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I Died And Saw How People Live In Hell

Mar 2023 13
I Died And Saw How People Live In Hell

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    So people go thru hell on earth and then their reward is to go to an even worse hell after they die???? What is the purpose of that?? It don’t even make sense if you beleive in Justice and a better afterlife….I’m sure some people like serial killers deserve to be in a hell but not the average Joe and Jill….

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    May God help us all

  3. #3

    I didnt died but had oppertunity to visit my fathers soul resting in other dimension may be parallel. He was alive there and both stared at each other surprisingly. I understood its a complete trap where we might be spending even 1000 of years.

  4. #4

    If humans make life of all animals hell, they live a tortured life throughout their life. Innocents animals are tested in lab, in entertainment industries, its the same things happen to animals, sea creatures also suffer in the hands of humans. Humans being so cruel, how can they expect to go to heaven, when they create hell for innocents animals. If humans started respecting animals, sea creatures and live in hamony with nature, then they will surely go to heaven.

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    i had a dream I met Satan. I was 16. I was in my house, I went to my bathroom to look at myself (pride) I looked in the mirror looking at myself, then all of a sudden everything started to burn up all round me. it was so crazy, to mention i grew up really catholic household, i went to church most Sundays, and had a lot of faith, so I walked out my bathroom to see skinless people, I saw all their flesh and bones… they had no faces, I wasn't scared at all more confused, so these "demons" (i assume they were demons) these demons (2 of them) grabbed and made me knee over this really gorgeous man.. they way i saw him.. his face was so breath taken his eyes with big and blue, his lips where plumped, his cheek bone we defined, his jawline was sharp, his nose was small and petite. his eyebrows where thick. his voice was super seductive, (so earlier I tried to call Satan to make it to become a big actor, rich, and super famous… selling my soul, i tried to contact him 7 times) he said "so you called for me" i was soo speechless I couldn't talk. I stared to pray really hard, this man laughed and said "father wont help u here dear boy" its was so seductive my heart missed a beat. then he said " u wanted to make a deal.. huh" I replied "I guess" he said "hmm" i said " did celebrities sell their souls" he didn't say nothing but look at me. i got up to see him better, and this man was like 6 feet tall. i said " umm i made a mistake i don't want too make a deal i want to be in heaven" this man looked at me with a smile "are u sure" he said" this place was like a big cave I looked to my right and there was a big dark tunnel, i looked to my left and saw golden gates with clouds and the sun. i walked to the gates and looked back, this man was just looking at me, i looked back into the clouds and then this man said "if later u still want this deal just call for me…. time is running out" i looked back and siad 'time… what do u mean time'' he was gone. thats when i woked up. im 17 now and i started to be more in the bilble, i still think if i made that deal would i be famous right now, would my name be every where, would i be on the big screens, should i call him back?

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    If the average person in this comment section are among the empty, scared people I’d meet in heaven, then I’d rather not go.

    You people are judgmental, virtue signaling, scared, and pathetic empty shells of human beings. You don’t love God. You’re terrified of him. And what’s sad is that I don’t believe that God is out there throwing random people in hell. But instead of trying to love one another, and learning how to become better human beings, you’re all virtue signaling what “great” Christian’s you are…and judging random people on YouTube for not being hysterical enough about JESUS.

    Most of you have a lot to learn. Judge not lest ye be judged. But I’m judging you, though. I’m judging your hypocrisy and I’m judging your pride.

  7. #7

    If people went to heaven or hell depending on how they lived then that would rule out the awakening on God's call every soul would be lifted to heaven to be judged on how they lived their lives so until then the body and soul goes to the ground

  8. #8

    Ha ha you are dreaming because there is no hell and nobody in it since nobody has ever been judged yet

  9. #9

    Those were demons in false forms torturing souls in hell.

  10. #10

    People in hell, supposedly and you ask if you enjoy our content?

  11. #11

    Ephesians2:8 for by grace are you saved through faith not of works for it is the free gift of God lest any man shall boast

    John 3:16 for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life

    1:admit that you are a sinner and in need of Christ

    2 confess with you're heart that Jesus Christ shed his blood on the cross and died for your sins was burried rose again on the third day according to scripture

    Believe that you are eternally saved forgiven of all your sins past present and future

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    If the after life still looks like this life, with buildings and walls and doors and rooms and food, IT IS BORING.

  13. #13

    Sounds ridiculous 🙄

  14. #14

    another made up story!!

  15. #15

    Bill Wiese has a video account of being taken to hell. It's called 23 minutes in hell.

  16. #16

    Queer death experiences?????

  17. #17

    Spread the gospel or pray for the unbeilvers please

  18. #18

    Never ending toilet cleaning huh. What kind of drugs did they have down there😁
    On the way down did you see any diamond clusters and may I have there location.

  19. #19

    ok why is the world full pain and suffering why wont help anybody out if hes god i pray two god all my life but nothing for help

  20. #20

    Jesus looooves to watch people endlessly burn in hell!!!!

