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What Really Happens After Death? #afterlife

Mar 2024 18

Have you ever wondered what happens after we die? Is there an or is it just the end of our existence? In this thought-provoking video, Real explores the concept of death as not an event, but a process. We are reminded that just like before we were born, after we die, we return to a state of non-existence. However, there’s more to it than that. We are not separate from the universe, but rather a part of it, experiencing itself subjectively. So, when we die, we simply merge back into the universe and continue on in a new form, much like a wave returning to the ocean. This video is a powerful reminder to embrace death as a natural part of the cycle of life, and to live each moment to the fullest.



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    Maybe we are not the source and we are the highest form of expression in this universe(god)… enjoy the ride because this form is a privilege and comes with big responsibility… the thing we call the Source maybe is like the soul and mind of the body (universe)… the source i thing it's love, the only perfect thing we don't comprehend yet.😅😂

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    But that would also mean endless suffering and pain but hopefully the same with love😂

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    Yeah but before we were born we were literally nothing. But when you die you still have your body

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    We go to heaven where we was created.

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    You can't comeback after You go to ALLAH

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    If we go back to non existence state after death then it extremely pointless to be alive if it just lights out we brought in this world to suffer just to go back to non existence what a waste🤦🏾‍♂️

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    State of non existence really makes me scared. I would not want my existence to end. I would want my existence to be present in some realm outside earth atleast

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    Wait if we were reincarnated just now how can we remember this but can’t remember our pass and if we die can we remember this or not?

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    What will happen when you take your Own what will you end up at?

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    No bro I’m not tryna come back gimme heaven

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    This is how we return to the god our universe 💟🫶🫶

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    MUNKAR NAKIR Is laughing in the 🪦😂,you all dont know this two angels..but when you died..you will know 😮

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    Fear only Allah not death .. death is gift for those who believe in allah .. Return to islam .. you think this comment you are reading by chance ?? No! Actually this is a sign from Allah .. to non muslims .. Now ask yourself who is your true lord? … Do research about islam .. may allah guide you… and listen I repeat there is no god except Allah .. this is a sign for you .. the day of judgement you won’t be able to say oh my lord you didn’t gave me any sign for truth .. that you will regret.. so please find yourself go do research.. i hope may to almighty guide you 😊❤️

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    When we die, we either go to two places; HEAVEN OR HELL.

    Seeing our physical being is an evident fact that there's a creator, God almighty.
    Come to Jesus now, don't believe the lies this video's sayin'.

    Death is inevitable, Jesus loves you.

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    It’s finna be so scary like I just die so do I just not exist anymore or am I gonna be a ghost and can see other stuff or maybe even Im just stuck in a void falling forever or maybe im going to be in heaven or hell and etc

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    Is there really a such thing as a non-existent state? Or is it just a change from existing in one form to existing in another form?

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    We die in 1 universe, we wake up in other. It's this simple. We live foreverrrrr.

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    Kinda funny how religious people got offended by this

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    Guys don't worry
    I will post video on my yt channel
    What happens when we die
    After my death😊

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    False, after death there’s heaven and hell but hey you can keep telling yourself this until you actually die and actually see it by yourself

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