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Make Every Hour Count @dipoexcel #youtubeshorts #seizeyourtime #makeitcount #religion #christian

Jul 2024 09
Make Every Hour Count @dipoexcel #youtubeshorts #seizeyourtime #makeitcount #religion #christian

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No discovery, no recovery! Ecclesiastes 9:11 in the Bible puts it like this, that the race is not to the swift, or the battle to the strong but time and chance happen to them all. Make the most of your time and your chance. Long for Everyone Spend your time wisely. Don’t miss your opportunity. Chasing a little money, no money, a lot of money Don’t misuse your time. You have no time to waste. Allow God to assist you, to lead you. Your future is colourful and bright; you will get there with Jesus. Don’t let you opportunity pass you by. Think about it.


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