  21. #21

    I find it very hard to believe that anyone has seen heaven or hell and claimed to come back to life on earth

  22. #22

    Agree with you brother

  23. #23

    In Hell, the elevator leading down, has a red door. It’s interesting, the door is closer at floor side, and its top side is further away. In Hell, ruined houses, bad quality frightening cellars decaying roofs. The smell of humidity, typically as at abandoned places. When entering the building, very small window is used as entrance, not the door. Inside, very small rooms, the walls are glowing in bright white light. The painting of the walls are extremely bad quality, as if they never learnt to use the paintbrush.

  24. #24

    Do you still see angels …

  25. #25

    This is an interesting topic to me, however, it takes FAR too long to get to the point. Blah blah blah blah. Best of luck to your YouTube channel. ☮️

  26. #26

    What a load of bullshit

  27. #27

    God took me downward to hell for doing reiki healing and new age as I praying repenting for doing this as he showed me it was from dark side not him my soul left body dropping down and stopping terrifying experience all I could do was cry out for mercy over and over repenting for sin asking him not to leave me praying lords prayer constantly then I shouted out I choose you god over you Satan then I came back up. God directed me to close down new age therapy centre as soon as I did accepted Jesus as my saviour repent sin accept he died on cross for me my life is now truly blessed. Look at 23 min in hell by Bill Weise , scariest hell testimony ever. I never want anyone to feel evil and terror that I did. Please accept Jesus as lord and repent sin it takes 30 seconds of life. Bible john 14_6

  28. #28

    Two issues i have with this, Hell to my knowledge cannot have any "chilly" parts…

    and Satan is not Omnipresent to be "always watching" he does Not have that ability… only God.

    he cannot be in Any two places at the same time.

  29. #29

    you really should read by Mary k Baxter a Devine Reavalation of HELL!!!!!!!😒!!!

  30. #30

    Amen. praise the Lord, i have seen Hell many times, it is real and trouble place. Jesus Saved me. thank to be to Lord God. Amen.

  31. #31

    This is 100% like Buddhist Hells

  32. #32

    Anybody who watched this video has been warned. Heed his warning ⚠️

  33. #33

    Satan is not in Hell. Only demons and those who rejected YAHWEH. Satan's time is not yet. Only after the Second Death and final judgment will he be cast into the Lake of Fire with the false prophet. Satan is now roamng the earth and the lower heavens deceiving humanity. He cannot be in Hell.

  34. #34

    Thank you 🙏🏿 for sharing. Powerful 💡Message!!💥😊

  35. #35

    Hopefully people could understand once you repent and do the same that's it for you had your chance.. you don't have to pass on and go to heaven the dream's tell us everything once we sleep

  36. #36

    All bullshit

  37. #37

    If you believe in this utter nonsense you Will believe anything grow up

  38. #38

    this version of hell is not biblical. It has no merit. Where is the PIT? the lake of fire, the demons? the jail cells, the worm that dies not and the weeping and gnashing of teeth and the hot and heavy stench that you cant stomach? Ya, that's the biblical hell.

  39. #39

    This is a straight-up lie. And how dare I say such a thing. Because God's word The Holy Bible tells us what happens to people when they die. All you have to do is read Ecclesiastics, chapter 9, and Psalms 146 verse 4. Hellfire is a lie!!! I proved this with many, many scriptures in my For part series of videos entitled hellfire is a lie. Any of you christians out there that believe in this, you better go read John chapter 4 verse 24 and then go read Matthew chapter 15 versus 8 through 9 For Jesus says your worship is in vain. And here's something else for you christians that don't know the Bible , all of these stories about death and seeing heaven and seeing h***, none of them harmonize with each other. They all see an experience something different. All these stories are nothing more than click bait. And any Christian believing these you should be ashamed of yourself.

  40. #40

    So Satan is in a business suit what DRUGS you on

  41. #41

    That would suck

  42. #42

    I'm autistic, suffering from depression and anxiety. Ever since it started, I've been believing that I'm going to Hell because of all the opportunities I'm wasting to genuinely repent of my sins. I just can't see God as a loving, compassionate, and merciful Father and friend. But I see Him as a ruthless, tyrannical monster who wants me to do more wrong things so I can go to Hell. Every day, I believe that at any time, God is going to strike me dead and cast me into Hell forever. I know that it's not enough to believe that Jesus was sinless and paid the sin debt that we deserve. But we have to repent and forsake ourselves, our worldly desires, and everything in the world that is not of God. But still, I'm afraid that I'm not saved. I read and learn more about Hell than I do about Heaven.

  43. #43

    Once a Rabbi told me one of gods punishments is placing a body into a wall and you send a long time until you learn the lesson that needs to be learned … my goodness this kinda confirmed it

  44. #44

    No you didnt. There Is nobody in heaven or hell yet. That happens after the final judgement.

  45. #45

    Just because someone tells a story doesn't make it true. This is clearly a work of fiction. Don't believe everything you hear on the internet folks.

  46. #46

    The place for evil, ruthless, deceitful people.

  47. #47

    Pity Satan's a charming a — hole. 🕳

  48. #48

    I’m there now, hell isn’t only in the afterlife and I believe firmly it’s not forever. We’ll all be ok in the very end

  49. #49

    Tell me what it looks like???

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