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My Near Death Experience

Apr 2023 29

of the time I nearly died in by a .

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    Thanks for the luv guys 👌🏿💯

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    Yooo my first car was a 94 Mazda 626 lx 😂😂😂

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    imagine save 10% of all money when you was a kid and you bought a Lamborghini when you turn 16

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    Damn New York u gotta be 17 u ain’t getting ur license till u like 17.5

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    You deserve it but don't s
    Deserve it

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    2pm I though skool ends at 5pm

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    I got into a same situation as Tim. I had around $20,000 at the time and I was going to buy a 2005 Toyota Camry for my first car from a used car dealership and it cost around $5000 and when I went to test drive it had bad brakes, and a bad engine. So I decided to wait and made more money and then in 2017 when I was 17 I got a new Honda Civic. I still own it to this day.

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    Bro every single person has crashed a car at least once In their life (includes bikes and tiny children cars that can drive 1 mile per hour)

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    Try a video of you breaking your Tv

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    Tim be always making a person laugh 😂

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    My first job was McDonald’s easy ass job but they paid me 7.25

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    Dam I'm 1 year late

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    Dem tim are serious man💀

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    Time what is the v card????

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    Will Tim like and reply to this comment???

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    Tim: my near death experience
    Me: every day of my life is a near death experience

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    Tim never fail to entertain his community. Love from Canada ❤️

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