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His Life Review Revealed A Secret | Near-Death Experience – Evert Ter Beek

May 2024 06

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Evert Ter Beek of Holland has a relatively standard Near-Death Experience except for one unique thing. He was able to reveal real-life past events that were previously unknown to him before his , which he was able to verify later.

Name: Evert Ter Beek
Location: Holland
Age: 70’s
Date: 1990
Prior Beliefs: Unknown
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    We are slowly winding down the NDEACCOUNTS channel and will be putting our efforts into our new channel ► https://www.youtube.com/@strangeexperiences We will still be covering NDE's, but it will be more broad to cover other topics about the unexplained in general. D will be doing all the narration of the stories that we come across and that our viewers send us, so we hope that you come along and share your stories as well! See you soon! I've really enjoyed the long journey of this channel since the beginning, but it's time to start a new chapter!

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    I hear there’s more to this interview

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    If you are looking for more interviews with NDErs, search YouTube for "anthony chene nde". Incredible interviews and very well documented and organized. I also had an NDE and feel the same way, this life does not compare to the beauty of uncondtional love in the etheral.

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    The guy narrating this has the most gorgeous voice. I could listen to him all day.

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    I Don't have more doubts
    We are millenary spirits
    In new edition.
    Essa não é a primeira vez que estamos aqui.
    Já vivemos muitas vidas com muitas pessoas diferentes da nossa atual família.
    Voltamos em novos corpos carnais para continuar nossa jornada evolutiva na terra.
    O aprendizado nunca termina.








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    What happened to the woman? Was she dead, too? Was there any reconciliation?

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    So.. When he was in heaven so was his son that he didn't know about??
    Wonderful experience,thank you for sharing!!

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    Oh hes dutch

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    Afterlife or altered state of mind?

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    More powers to this channel, you inspire people with messages from the other side.

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    I miss.my brother he died in 2004 he had a near death experience before this and he told of seeing his body and a light near his door he heard a woman shout the next he was back in his body when he overdosed on drugs he was taken into an ambulance he was brought back for a split second and he said to my.uncle before he died that he loves him my brother knew where he was going because he seen it before

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    Sounds like he was being judged.

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    Our selfishness can cause great pain to others.

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    There is so much more!!!!

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    When i see these videos all i get is so emotional..

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    The best edited video ever. The balance of background music (lovely music too) and voiceover

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    how could his lover father a son is this man gay or straight , getting mix up ,and who is the father of this gay man mmm and who's grave is he stand at his son;s or lovers grave ,, who is he missing ,, very confusing

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    I am getting to the point where I am tiring of hearing/watching NDE accounts and they just don't bring me any joy anymore. 🙁

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    Love your honesty🌷

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    Thats the problem though…you cant really choose. Youre eventually sent back

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    If his unknown son was already passed, wouldn't he have been there too?

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    Finally I found explanation for what I saw while I'm too close to had an accident, I saw uncountable flashes of memories within 3 seconds and the strange thing about it that I felt the time has stopped while seeing all those photos of my childhood, family, friends, etc, and my brain was processing each photo memories with details which supposed to take minutes but all happened in just few seconds. Human brain and soul still huge secret, only ALLAH can explain it. I explained to my friends this story and they don't believe me and they thought I'm crazy hhhh, finally I have believers here

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    So how could this guy not recognize someone who was his lover?

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    I need to die too…

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    Reminds me of “the girl on the airplane” in 1997. A gal who obviously liked me even though we had never met. But I chickened out, haunted by the thoughts of continual rejection I had gone through and overall hatred women had shown me up until then. And I’ve spent a lifetime feeling as though I disappointed her. She is a loss from my life and I mourn her every day.

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    Everyone says the same thing in that once they have been to the other side they don’t want to come back, it must be truly wonderful, perhaps death is the best thing that will ever happen to us.

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    “Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.” — Steve Jobs (Jobs’ biological sister Mona Simpson reported these being Jobs last words before he died.)

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    Much more than all else I look forward to meeting Christ, my Creator, in whom I live and move and have my being, in the superscendent splendor of heaven. *Truly, Truly, CHRIST, IS My Eternal, Transcendent Treasure*.

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    we also choose the other side

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    I though he was gonna find out he had a dead sibling or something like that.

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    I'm so curious as to what its like to be on the other side,Can't wait to float an fly high & be with sweet jesus💯❤👍🏼

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    Are "We" really surprised by this account? Are You? It doesn't even matter anymore whether you choose to believe in life after death. It's real as it gets! No judgement, No hell, No heaven…we move on. Love is the rule here. Believe in whatever you want and choose. As long as Love is in your heart, He/She is talking to us and telling us something we all need and want to hear. We are all Loved! YOU will see one day!

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    I had an out of body via drugs and sleep deprivation. The mind is a precious thing.

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    Wish there were millions of these videos on here. I've probably watched them all more than once.

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    The full story though?

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    What a beautiful experience, thank you for this video.

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    If they enjoy it so much on the other side, that explains why cpr and aed defribulators don't work most of the time.
    Several nurses explained to me that 97% of the time CPR doesn't work, yet they never explain that to you in CPR class. 😓

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    So many people think you must either belong to an organized religion, or be an Atheist… I'm a Metaphysical Agnostic… join us on Facebook!!

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    Beautiful simple beautiful, thank you for sharing your experience, you have brought comfort to me. Thank you.♥

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    Thanks for the effort but a little boring

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