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MLKR's Near Death Experience, Eternal Sacred Union

Jul 2024 07
MLKR's Near Death Experience, Eternal Sacred Union

KNOW that ALL who carry a sincere heart can thrive to live the life of their dreams with Peace, Love and JOY. 22+ years of Authenticity & documented accuracy Acclaimed positive visionary MLKR sustains the active presence of the Yoga of Self-Ascension through the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation. Lovingly modeling our new earth through a life of Empowered Authenticity. A Consciousness leader, Minister, best-selling author, and show host, she has journeyed through out-of-body experiences, transcended terminal diagnoses, and demonstrated healing miracles through the power of The Art of Ascended Living.


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    ❤we love you ❤

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    Love to you Kira!

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    Beautiful energy MLKR. Thank you

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    Awakening in the dream. All is with us and seeks our knowing. In every breath, we are breathed more fulling into being.

    ❤️ The strength is in you Kira, that is given power by your focused consciousness. Be well and whole. The seeds of love Sri planted in our hearts were meant to bring new growth and possibility. Bless the expansion of that love transforming into new life as the fractal of Source he was blooms within to assist us all. 🌷🏵️ 🌈🕯️💕

    The vessel cracks and we perceive the pain. The heart seeks freedom to love it all without constriction. 💓

    Namaste 💛

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    Thank you, Kira, for sharing this story about your personal life. My mother died in 1989 after open heart surgery and she heard my sister’s voice as she came in the hospital room and she came back. She never shared this experience until I asked her directly a few years later and she expressed her entire experience. At that moment in time I have never feared death because she expressed we live life eternal. ❤❤❤

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    Sri Ram Kaa , you are so missed and never forgotten ❤

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    Sending you SOul much Love as you continue to grieve the loss of your BEloved.

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    Yay! So happy you are here.❤

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    Hi beautiful. Beloveds KiraSri❤❤❤❤. Thinking about you both.
    In divine everything Peace and gratitude 🎁🫀. As you spoke spirit
    Whispering. "from infinite. to eternal". I got it Spirit guided
    Infinite. Has a beginning. and no end. Eternal. has no beginning and no
    End. Long ago i remember. learning this. All full circle.
    Now presence. Aware. and. feeling. within ❤ ✅🐢🐇🙏

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