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ImDontai Reacts To Near Death Experiences

Mar 2023 30
ImDontai Reacts To Near Death Experiences

In Honor Of Calebnwokolo21 & MajinCarp

Intro Song


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    8:43 That was PERFECTLY timed😂

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    why he swearing at me…..i aint do nun

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    3:17 that was a perfect got damn moment right there

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    Sometimes I really wish his chat would stfu

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    Nigga really called us a bitch at the beginning of the video and half of us don’t know wtf going on 💀😂😂😂😂

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    Wontai 😎😎😎

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    11:40 he got that shit on point tho 🤣

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    Imagine ya boat capsizes cause a orca whale tryna eat

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    Fuck Orcas. They kill and torture Animals for sport. And it probably wanted to kill that Otter, so I'm glad that the Otter survived

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    YouTube niggas aint sensitive Dontai yo ass sensitive 😂🤣

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    8:40 is right down the street from my crib

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    The whale is a bully, he literally knows no one can check him. They bully all the fish in the sea for fun no joke haha.

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    That sub thing is annoying asf

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    The mouse and GUI was invented by Xerox Park they made the mistake of showing it to Steve Jobs who stole the idea and created the Macintosh and he made the mistake of showing that Bill Gates who stole the idea and came out with Microsoft Windows………………

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    Df boy I didn't do anything I'm just drinking hot coco

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    5:33 do you know they didn't hit the ground yet I think

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    i cried on a video when mario got hit by a car yes a toy mario that was a long time ago tho

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    Does he respond to comments

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    lmfao some in chat said 'white people man' after this guy saved his ass from a alligator

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    Bruh why did he hit that shit at the end tho

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    Jesus Christ luvs us all ❤️

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    Wish hed link the video so I can see the shit he cant show. Idk why he never links it tbh. Not even just for viewers, just in general.

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    God still loves you it isn't to late to repent and sup bro

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    Whoa whoa whoa whatd I do? This intro 😂

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    why are they saying fuck youtube in the chat, twitch is fucking awful compared to yt

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    “Oh he gon get the biggest, sloppiest blow blo…. Bl… bb you know what i mean

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    11:52 when you pass a test without studying for it

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