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My NEAR DEATH Experience on the Pacific Crest Trail (learn from it)

May 2023 02

Craziness on the Pacific crest trail.

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    Does that happenining make you feel like you are here foe a specific reason?

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    Nickleback fuck that lol .

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  5. #5

    If that rock had hit either hiker. The gods are against us would be the only epitaph possible.

  6. #6

    Is that an Arcteryx puffer?

  7. #7
  8. #8

    This is so freaking scary!!

  9. #9

    Having done my share of hiking and rock climbing in northern NH, it wouldn't have taken much more than a palm sized rock to knock you off the edge much less a car sized one. Stay safe and thanks for the content.

  10. #10

    Sasquatch pushed that rock

  11. #11

    Glad you all are safe!!!

  12. #12

    Did that boulder have "subscribe" painted on it?

  13. #13

    I don't understand the title. What is there to learn? Rockfall happens unfortunately, but it's entirely outside of our control.

  14. #14

    I bet one of them hill cannibals tried dropping it on you.

  15. #15

    You should check the "trail angels" before you go into the "danger zone"… Unless, you boys already had Tampex in your pack… IF you are scared of rocks and small trails over deep divides… ON BELAY…. Tether up on that trail…

  16. #16
  17. #17

    Flossie farted, I heard it crack, way down yonder by the railroad tracks lol

  18. #18

    Get out of your headphones, and grow up and get rid of the punk talk, and your channel will be much more appealing

  19. #19

    Most people are wise enough not to turn off a key survival tool… you almost got a Darwin award. Mom says the vibrations were the toy she had to use because you couldn't finish the job.

  20. #20

    Yeah did you really say you wear earbuds in while hiking? I'm no pro or anything (or amateur honestly), but I'm pretty sure that's in more than a few lists of Top 10 Don'ts While Hiking the Wilderness.

  21. #21

    Omg. That is seriously scary. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  22. #22

    On terrain like that, rockfall is always a risk. Important to keep a keen eye open for what's happening above – and certainly don't be zoning out with headphones on…

    Keep alert for signs that there have been previous falls – scars on the rock, debris, tracks in the snow etc. In a danger zone keep an eye out for spots that would give you some shelter.

    If you do get caught and can't get out of the way, press yourself against the slope and hike your pack over your head – improves your chances a little.

    On the other hand, the risk of actually getting hit on an established trail are miniscule – just think of all the space around you! Not something to lose any sleep over.

  23. #23

    Do you think that Big Foot did this?

  24. #24

    Eagle creek burned a few years back with the major fire in the gorge, started by some kid with a firework (no joke). It used to be one of the best day hikes in the gorge.

  25. #25

    lesson learned: you're in nature , better keep your senses on top knit.

  26. #26

    You're a very good narrator Kyle! Whether your own experiences or a story about someone disappearing on the trail, you do a great job.

  27. #27

    I've hiked there a lot. It can be sketchy, even before the the gorge fire in 2017, but there's way more rockslides there now after the fire. Beautiful but dangerous spot.

  28. #28

    SHEESH What did my mom do to you my guy! Roasted all our moms haha

  29. #29

    The only vibrations my mother feels is when someone walks over her grave in the family cemetery

  30. #30

    โ€œThe vibrations your mother feels when Iโ€™m with her every nightโ€. What an idiot.

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