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“I Died!” Man Shares His Near Death Experience | Our Life

Mar 2023 19
“I Died!” Man Shares His Near Death Experience | Our Life

Hear the of a man who claims to have died and come back to life, having had . Subscribe to :

introduces stories of the unexplained, told through eyewitness accounts and reconstructions. From ghostly experiences to miracle cures, strange phenomena such as sea monsters, alien abductions and experiences, and tales of the downright weird, the stories are certainly strange… but are they true?

This film was first broadcast: 11 Nov 1994

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    I have seen many NDEs testimonials. Although like most of them this isn't very detailed or evidence of an afterlife it's still rather inspirational. I am glad he was offered peace during a very stressful time.

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    I hope this channel from ITV will upload the rest of Strange But True, as this is only a fraction of them & it's nice to see them in such great quality!

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    People who were clinically brain dead have had NDEs. The brain explanation has been disproved

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    Am I the only one that thought it was adorable how the Dog approached his body and inspected him carefully with his paw almost like a Human would check? So sweet!!! ♥

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    They actually casted this very well. The actors look like the real-life figures in the experience.

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    The video came out 3 months ago but the video itself looks much older.. How old would be nice to know?

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    Love Strange But True, please keep uploading! 😄

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    Lovely NDE. Love those old school recordings. They are so calm.

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    LSD is a wonderful drug

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    Check out Dr. Peter Fenwick's work these days. He is an expert on this subject now. His interviews are full of scientific information these days, from many many studies. If you follow the information, it's all out there. You just have to find it.

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    There is no life after death, or life before life, only life before death.. natural order of things..

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    Twice now, I've "died". It was pretty unremarkable both times, like sleep. The resuscitation was a bit of a rude awakening though. Not fun.

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    I have had a near death experience, and I can say this much. I was not allowed to cross over. I had to have permission. I wanted to die. My angel spoke for me to a greater angel. The greater angel said I was not allowed yet. This conversation had to go through the angels, not me. Only my angel spoke to me. I know it all sounds bizarre. However, that is what happened

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    Does anyone know if this narrator from the “Strange But True” series is still alive or not?

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