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“I Died!” Man Shares His Near Death Experience | Our Life

Mar 2023 19
Hear the story of a man who claims to have died and come back to life, having had visions of the afterlife. Subscribe to Our Life: Michael Aspel introduces stories of the unexplained, told through eyewitness accounts and reconstructions. From ghostly experiences to miracle cures, strange phenomena such as sea monsters, alien abductions and near death experiences, and tales of the downright weird, the stories are certainly strange... but are they true? This film was first broadcast: 11 Nov 1994 Watch More Documentaries Our Life - Our History - Our World - Our Stories - Our Taste - bit.ly/3OZoDcV Our......

The Killer with the Jesus Tattoo (True Crime Story) | Real Stories

Nov 2022 25
Jimmy Maketta terrorized a small farming community in Cape Town for months in 2005. Many of the victims could only name him the “Jesus Killer” because he apparently had a tattoo of Jesus across his chest. Farmworkers feared for their lives and gathered together in the evenings for fear of being the Jesus Killer’s next victim. The police did not take the murders seriously until the killer started leaving messages and maps about where to find the next body. When police finally captured Maketta they discovered that his reign of terror had lasted more than a year. Twitter: Facebook -......