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Headstart: Wil Dasovich recalls near-death experience

Mar 2023 17

“A lot of people don’t think that death is that scary. But you know, once it’s a reality, it’s terrifying. It really crushed me.”

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    You’re great wil very positive attitude energetic you have beautiful life ahead of you w/ alodia take care ur amazing creatures

  2. #2

    hi Kuya Wil miss ka namin Ni Kuya Lloyd at BNT

  3. #3

    Where's the full interview of wil with karen davilla?

  4. #4

    Mag-tita sila diba

  5. #5

    i wis your in good health kuya will, mahal na mahal kamin.😘😘😘

  6. #6

    hiling ko lang namay milagronng mangyayari sa kalosugan mo.manilawa at mag tiwala ka lng sa etaas,

  7. #7

    Karen, must talk to Wil about the Good News.

  8. #8

    Karen: did you blame god at any point?Will: i didny blame anyone…Yep, will is lowkey agnostic/atheist… most california people are…

  9. #9

    Peeeenooooiasssssee love english and foreign look thats why hes celibrity using ignorants peeeeenoooooisssse

  10. #10

    Tita ni wil si karen

  11. #11

    Wheww Karen,Ewan ko bkit k naging host ….waley k tlga mg tnong

  12. #12

    He did this for the popularity guys, cmon time to grow up. Cancer success story?? Fake.

  13. #13

    Wil Dasovich is an obnoxious, annoyingly over-enthusiastic to the point of being suspiciously fake, celebrity wanna-be. For years, he and his sister have been trying really hard to penetrate the showbiz industry in the Philippines by piggybacking on people who are already established (Alodia, Solenn, etc). That's what middle class, suburban latent, superficial Fil-Am brats do when they can't make it in America. They have no real talent and no one pays attention to them in the US so they come to the Philippines, contribute to the mediocrity, and take advantage of the lower standards. So far, the only thing that's given him a modicum of depth is his cancer which he blatantly capitalized on.

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    Si alodia kasi ang insipirasyon nya ehh kaya sya gumaling

  15. #15

    lovely guy

  16. #16

    "literally a pendulum"? Go get a dictionary and see what "literally" means. Geez

  17. #17

    Sa daming pding itanong
    "Did you blame God" talagang itinanong
    What the f.

  18. #18

    may vid ba dito ng full interview nito?

  19. #19

    Love u wil… Thanks god ur ok now..

  20. #20

    Na depressed kung karen,, murag gibitok 🙂

  21. #21

    Tita got the first interview…whew

  22. #22

    Congrats Wil on your 2nd life ❤️… Happy for you and Alodia…. Waiting for more vlogs

  23. #23

    Hi is Ms. Karen D. his mom's sis? Thx

  24. #24

    you guy are strong facing life.

  25. #25

    Wow! That was an intense experience Will!. Actually Will, if you are reading my comment here, you are the reason why i had to undergo a colonoscopy last week because of what happened to you. Indeed, you are a major influencer!  You really hit my head that cancer is real and it can happen to anyone regardless of age!! What happened to you actually spreads awareness that everyone must take care of their health, what they eat, etc (though I know that cancer can be genetic and stuff).

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    Bitin nanaman! 😆 I wonder if I am the only one who feels this way? I wish ANC would post Wil’s whole interview.

  27. #27

    Welcome back Wil!

  28. #28

    Sad the interviewer is not as eloquent as Wil

  29. #29
  30. #30

    pamangkin.yan ni karen.c will…job will.done will…

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    Mabuhay ka wil napakabait mong tao sana tuluyan na mawala yung cancer mo.

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