NDEs.

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    Excellent discussion, your interview questions really prompted deeper thought & insight. ❤️

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    Thank you David for sharing your experience with us! You still radiate with love and have such a peaceful presence. I can't wait to read your book and see your paintings. Thank you Kim and Kevin for bringing another amazing guest on to share their story. Kim, I too feel homesick when seeing the photos from the Hubble and James Webb telescope. Awe inspiring! Love, light and blessings to all 💜🌟🕊️

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    Heart felt. Thank you all🙏💜

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    Thank you Kim, Kevin and David for this beautiful experience ✨️💫 I know I'll listen to this again and again so absorb every word and feeling! ❤

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    I love these. Thank you.❤

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    David and his experience has resonated with me since I first heard his story over a year ago- I've followed him on FB and seen several different interviews with him since. I had never heard him speak of the medium he encountered before the accident, which is very fascinating. Thanks for having him as your guest, Kim and Kevin.

  8. #8

    That was so loving to listen to! Kevin, you can just tell that you’re eating this up! It’s been wonderful getting to know you & I wish you much happiness with your channel❣️🤗🤗

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    I am so fascinated about NDE. Thank you for sharing.

  10. #10

    SO beautiful. Truly, truly, beautiful.

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    Really enjoyed the show and many others. You're a good interviewer. I love the new intro.

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    🖐 ♥️ 🏜 🇺🇦 Thank you so much, Kim and Kevin! I had heard this gentleman's basic story before, but this video added so much more wonderful detail. I loved hearing about his experience at the Spiritualist Church beforehand, and about the "being" that came to him during the NDE. ❤ Bless you both for doing this, you bring so much light to the world!

  13. #13

    ❤ thank you for giving me hope. 😊

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    Thank You!! Love this format!! Can’t wait for the next show!! 🥰

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    As Kim asked David they didn't offer a choice to stay or go in this physcial plane. His return to physcial was organic in a sense to me. I think that outpouring of love from them was for him to experience the love for himself that he didn't allow himself. Returning him to physcial to experience self love in this life. Oh my goodness what a life he is living. Question: Why does it seem horrific accidents or disease people survive experiencing NDE's bring that metamorphis of heart once back. Is that all knowing, all love experience unique in itself? I haven't heard stories of this type of metamorphis in the physcial plane of that magnitude in everyday life. aka ciescape

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    Oh my goodness… this was so beautiful! These shows are so important Kevin and Kim! Thank you both for doing this! Thank you so much David for sharing your amazing experience! Your words and creations add so much more color and beauty to this World! I’m grateful to have heard your story! Much love and blessings 🙏🏻💕💕💕

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    Thank you all. 💕

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    So excited for this second show. 👍. I was just thinking of your and Kim’s new project, and here you are! 😊 Thank you so much for sharing Mr.Ditchfield’s story. 🙏💗

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    Wowza , for Science to Validate David’s Paintings! Thanks for sharing this

  20. #20

    David's story was fascinating! Thank you so much for this interview and opportunity to hear about his experience and how it affected his life.

  21. #21

    Kevin, such a beautiful intro. I remember choosing this life and also being sent back into my body when my father was killed in a family car accident. The Vail is thin. These memories helped me survive and be connected to source. You are gifted and your sharing of knowledge is changing the perception of life and death for so many ✨

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    FASCINATING. Thank you, Kim & Kevin for sharing David’s story with us! ❤

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    lovely to see you all Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So good {as Kevin says}

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    I really resonate with what he is saying about channeling when you're doing something creative. When I used to paint, my mind would turn off. It was almost like a type of meditation.. clearing the mind.. I didn't realize this at the time. I've only realized this recently when watching videos about spirituality. Looking back on this topic, doodling was definitely something that cleared my mind. I would just start drawing and wouldn't think about anything.. my mind was completely clear..

  25. #25

    Beautiful interview! Thank you❣️

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    Kevin, Kim and guest…. Thank you so very much for sharing this video with us. I have always been so fascinated with a near death experiences. Thank you again for giving us this opportunity.🇺🇸🌹💙

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    Wow, David thank you for sharing your experience with us. Kim and Kevin beautiful interview with amazing insights. Thank you both ✨☮️☀️

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    Thank you Kevin for this show. I appreciate how you expand your channel in different directions. Thank you Kim and David.❤

  29. #29

    Did David get to finish his NDE story? He said the beings were healing him then you started asking questions about this and that and he never finished the actual NDE story. I wanted to know how the healing ended or what else the beings did or said before he came back. I assume he died and the hospital workers were doing CPR?

  30. #30
  31. #31

    Does he sell his artwork?

  32. #32

    Brilliant! Thank you David for sharing your experience it’s like your a Phoenix. Keep shining your light. Kim and Kevin hugging you both! 🫶🏼🤗🤟🏼

  33. #33

    This whole subject is so fascinating to me.

  34. #34

    This was absolutely wonderful, David, Kim, and Kevin! Thank you so much.

  35. #35

    Well, that was fascinating! It's so dense with information I'm going to have to watch it again.

  36. #36

    Thank you Kevin, Kim and David ✌️❤️

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    Kim,Kevin and David blessings ❤

  38. #38

    This brought me to tears from the trauma to the blessing.

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