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I died and came back with a message about World War III.|Near Death Experience

May 2024 26

A near- experience or near- experience is a phenomenon that some people experience when they are near . These phenomena include out of the body, seeing or , seeing a loved one, seeing a religious figure or God, looking back on a lifetime, extreme fear, total peace, security, warmth, total brokenness, the appearance of a light, and even Seeing superego and extra-temporal things, and other transcendent phenomena



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    I hope God is graceful. And humanity will realize what is urgendly to do, to save itsself from this future. We must return and believe in Jesus and his words. Perhaps it is not to late yet. Please menkind, wake up, at last!!!

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    This is not Jesus talking. Thumbs down

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    I had 5 different NDEs, myself. It has made the veil thin, for me… I hear easily from God everyday… HE told me HE "is returning in 2027, (About 3 yrs from now) To save the ones that HE finds worthy… HE told me to tell everyone to work hard and seek HIM daily for the strength to do what is right… Surrender to God… and seek HIM always… "Wise men seek HIM daily"… "commune with God!" "It is the only way to/of LIFE! "

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    Our future changes constantly on earth, this might have been a future that could have happened.🤔 Looks like that changed again.😳

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    what about the other family?

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    I believe Jesus is coming so repent and follow him ❤

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    I think humans will eventually destroy themselves with Greed,Fear,sexual depravity,selfishness and lack of trust in each other,We dont need god to decide.lol.

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    which year future devastation will happen?

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    Why not have a real person telling this rather an AI voice? It sounds totally fake and unbelievable. This 100% never happened.

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    None of that sounds like Jesus..

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    💞🌟🕊🌺 💯

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    If Microscopic bacteria had the ability they also would have fanciful ,delusional stories like this …😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

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    he got out of being sent to prison???

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    "My father had wanted to destroy the human race". That's a big lie. God don't want to destroy the human race but to wipe out the sin of the earth since it's too much that harms innocent people. Earth is like a human body. When an organ has rotten you must take it out before it causes sepsis in the blood and you will die. Now we are leaving the days of Sodoma and Gomora. Of course there will be no great flood all over the world to destory humanity like God promise and that is what the rainbow flag of the LGBTQ community reminds us but a WW3 is coming upon the heads of the prideful sinners.

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    Everyone sees what they need to see.

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    Fake! All NDE are always about your personal life. Never about the future of the world.

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    Amazing that God The Father wanted to get rid of mankind, but Jesus persuaded him otherwise. Let’s better ourselves! 🙏🏻✨

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    You definitely were with Jesus! Tell your story to any one that will listen. Jesus was right we are out there trying to kill each other! Someday all of us are going to meet Jesus and hopefully we have changed because of your message! Thank you, for all of it, God bless you❤

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    I died and came to life to find Elvis looking at me. He was trying to sing Jailhouse Rock to me but said he had forgotten most of the words. I told him i couldn't help as i had just died and had come back to life, after 4 hours. I said " If iam now alive again, after a short death, how come your here, after dying in 1977?"
    That confused Elvis and he turned and wandered off. It was the most amazing experience of my life, or was it my death?"
    If you believe any of this shit, you will believe anything.

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    Jesus is your answer to all the puzzle pieces 😂

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    No more pain,tears or sin in our Eternal Home..Remember Satan lived in heaven once,got kicked out..He don't want you to have what he lost…

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    Jesus will return in the clouds for the Rapture then 7yrs left till Second Coming on the mount of Olives.. Jerusalem..Every knee shall bow and confess that Jesus is Lord our Savior..You will not go to Heaven and see GOD without Jesus..He paid our fines for our sin nature..As he said'IAM The WAY,the Truth and the Life..That is Eternal life.. time is short and You don't want to miss out on this hour… Accepting him as your saviour or he will reject you into Heaven…John 3:16

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    Every NDE are consistent. No one had to report to God for judgement and punishment. Religion is wrong 🙏

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    I am atheist, and Life on earth is not pleasant one for every one, all the hardship and burden most of us carry with guilt or grudge, and some hate working hard for little money and absolutely not worth working really, and if nukes off I can't wait , no need to work anymore. end of suffering, all I do is work part time and sign at job center that is my life is shit.

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    God bless you Amen 🌹

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    You were there, because of the endless grace and beautiful mercy of Jesus Christ. He’s so loving. Thank you Jesus! 🎉

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    This is the first I have heard about a bomb in Europe followed by another in S. America that is launched by Asia. I have to think that no two NDEs are alike. They all get to see certain little parts of a huge story but nobody gets to see it all. That is why we have to listen to all of them and then put the puzzle together ourselves.

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    I have some issues with this? Yeshua, Jesus- has returned already as the Christ consciousness, collective to all of us?

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    My God, an unverified NDE experience from a drunk driver.

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    This is an AI generated lie. The "author " of this never had a real death experience and definitely never saw heaven or Jesus. Never believe a story that doesn't line up with the word of God. Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life. No one goes to heaven except through Him.

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    What happened to the family in the other car, were they restored when he returned?

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    Bull shit, always blaming Asia for WW3. Fake Jesus

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    Most say that they can not see distinct features, and that resonates. .Others see Features Race, and that confuses me.

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    M'y wife AnnMarie died an m'y son Erick died of Leukemia at age 14 and i surfer a stroke and can no longer walk i whant to die so i Can bé with m'y wife AnnMarie and m'y son Erick Aleuia ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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