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Introducing Goats to Our Alaskan Homestead | Building a Goat Pen

Jun 2024 19
Introducing Goats to Our Alaskan Homestead | Building a Goat Pen

We know they are cute, but wait! There’s more! We added 6 to our . In this video, we also built our temporary goat pen and turned our generator shed into their barn.

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Katie & Chris


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    You are so blessed to have that skid steer. Could you imagine how hard it would be to do what you do without it . Because I watch several channels and nine out of 10 homesteaders do not have one ….. Tiny Houston MS ( Len Price )

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    You guys will eventually need to put larger gravel or concrete down to prevent it from getting muddy like that each spring.

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    Just a guess a thought, but wouldn't it be a good idea to put light netting across the top. I don't know if an eagle might take a chance to snatch one.

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    I’m loving your work ethics and planning for future. Stay safe🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤

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    grew up on a game farm with big animals, ostrich, emu, lamas, deer, lion, never put the fence on the outside no matter what

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    Hi I’m new to your channel just happen to find it in my line up and thought I’d take a listen. I love AK and live watching five other Alaska channels who are new to AK and building a home, I find this fascinating to watch y’all build , do canning ,prepping all off grid and from different parts of the US. If I were younger I would too! God bless y’all on your journey to your new and exciting life! I’ll be watching!😊

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    Maybe 9 bails of hay 🤔 Soak up all that land

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    Pallets out side in pin

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    Put logs outside the fence and staple them on inside

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    Door for the goats where the hole in the wallis

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    Guardian dog for the goats

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    Learn hoof care please

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    Billy needs be in his own pin..

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    Hook for water bucket

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    Feeder and water

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    Love all your goats first of many animals Best Wishes from ENGLAND

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    Improvements every day. Good to see the goats! Food and milk for the table.

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    Man I love that monster rig on tracks you guys have awesome 👍😀

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    Great to see you guys doing great the goats 🐐 ate Grrst love the video I’ll be so glad when I get back to work in Alaska anyway we ish the best great work

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    Wow, 2 adults playing with grown-up toys and playing in the mud, it's as good as jumping in puddles and spraying water in good fun. I'm just kidding 😂. Love the goats. My cousin has a dairy farm or was and runs goats as well, his idea of mowing the grass around the farmhouse. 😂. Good job, Kate and Chris.

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    setup a poll for when everyone thinks the goats will kick over the bucket (not kick the bucket).

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    Great job building the fence for the goats

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